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Network Solutions Review

Network Solutions is one of the oldest web hosting brands, which has dived into web hosting business since its inception in 1979. In below post, we plan to make a comprehensive review on Network Solutions, from its promotion, hosting price value, performance, usability, and customer support, to reveal if Network Solutions is a premium and cheap web hosting company.

network solutions logo 1Network Solutions ( began as an engineering company. In 1993, it starts to register domain names; in 1997, total one million domains are registered; in 2002, its 24/7 Customer Care center is opened to better meet customers’ needs; in 2007, it becomes a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Up till now, Network Solutions can offer domain name registration service, website designs, SSL Certificates, marketing, shared hosting, VPS hosting and some other services.

Network Solutions Current Promotion

If customers purchase Network Solutions web hosting with monthly plans, Network Solutions does not offer any discount; if they buy 1-year, 2-year, and other longer plans, there are different discounts available. The most popular is yearly plan, which can save up to 22% around. It normally starts at $5.69 per month; with that discount, it will start at $4.49 per month. Besides, each hosting plan will come with a free domain.

Network Solutions Shared Hosting Network Solutions Shared Hosting
22% Off

In addition, if customers need, Network Solutions is promoting SSL Certificates now. There are 5 plans, containing 256-bit Encryption, which normally charges from $54.99/yr. Now the company offers customers with 30% off discounts on every SSL cert, starting at $41.99/yr.

Besides, Network Solutions also provides 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, if customers feel uncomfortable with Network Solutions services, they can request a refund within first 30 days.

If customers want to learn more Network Solutions promotion information, please check out this NetworkSolutions Coupon.

Network Solutions Review on Price Value

Network Solutions provides secure shared hosting solution, coming with 4 packages. And each package includes a complimentary Technical Adviser, who can help customers with FTP access, setting up security for their website, and transferring files.

For basic features, Network Solutions shared hosting includes 15 GB to unlimited disk space, and unlimited data transfer. Redundant disk space as well as bandwidth can meet customers’ business needs.

For WebAddress features, Network Solutions offers 1 free domain for setup, 100 domain pointers allowing customer to create more domain names to their primary domain, and 3 to 1- directory pointers allowing them to manage multiple sites and  domains within one hosting account.

In terms of email features, Network Solutions shared hosting includes spam & virus protection, POP 3 & SMTP, webmail, unlimited email forwarding,  external mail, address book,  multi-user calendars, photo albums, task manager, journal manager, internal bookmark manager, 1,000 to unlimited email boxes,  1 GB email storage, and IMAP. Each email box also includes 3 email alias, 1 catch-all email address, and 1 autoresponder .

As for website development features, Network Solutions shared hosting includes SSI, CGI-Bin directory, Perl, PHP 7, and Python. Besides, APS and ASP.NET 2.0 & 4.0 are both included in Windows servers. For Unix system, Ruby on Rails, Zend Libraries, Java Servlets, and JSP are available.

As for application & databases features, Network Solutions shared hosting includes up to unlimited MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin. For Windows system, Network Solutions shared hosting also includes up to 10 DSN, the fast and reliable relational database managements, and up to 5 MS SQL databases. For Unix system, it includes Cron Jobs, allowing users to schedule activities to run automatically at a specifically at a specified time.

Three Network Solutions shared hosting plans now starts at $4.49 per month, after saving 22% around from the normal price of $5.69 per mo. The promotion is valid to yearly plan, and if customers buy even longer plan, they can save more than that. The 30-day of money back guarantee also allows customers cancel accounts within the first 30 days and ask for a refund.

Network Solutions WebSite Builder Review

Generally, nsWebsite builder goes with two different sizes: nsWebsite (Small) and nsWebsite (Large), charging respectively for $6.95/mo and $9.95/mo for a 3-year term. If people purchase a longer plan, the price would be more affordable. Just in the case of a 10-year billing cycle, nsWebiste (Small) would be as low as $5.99 per month.

