NameCheap Private Email Hosting Review

As a primary means of business communication, email is vitally important to any organization. Signing up for an email hosting service separately is always the best choice for individuals as well as business owners who take their email campaigns seriously, instead of making use of a free email service bundled into their web hosting solutions. Using a professional email hosting service will give people peace of mind that they can focus on their business while leaving management for the email hosting provider.

The options for professional email hosting are endless, but the common advantages accompanied with best email hosting solutions are always affordable price, rich features, good usability, high performance and outstanding security. In below NameCheap Private Email Hosting Review, we are going to make a review on NameCheap private email hosting service from features, prices, performance as well as technical support to find out whether NameCheap is worthwhile purchasing for email business communications.

Who Is NameCheap?

NameCheap ( is a widely recognized, independent ICANN Accredited domain registrar as well as a famous web hosting provider. Founded in 2000, the web host is committed to providing customers with the internet deserved price-valued domains, SSL certificates and hosting services. By far, NameCheap has been serving over 3 million customers around the globe, with more than 7 million domains under management.

In addition to various affordable, standard shared hosting, VPS, reseller hosting and dedicated servers, the web host also offers premium private email hosting service that is powered by Open-Xchange technology and deliveries best possible speed and security experience.

NameCheap Private Email Hosting Features Rich

NameCheap currently is offering a secured, reliable private email hosting based on cloud infrastructure to fit customers’ email needs. Upson signup, customers can have access to a fast, lightweight webmail interface for managing their email, contacts and calendar.

There are three NameCheap private email hosting plans available to choose from: Private, Business and Business Office, targeting individual users, small business owners and enterprise-level organizations. No matter which plan customers purchase, they will be offered at least 3GB secure email storage, 1 mailbox included, 1 aliases for each mailbox, powerful SpamAssassin based anti-spam protection, and standard SMTP, IMAP & POP3 protocols. There is also an all-in-one OX App Suite that allows customers to access all private email accounts and use “Unified Inbox” to share standard system folders among their selected email accounts.

Besides the above, NameCheap prides itself on providing rich optional easy-to-use collaboration features.

  • Collaboration tools including shared calendar and contacts;
  • Full support of Microsoft Outlook collaboration features;
  • Synchronize the files from various devices to the OX File storage capacity;
  • View all documents in one place;
  • Online, collaborative, real-time editing of text documents and spreadsheet documents.

Note that not all collaboration features are included in every NameCheap private email hosting plan. Usually, the higher-end plan comes with more email resources and better email tools.

NameCheap Private Email Hosting Is Cheap

As is mentioned above, NameCheap rolls out three private email hosting packages, with the Private plan charging for $9.88/yr, the Business plan for $28.88/yr, and the Business Office plan for $49.88/yr. Customers can purchase a 1-year or 2-year plan as per their budget and requirements. The company promises a 10% discounts off for all 2-year plan customers. Namely, NameCheap private email hosting service costs at only $0.74/mo!

On top of that, there is a 2 months billing cycle that enables customers to get 60 days free trial. In other words, they can ask for full money back if they find it unsatisfied with NameCheap private email hosting service within the first 60 days.

NameCheap Great Deal NameCheap Great Deal
60-Day Free Trial
Honestly speaking, NameCheap private email hosting service is really cost effective, even when compared with other industry leaders like SiteGround or A2Hosting, who set the starter price of their email hosting solutions at $3.95/mo and $3.92/mo respectively.

NameCheap Private Email Hosting Performs Fast & Securely

As an experienced company in hosting business for more than 15 years, NameCheap has a rock solid data center infrastructure to ensure customers of high performance while keeping good reliability and security.

The web host is operating from a number of data centers across Europe and North America. The architecture redundancy is beneficial for providing a stable platform in good resilience for all hosting products and services, including the private email hosting service.

Served by multiple private clouds that is based on fully redundant VMware technology and in incorporation with HP SAN storage, NameCheap private email hosting delivers a large amount of capacity to support promos, special offers, and peak traffic events.

Meanwhile, NameCheap takes security as well as privacy extremely importantly by offering a complete set of security measures. In addition to the secure webmail interface, private cloud storage, and powerful anti-spam protection, NameCheap takes advantage of a redundant front-end powered by Supermicro and connected to a NetApp storage backend, NameCheap makes sure the private setup remain not only reliable, redundant but also secure.

For every customer who goes with NameCheap private email hosting service, the hosting company gives them a 99.9% monthly Uptime Guarantee. In any case that it fails to meet the guarantee, customers will be eligible for a service cycle prolongation for the time the private email hosting service was unreachable.

NameCheap Offers Quality Customer Support

NameCheap has been building its customer service since inception. It is dedicated to making all customers satisfied. NameCheap’s support team staffs work around the clock and are available via multiple channels to give efficient assistance with customers’ private email hosting service.

So, if customers have a question or concern, they can chat with a live human, submit a ticket for review, or consult the vast knowledgebase resources of NameCheap to have the problems solved.

Is NameCheap Private Email Hosting Recommended?

It is conceivable that the answer should be “yes” since NameCheap private email hosting service offers so many astonishing features while charging for such an affordable pricing. Whatever your purpose is, for promoting your personal blog or growing your online business, you can find a suitable private email hosting plan at NameCheap. Everything you expect for an private email hosting service can be found with NameCheap. Importantly, you just need to pay with $8.88/yr, let alone saying the 60 day free trial included.

If you are looking for more information about NameCheap, please visit to find out.

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