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A comprehensive review towards NameCheap will be conducted for readers from angles of coupons, hosting pricing value, reliability, usability, and customer support. For details, please see below.

First of all, let’s see NameCheap background. Founded in 2000, NameCheap (www.namecheap.com) is a cheap web host as well as a domain name registrar that ICANN accredits. Its services are diverse and satisfactory, and that’ why NameCheap has attracted more than 1 million clients throughout the world. Another statistics is over 3 million domain names that NameCheap is managing now.

NameCheap Special Coupon

It’s hard to believe that hosting costs are less than domain costs. But NameCheap makes it come true by offering special coupons.

NameCheap new customers will purchase NameCheap web hosting from $9.88 per year! Yes, it is yearly fees! In other words, each month, customers need to spend as less as $1.44/mo with SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth and multiple websites allowed. After the first year, the price renews at $34.56 per year.

NameCheap Web Hosting Deal NameCheap Web Hosting Deal
50% Off

To know all the deals from them, please check NameCheap coupon.

NameCheap Review on Web Hosting Price Value

NameCheap sells main web hosting services, covering shared, VPS, reseller, dedicated servers and private email hosting. Its shared hosting offers 4 plans to size-different websites.

NameCheap Shared Hosting is Really Cheap!

From NameCheap shared hosting, customers will get at least 20 GB disk space protected by RAID, unlimited bandwidth, 3 hosted domains, 50 FTP users as well as 50 email accounts. Besides, it still provides a lot of useful tools to check latest visitors, be compatible with Google Analytics, view storage usage, etc.

More than that, Apache 2.X servers have up to unlimited MySQL 5 databases, supported by PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.3, CGI, Perl, Javascript, SSI and SSH Access. Except entry-level Value plan, other 3 more advanced plans also offer Ruby on Rails web app framework, PostgreSQL databases and PHP PgAdmin.

Customers will pay very few money to get NameCheap shared hosting. One-year hosting fee just starts at $17.28! It means that customers just pay around $1.44 every month to create a site and get successful online presence. It is really a price that can’t be lower more!

NameCheap Well-known Reseller Hosting

With the mission to deliver the best service, NameCheap designs its reseller hosting with rich feature, making its reseller hosting much competitive compared to others. For details, please check below.

Considering different demands, the company launches 4 reseller hosting plans. Except the Reseller 1 accepting up to 25 resold accounts, other 3 plans support resellers to resell unlimited accounts. Disk space varies from 25 GB to 300 GB while bandwidth offering is up to unlimited GB. Email accounts, email forwarders, mailing lists, hosted domains and sub domains are provided without limitation.

NameCheap reseller hosting is based on Linux servers with Apache 2.X. On the servers, NameCheap install the latest MySQL 5.X.X, PHP 5.X.X, CGI, Perl, Javascript, SSI, Ruby on Rails, SSH access, and much more.

Moreover, to help its resellers smoothly resell web hosting business, NameCheap provides a range of tools, including WHM, WHMCS branded license, WHMCS non-branded license, etc. Note that the latter 2 tools are charged in some plans while each reseller will get WHM for free. This tool is an almost standard tool for resellers to manage accounts and control panels of their own clients.

As to clients of NameCheap resellers, NameCheap has industry-leading cPanel for them. cPanel has user-friendly interface with icons, so that even newbies can fast master it and that’s also why cPanel has gained unparalleled popularity in the industry. Clients of NameCheap resellers will have Softaculous to install popular applications, like b2evolution, WordPress, Joomla, etc.

With above features as well as features we did not review here, how much NameCheap reseller hosting is after all? Is it really cheap as the company claims? Follow us, and check the pricing in below.

NameCheap Reseller 1 plan is at $18.88/mo if people pay month to month. There are discounts for people paying for longer billing terms at once. For example, 1-year Reseller 1 is $202.56/year, namely $16.88/mo around. Thus, people will save 10.5% off. Additionally, each NameCheap reseller hosting plan has one free .website domain in the latest NameCheap coupon.

NameCheap Reseller Hosting NameCheap Reseller Hosting
10.5% Off

If people have confidence in NameCheap, signing up with it for 3 years is not a bad idea in terms of costs.

NameCheap VPS Hosting is Affordable

NameCheap VPS hosting has 2 packages, Pulsar and Quasar, both of them are quite affordable, reliable, fast and full-featured. Let’s check the details together.

In terms of package features, 2 NameCheap VPS hosting packages includes 40 GB to 100 GB space for customers to store their website files, emails, databases and more; all NameCheap web servers are RAID protected with redundant fault-tolerant hard disk.

2-4 CPU cores, 2GB – 4GB of dedicated random access memory, and 1000 GB to 3000 GB of bandwidth are included. Besides, each package includes dedicated IPs. Streaming audio/video makes Namecheap VPS have the ability to host multimedia content presented to end-user in real-time mode.

In addition to that, NameCheap VPS includes plenty of operating systems for choosing. There are CentOS 7 LAMP 64bit, and Ubuntu 18 LAMP 64bit. Based on XEN virtualization technology, NameCheap VPS is seriously feature-rich, and faster than many dedicated servers!