Network Solutions Website Builder Network Solutions Website Builder
40% Off

The Small package comes with 5 GB storage space, and 10 email boxes, while the Large plan contains 300 GB storage space, and over 50 email boxes. Besides that, both the packages also provides with 1 free custom domain, fully customizable templates, easy drag & drop editor tool, high quality free image gallery and other add-ons.

network solutions website builder features

In case people need mobile websites to compliment their desktop website, Network Solutions offers them a mobile site builder– goMobi™. This service only has one all-inclusive package charging for $5.99 each month and requiring 1-year term. Moreover, it also gives its users 1-month free trial of this service.

As to payment methods, Network Solutions accepts credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, America Express, and Discover) and PayPal.

Network Solutions Website Builder Feature Review

All Network Solutions website builder packages come with rich features, thus allowing its users to create professional and good-looking websites.

Web Design Editor

All customers with nsWebsite packages are provided with its easy-to-use web design editor for free. It requires no HTML knowledge or additional software to install. And there is user-friendly website setup wizards to walk its users through the creation process step-by-step, allowing them to drag and drop images, videos, website add-ons and etc.

User-friendly Dashboard

With Network Solutions dashboard, users can manage all aspects of their websites. For example, they can change their website names that appear at the top of the pages, preview the websites the way it would appear on the Internet, see the URL of their published sites, access and manage individual page properties such as password protection and keywords, and restore a previously saved version of sites.

Marketing Tool

The marketing tool helps its users to set up how their business is described in search engines results from Google® and Yahoo!®.

Mobile Website

Network Solutions provides a mobile site builder enabling its users to create a mobile phone web experience automatically on their mobile devices. Within the package, there is a range of mobile-friendly features, recognizable domain name, and unlimited access to the Set Up Assistant, etc.

Other Features

Far more than that, this website builder also provides flexible page layouts, online storage of photos and files to share with other people, website reporting including traffic statistics, who visits your site, where they came from and which pages they were visiting, and etc.

Network Solutions Website Builder Review on Templates

There are over 200 design templates to choose from at Network Solutions—all of which are fully customizable. These templates are divided into various categories, including industry-specific layouts, thereby suiting different needs. If people are looking for more outstanding options, there are Premium Design templates for them, each of which costs an extra $9.99.

network solutions templates

Once decided a satisfactory template, what people need to do is just to add their personal contents. They are allowed to freely customize their templates to suit their styles, by changing the color, images, and etc. There is no need to worry that they can’t find the most favorable color, because Network Solutions has offered them unlimited number of color combinations available to mix and match.

What’s more, nsWebsite™ design templates are also very flexible, so that people can add any application to it with ease. And it has an extensive image library with 1000+ high quality free images for customers to select or they can choose to upload their own photos, videos or logos.

Network Solutions Website Builder Review App Center

To further customize the websites, Network Solutions gives a variety of free applications to help its customers make sites interactive and engaging. Here we specifically take four among them and illustrate their functions as follows:

  • Event Calendar helps users to keep their visitors informed of upcoming events or important dates;
  • PayPal™ allows its customers to pay with credit cards and debit cards or bank transfers. As a result, people can sell a few products and service or accept donations online;
  • RSS newsfeeds keeps updating sites with fresh news content;
  • Thousands of widgets within the Widgetbox™ can be embedded onto people’s websites very easily, even for those with little or no HTML knowledge.

Besides the above, there are document library, customer polls, time tracker, blog and many other applications can be chosen to enhance people’s websites.

Is Network Solutions Website Builder good?

As a whole, Network Solutions website builder is a good choice for personal or small business. It has very easy-to-use setup wizards and provides with high quality website building tool. It is also fully featured with acceptable price, especially when it comes to a long billing cycle.

Network Solutions Review on Performance

Network Solutions makes sure that customers’ web hosting service will remain trouble-free. For Unix customers, Network Solution Uptime Reliability Disclaimer is 99.99% uptime; for Windows customers, it is 99.9%.

