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A database is a must-have hosting feature when developing an interactive web mysqlpages. Unquestionably, MySQL database is the most popular one within web developers for its reliability and free-of-charge. Many web hosts are offering hosting solutions with MySQL included, however, whose MySQL databsae Hosting is the most reliable and fastest one? After reviewing hundreds of web hosts, we would like InmotionHosting and JustHost to our reader as the best MySQL Database hosting choices.

Both companies are well-known industry, and are recognized as one of the Best PHP Hosting providers by our readers. In below, we will introduce their solutions in detail to tell why they are strongly recommend.

Features Comparison

If customers want to build a powerful website, finding a web hosting package with ample features is the first step that they should take.

At InmotionHosting, customers can get 2 MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, unlimited web space, unlimited monthly data transfer, free data backups and free no-downtime website transfer, SSH access, and $275 advertising credits and more. Inmotionhosting allows its customers to host 2 websites on one account, and create up to 6 parked domains and 25 subdomains.

What’s more,  InmotionHosting include SSD as free in its hosting package, which mean its customers could enjoy a very fast MySQL speed.

Now, let’s come to JustHost. This company offer its customers with one free domain name for one year, unlimited disk space, transfer, domain hosting, mail accounts, and free site builder, instant setup and domain name registration as well as $200 Adwords.

Besides the above features we listed out, the two companies both support the most stable PHP version, Zend Optimizer, php runs as suPHP, Perl, Python and more. As for PHP memory_limit, InmotionHosting supports 512 MB while JustHost is 128 MB.

Generally speaking, we can find that both companies could offer very rich features to their customers.

MySQL Hosting Price

As for the price of MySQL hosting, both InmotionHosting and JustHost ask for an affordable price pricefrom their customers.

JustHost offers one hosting solution whose price is set at $2.5/mo. In terms of InmotionHosting, there are three hosting plans for customers to choose from, people could follow this exclusive promotion link to receive 50% off, after which the price will start at $3.49/mo instead of the regular price $7.99/mo.

InmotionHosting Promotions InmotionHosting Promotions
50% Off

As for money back guarantee, InmotionHosting offers industry-leading 90 day money back guarantee. However, JustHost only guarantees 30 day money back. Therefore, we can say that InmotionHosting is has a better pricing term than JustHost.


Generally speaking, the two web hosts can help their customers get fast speed and at least 99.9% mysql hostinguptime to run their websites.

InmotionHosting takes advantage of green data centers that are equipped with some top of the line facilities and technologies, including carrier-grade network, multiple layer of redundancy, 20 gigabits of connectivity over 10 gig Ethernet connection and more. At the same time, the company is also connected to four tier-1 ISP’s through BGP.

For JustHost, the company also utilizes many world class technologies to ensure the best possible environment, such as customized Apache web server, high performance servers,  UPS, diesel generator back power, multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections, and 24/7 network monitoring.

Technical Support for MySQL Hosting

supportWe are delighted to tell customers that both companies take customer support seriously, and they can offer superior technical support to their customers.

If customers have some queries or problems, they can freely contact the experts via the most popular supporting channels, including phone, email and live chat. No matter what kind of methods customers choose, the support center can always help them find a solution quickly and correctly.

How to Choose

As you could find from above, both InmotionHosting and Justhost could provide high quality and feature rich MySQL hosting to their customers. Both of their service are affordable as well. However, considering the difference in their target market, below are our recommendation when choosing their MySQL hosting.

Inmotionhosting is a leading Business hosting service provider, whose solutions are faster and more reliable. However, it’s price is a little bit  high. What Inmotionhosting provide deserve their money. But considering the cost, we normally recommend it to businesses owners.

Justhost mainly target at individuals and small businesses. Its hosting solutions come with more features and the price is lower as well. Even though their server is not so fast as InmotionHosting’s, it’s fast enough for a personal site. So, if you are an individual, go with Justhost.

Looking for more information about InmotionHosting, you can visit or check InmotionHosting Review. In terms of Justhost, you can go to or check JustHost Review.

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