NameCheap aims at providing average people with valued-price virtual private servers. The entry-level VPS at NameCheap starts at $11.88/mo after a 20% off.

NameCheap VPS Hosting NameCheap VPS Hosting
20% Off

Cheap Price Dedicated Server of NameCheap

Namecheap dedicated servers are divided into two types based on different processors. One is Intel Xeon E3 which includes single CPU with multiple cores; the other is Intel Xeon E5 including multiple CPUs with multiple cores. Based on the two kinds of processors, Namecheap offers plenty of plans for customers to choose. In below, we are to mainly take its entry-level plan to show the features in detail.

Namecheap smallest dedicated server plan also comes with a large amount of resources. Customers can get the server including the single CPU with 4 cores at 3.1 GHz Turbo and 4 MB cache. Its motherboard is Dell PowerEdge R220 chassis with Intel C222 chipset. Besides, 8 GB Dual Rank LV RAM, 500 GB Dell hard drive space, and 10 TB of bandwidth all come to customers.

The company is very smart to give customers 3 options: free self-managed option, paid managed option, and fully managed option. If customers are confident and professional enough, they can choose the first option. So, Namecheap only takes responsibility for server reinstalls including OS and cPanel reinstallation. As for customers, they will choose OS and get root access, reboot access and IPMI access to manage their server by themselves.

If customers want to only take time in business, the can consider the other two options and be free from the complex technical issues. Here we think the most recommendable option is the managed. Besides the features in self-managed option, Namecheap also covers core services monitoring with proactive response and core LAMP stack support. This option not only gives enough control for customers, but also save many troubles for them.

In terms of pricing, the single CPU with multiple cores dedicated servers start at as low as $36.88/mo, coming with advanced Intel processors with 4 cores, 8 GB RAM, 1TB Dell hard drive space, and 10 TB of bandwidth.

Namecheap Dedicated Server Namecheap Dedicated Server
50% Off

NameCheap 14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Moreover, NameCheap provides customers with 14 days money back guarantee in case they want to stop using NameCheap services and get full money back. But this guarantee is valid within the first 14 days after the signup. Customers only going with NameCheap shared hosting, reseller hosting and VPS can benefit from the guarantee.

NameCheap Review on Datacenters and Technology

NameCheap shared hosting and dedicated servers have uptime guarantee at unbelievable 100%. Its VPS and reseller hosting could reach 99.9% uptime as well. The time that visitors spend on loading pages is generally short. Moreover, website content and other data is well secured. A Question comes. Why NameCheap web hosting performance is so great?

One reason to explain that is a range of data centers it operates. Data center locations contain UK and US regions. Atlanta, Phoenix and Dallas are primary locations while secondary options have 3 places too. Every data center is well designed with reliable environment for hosting. Power is uninterruptible, and climate is appropriately controlled around the clock.

namecheap review 1

What’s more, servers and other hardware are from HP, Dell and Supermicro, which are all famous top-notch hardware suppliers. Servers are high configured as well. For instance, NameCheap shared servers are based on minimal 2 cores, 16 GB RAM and RAID-10 drives. Plus SSDs, NameCheap shared hosting runs 50% faster than others.

When it comes to network infrastructure, Level 3, HE, Highwinds, Cogent and Integra are telecommunication providers. More than that, NameCheap utilizes CloudFlare technology to ensure faster loading speed everywhere.

NameCheap is Easy to Use

The control panel that NameCheap offers is cPanel, a leading control panel in the industry. It is feature-rich and simple to handle. Customers will change its interface language as they like. Furthermore, Softaculous installer in cPanel is also exceptional to install more than 200 scripts, including blogs, CMS, FAQ, Wiki, discussion boards and so on. There are much more functions provided by cPanel, like Index Manager, Network Tools, Leech Protect, Redirect Manager, Server Status Viewer, Backup Manager, Virus Scanner, etc.

Backup Manager helps backup the whole site or some parts of the site. The company also does standard server backups every day in case that customers need to restore their data. Virus Scanner is beneficial to protect site from attacked via scanning emails, public space, home directory, FTP space and so on.

NameCheap shared hosting accounts even come with SSH access while the most of web hosts do not offer considering security. This company also makes it easy to fulfill payments via PayPal, Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

NameCheap Customer Support Services

NameCheap does everything to help its customers when something goes wrong. Transfer assistance is essentially important for those who have hosted websites at other web hosts before. NameCheap experts will help transfer to its servers for free.

On top of that, NameCheap offers 24/7/365 live chat support, via which customers will conveniently get contact with NameCheap support specialists and talk about their problems.

Furthermore, help desk support is open for customers 24 hours a day as well. In it, customers could use tickets to write their specific questions and ask for support. Or customers could skim through video tutorials, forums, news, FAQs and popular articles to see whether there is useful information to their problems or not. To know more about its service, please check out this Namecheap customer reviews.


Now readers know NameCheap web hosting plans are extremely cheap, backed by multiple data centers and rock-solid hardware. It is easy to manage everything related to websites. Even if website masters are stopped by problems, they will get support from NameCheap around the clock. So, NameCheap is a good pick for bloggers, individuals and small businesses.

Please visit www.namecheap.com to read more NameCheap information and claim its 50% off shared hosting discounts.

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