Each web hosting plan comes with ample disk space, storage, and bandwidth, to accommodate customers’ business needs. For higher requirements, the company also provides CDN service, resulting in up to 2x faster load time.

Besides, the company is using sophisticated data centers to deliver hosting services. Its maximum security carrier-class facilities combined with unparalleled network architecture and industry-leading products as well as service make it provide premium performance for customers.

Network Solutions understands that hosting security has great influence on hosting reliability, so the company offers daily malware scans and ongoing backups to protect customers’ site. Besides, secure FTP (SFTP) for encrypted file transfer in also included. Automatic malware removal and SSL for secure data are available as well.

Network Solutions Review on Usability

According to Network Solutions shared hosting’s features, we can tell it is easy to use. Each plan includes a complimentary technical adviser who can offer assistance with file transfer and security setup. Besides, all plans come with ongoing backup service and automatic malware scans, ensuring website and data safety.

More than that, SpaceManager with online storage and file sharing is the easiest way to create online workspace, share documents, files and photos, and work with others safely. 1-click install WordPress 3.5.3 blog hosting is also included.

Additionally, Network Solutions shared hosting includes discounted online marketing services with 60 days of free trail of email marketing from Constant Contact. So, customer can experience how to start marketing easily.

Network Solutions also provides other website management tools, which are easy-to-use Website Builder tools, FTP accounts, open source library, counter, form-mail scripts, file manager, logo file access, website statistics, and more.

Secure WebSite with Network Solutions SSL

Network Solutions SSL security solutions are special for business online security. And all Network Solutions SSL certificates come with “https” in customers’ websites addresses as well as a closed padlock symbol in their browsers windows they are viewing. It can help with displaying the confidence that both customers and their clients should have when they are transacting on customers’ websites. In below, let’s learn how powerful Network Solutions SSLs are!

At first, customers can select the SSL certificate which is right for their website needs, from 5 types of SSL certificates. Xpress, Basic, Advanced, Wildcard, and Extend packages include 3 types of SSL certificates, namely DV, OV and EV are all available at Network Solutions.

Xpress SSL certificate is the entry-level package that is for domain validation; the other 4 packages are for OV, while the Extend also has EV. As for the number of domain protection, Wildcard is for unlimited sub-domains protections, and the other four packages provide single domain protection.

For common features, all Network Solutions SSL certificates include high-level data encryption up to 356-bit, which can convert customers’ data into virtually impenetrable code. It is safe from identity thieves and hackers. Besides, Network Solutions SSL certificates all have 99.9% browser recognition, which means its SSLs are valid on most browsers in current industry.

Network Solutions can quickly make the SSL certificates ordered issue. Xpress can be issued in minutes; Advanced and Wildcard both can be issued in 1 business day; Basic 2 to 4 business days; Extend 4 to 5 business days.

Additionally, Xpress does not include the site seal feature. Site seal can be displayed on customers’ websites. They can offer each visitor with the visual assurance to increase their clients’ confidence to encourage them to shared and transact information without worry. EV has green address browser bar can differentiate customers’ websites from their competition. It will be another visual assurance showing that their site is credible and safe.

Looking to Network Solutions SSL certificate features, we think that various types can fully meet customers’ different demands.

Network Solutions Review on Technical Support

Network Solutions offers free customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To get its real person support, customer can just call its staffs, email them or chat with them online. There is also paid customer support, MyTime Support. It includes one-on-one appointment up to 1 hour, access to advanced website experts, remote log in, troubleshooting support, account setup, consultation and other more.

Network Solutions also has online guides and tutorials to help customers find the right answers they need.


After reviewing Network Solutions, we learn that the web host really provides secure and reliable webhosting at affordable pricing, after discounting. High powered performance, real person support, and great usability make Network Solution web hosting a good alternative. If the company can make more efforts on pricing, it will be better!

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