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NameCheap Email Hosting Review

Due the increased demands of email hosting for business, we are glad to reveal more reliable and cheap email hosting solutions for customers. In below, we are to review NameCheap email hosting from four angles, including email hosting prices, features, performance, and customer support. We hope our readers can get better understanding on NameCheap email hosting, and figure out whether NameCheap can offer the right email solutions for their business.

Who Is NameCheap?

namecheap logoBefore we get into the main analysis, we would like to give our readers a simple introduction of NameCheap! In 2000, NameCheap ( was founded as a domain register and hosting solutions provider. After 16 years, NameCheap has become a leader in domain registration industry and the real cheap web hosting company, delivering the feature-rich web hosting at the best pricing for customers.

Currently, NameCheap can offer shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, and other related tools and features, like SSL certificate and DNS. Actually, NameCheap also provide cloud-based private email hosting for customers with the best privacy.

NameCheap Email Hosting Review on Pricing

Just like the company’s name NameCheap, customers can think that its email hosting will certainly be cheap! 3 NameCheap email hosting has 2 months, 1 year and 2 years of billing cycles for email hosting. The most amazing thing is that NameCheap offers 2 months of email hosting free services.

NameCheap Email Hosting Deal NameCheap Email Hosting Deal
2 Free Month

It means that NameCheap email hosting can get started free. This free trial comes with all NameCheap email hosting packages. After the free trail, if customers still want to work with NameCheap email hosting, the entry-level package starts at $0.82/month for yearly plan. Well, if customers buy the 2-year plan, they can receive up to 10% off discounts, getting started at $0.74/month.

According to the pricing NameCheap offers with its private email hosting, we can understand that NameCheap really makes its hosting available for most people in the industry. If customers want to know more NameCheap web hosting deals, please check out NameCheap Coupon.

NameCheap Email Hosting Review on Features

NameCheap private email hosting is powered by Open-Xchange. Its private cloud is secure and reliable for customers’ email demands. Each of NameCheap private email packages comes with a lightweight and fast webmail interface, which can help customers manage their email, calendar and contacts very easily. For email hosting packages, NameCheap now has 3 levels of private email hosting solution. There are Private, Business and Business Office.

Email Features

Besides secure webmail, three email hosting plans also include secure email storage on NameCheap private cloud, powerful SpamAssassin solution for anti-spam protection, and standard SMTP/IMAP/POP3 protocols used for email receiving & sending. Minimal 1 mailbox, 1 alias, and 3 GB of email storage are available.

What’s more, NameCheap all email solutions come with full mobile support. It can really make sync of email, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks from server to their mobile device. Because of OX App Suite, customers can access all their email (including external) accounts. Unified Inbox can used to share standard system folders among their selected email accounts. Unified approach, mobile support, and web-based email can make NameCheap email easy-to-use.

Collaboration Features

Additionally, NameCheap email hosting features easy collaboration. Customers with NameCheap email hosting can collaborate simply and securely! Shared calendars as well as contacts are the collaboration tools included.

Besides, there it also supports MS Outlook collaboration features. OX drive included make customers can synchronize their files from different devise to OX file storage. NameCheap allows customers edit test online and others view it in real time. Document Viewer will automatically select the best preview format.

According to NameCheap Email Hosting features, we know that it comes with ease-of-use, full mobile support, and easy collaboration. Plus reliable and secure private cloud as the hosting base, we think NameCheap designs feature-rich, easy-to-us, and powerful email solutions.

NameCheap Email Hosting Review on Performance

NameCheap email hosting includes NameCheap guarantee of quality. It means NameCheap is very confident to the private email solution. Its private cloud servers are the platform for email hosting building, which is claimed as a secure and reliable environment for email hosting.

Why? It is because NameCheap uses a series of world-class data centers to house customers’ hosting. Most data centers are located in US and UK regions, which mean customers around the world can get a range of location choices. Near location can make faster response time.

namecheap data centers

Within each data center NameCheap uses, fully redundant facilities make them stable environment to host servers reliably. Generally, there are UPS, adequate back-up power supply, well-designed climate control system, and 24/7 security system.

Other more, NameCheap email hosting uses high quality servers all from premium brand, like Dell, HP and Supermicro. Top line hardware providers make sure the trusted quality of server hardware for each customer.

Besides, Namecheap builds email hosting on its private cloud, it can not only make the hosting include guaranteed privacy and guaranteed resources, but also comes with faster speed. Plus NameCheap staffs dedicated to server monitoring and maintenance, NameCheap email hosting is reliable and fast.

NameCheap Email Hosting Review on Customer Support

NameCheap will offer customers premium expert support, which is available through multiple ways. Firstly, customers can quickly get in touch with NameCheap email solution experts, via live chat and ticket system to solve any question and issue within their email hosting. NameCheap staffs are all fully trained before they start to offer help, so when customers ask them for help, they can take action as soon as possible.

In addition to that, customers can go to check out their server status or network status, read NameCheap fresh news from NameCheap Blog, or leaves their feedback for Namecheap. Besides quick ways, NameCheap also creates many popular articles and FAQs, including the most frequently ask and search issues.


In the end of this review, we’d like to say that NameCheap email hosting is worthy of a try. The most attractive points of NameCheap email hosting should be the extremely low pricing and the rich features for ease-of-use. Considering its standard performance and support, we firmly think NameCheap offers good email solutions fitting individuals and businesses.

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