NameCheap Reseller Hosting Review

Reseller hosting is a unique web hosting type. It is largely aimed at businesses and companies to allow them to resell web hosting, and thereby make money. With an increasing number of hosts getting involved in reseller hosting, we learn NameCheap just also provides reseller hosting solutions. In below, we come to review NameCheap reseller hosting based on its price value, performance and customer support to analyze whether it is a good option for resellers.

Who is NameCheap?

namecheap reviewNameCheap ( was established in 2001 with the idea of helping everyone achieve online presence. Based on that, the company provides its customers from individuals to businesses with affordable access to premium online services, including domains, web hosting, SSL, CDN, etc. Particularly, NameCheap is a domain name registrar accredited by ICANN.

We check a report NameCheap published that the company has more than 1 million customers and hosts over 3 million domains till now.

NameCheap Reseller Hosting Price Value Review

With the mission to deliver the best service, NameCheap designs its reseller hosting with rich feature, making its reseller hosting much competitive compared to others. For details, please check below.

Considering different demands, the company launches 4 reseller hosting plans. Except the Reseller 1 accepting up to 25 resold accounts, other 3 plans support resellers to resell unlimited accounts. Disk space varies from 25 GB to 300 GB while bandwidth offering is up to unlimited GB. Email accounts, email forwarders, mailing lists, hosted domains and sub domains are provided without limitation.

namecheap reseller hosting feature

NameCheap reseller hosting is based on Linux servers with Apache 2.X. On the servers, NameCheap install the latest MySQL 5.X.X, PHP 5.X.X, CGI, Perl, Javascript, SSI, Ruby on Rails, SSH access, and much more.

Moreover, to help its resellers smoothly resell web hosting business, NameCheap provides a range of tools, including WHM, WHMCS branded license, WHMCS non-branded license, etc. Note that the latter 2 tools are charged in some plans while each reseller will get WHM for free. This tool is an almost standard tool for resellers to manage accounts and control panels of their own clients.

As to clients of NameCheap resellers, NameCheap has industry-leading cPanel for them. cPanel has user-friendly interface with icons, so that even newbies can fast master it and that’s also why cPanel has gained unparalleled popularity in the industry. Clients of NameCheap resellers will have Softaculous to install popular applications, like b2evolution, WordPress, Joomla, etc.

With above features as well as features we did not review here, how much NameCheap reseller hosting is after all? Is it really cheap as the company claims? Follow us, and check the pricing in below.

NameCheap Reseller 1 plan is at $16.95/mo if people pay month to month. There are discounts for people paying for longer billing terms at once. For example, 3-year Reseller 1 is $506.2/3 years, namely $14.06/mo around. Thus, people will save 17% off. Additionally, each NameCheap reseller hosting plan has one free .website domain in the latest NameCheap coupon.

NameCheap Reseller Hosting NameCheap Reseller Hosting
17% Off

If people have confidence in NameCheap, signing up with it for 3 years is not a bad idea in terms of costs.

NameCheap Performance Review

NameCheap guarantees high uptime of 99.9% while its server speed and network speed are fast as well. In below, we will review data centers, network, servers, technologies, etc. it uses to partly explain NameCheap high performance.

From numbers, NameCheap takes advantage of multiple data centers. From geography, the data centers are located in both North America and Europe. Resellers are able to choose USA-based or UK-based data centers according to their actual demands. From specifications of data centers, all essential systems, like power, lighting, climate control, security, and so on are redundant to maintain 24/7/365 constantly running.

In terms of network, NameCheap utilizes the best-in-class infrastructures. We learn that cores and switches are from worldwide famous brands Juniper and Cisco. Bandwidth carriers are best ones providing redundant network connectivity to link servers inside the data centers.

More than that, NameCheap reseller hosting is all based on Dell PowerEdge servers, a symbol of reliability to some degree. The servers also have powerful configurations, like 24 core Xeon CPUs and 32 GB + RAM. Hard drives are advanced solid state drives with RAID 10 arrays.

With above first-class infrastructures and hardware, NameCheap has certified engineers with rich experience to maintain high performance available to customers all the time.

NameCheap Customer Support Review

NameCheap support team is accessible to its resellers 24 hours a day, 7days a week. It is easy to get contact with NameCheap supporting staffs. Live chat is our first recommendation if people need urgent response. Besides, NameCheap enables people to submit tickets as well. There are online resources to help people out, like knowledgebase, video tutorials, API docs, NameCheap news, status updates, etc.

What’s more, NameCheap gives priority support to its resellers. It means that resellers will faster get reply from NameCheap no matter which method they use, live chat or ticket. Furthermore, NameCheap offers transfer assistance to help people transfer hosting accounts from other web servers to its servers.

The company also has 14 day money back guarantee for its resellers. With it, resellers can cancel accounts and require for money back if they feel NameCheap not a best parent web host or have other causes. Note that the guarantee does not apply to any configurable options with NameCheap reseller plans.

To conclude this part, we have to say NameCheap just offers industry standard customer support for resellers. Its competitors have more supporting options for resellers like phone support. 14 day money back guarantee is a little short in terms of 30 day money back guarantee given by many web hosting companies.

Do We Recommend NameCheap?

To make a short summary based on our review above, NameCheap reseller hosting has rich features and premium performance. However, its reseller hosting is a little more expensive than hosts in Best Reseller Hosting list. Customer support is not so competitive either.

Nevertheless, NameCheap reseller hosting is much better than average reseller hosting solutions in the marketplace. Especially its rich features and high performance will help resellers easily attract customers and gain money fast.

For more details about NameCheap and its reseller hosting, please visit

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