Managed WordPress Hosting Popular Review

Oh No! Winhost Starts Offering Managed WordPress Hosting Service

Due to the increasing popularity of WordPress, more and more web hosting providers are diving into WordPress hosting business and starting offering what’s known as managed WordPress hosting.

People tend to regard managed WordPress hosting as a concierge service, where every technical aspect of running WordPress is taken care of by the host itself. This includes speed, security, daily backups, WordPress updates, as well as website uptime and scalability.

Recently, Winhost launches its fully managed WordPress hosting with monthly maintenance and security checks, backup restoration and much more. However interestingly, Winhost used to be renowned for its premium Windows web hosting solutions at reasonable prices.

Is Winhost managed WordPress hosting worth your bucks and trust? We will figure it out by analyzing the hosting service around pricing, offering, speed & reliability, and technical support.

Winhost Managed WordPress Hosting Pricing Review

Compared to shared hosting which averagely charges for less than $5.00 per month, prices of managed WordPress hosting seems much higher.

Winhost currently only offers an all-in-one managed WordPress hosting plan available that is billed at $59.90/mo regularly. Customers can have access to three billing cycles, including 3-month, 1-year and 2-year. The web host gives special coupon on the basis of different term length. For example, if customers sign up with a 2-year plan, they can get 30% off to make the price reduce to $41.90/mo.

Winhost Promotion Winhost Promotion
30% Off

For customers who are within 30 days of their initial sign up, then they will have the choice to cancel the site immediately and receive a refund of hosting fees under Winhost’s 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

To be honest, Winhost managed WordPress hosting is not as affordable as some best WordPress hosting solutions from Bluehost, WPEngine and MediaTemple.

Winhost Managed WordPress Hosting Feature Review

Designed for business websites, Winhost managed WordPress hosting packages unlimited disk space and bandwidth to ensure customers’ business can grow without future headaches. Based on Windows Server 2012 or 2008, the hosting service also comes with IIS 8 or II 7, full trust and medium trust supported, URL Rewrite Module 2, isolated application pool, unlimited MS SQL & MySQL databases, 10 FTP users, PHP 7.5.x hosting, 500 email boxes, and more.

There is also an one-click app installer to have WordPress installed in simple clicks. As to hosting management, Winhost offers a self-developed web-based ASP.NET control panel enabling customers to manage their domain, database, ssl, payment, and etc.

Winhost managed WordPress hosting releases customers from worrying about WordPress maintenance tasks. Even better, it includes a hardening service to enhance the overall security of the hosting service.

WordPress hardening is a comprehensive security overhaul to make the WordPress installation more security. Winhost will work with each customer to make his WordPress site as secure as possible, this includes a number of things such as:

  • Enabling IP restrictions
  • Disabling editing of WordPress them files
  • Preventing executable files from running in the uploads folder
  • Installing plugins to block malicious URL Requests
  • Enabling automatic updates (such as plugin and theme updates as well as minor to major WordPress core updates)

Generally speaking, Winhost managed WordPress hosting offers almost everything that relates to giving customers peace of mind when running a WordPress website. But the negative aspects are also apparent. Winhost is a Windows web hosting specialist, meaning that its managed WordPress hosting service is built with Windows web servers rather than the more WordPress friendly Linux web servers. Customers may not be able to benefit from a PHP & MySQL-optimized hosting environment as when hosting with a Linux-based web host. Even worse, Winhost fails to provide an easy-to-use control panel such Plesk or cPanel, which is really bad to user experience.

Winhost Managed WordPress Hosting Performance Review

Winhost promises fast speed and good reliability by hosting all WordPress sites with Dell dual quad core servers with 32GB RAM and RAID 10 disk array.. Importantly, the hosting company privately owns all the servers instead of renting them from a dedicated server hosting provider. Due to that, the hosting company can reasonably distribute system resources, avoiding adding new elements of potential failure.

Winhost carefully chooses a secure local data center nearby its office so that its technicians and engineers are able to walk into the data center and maintain the servers whenever needed. The data center is ensured to be equipped with UPS battery backup power, generator power backup and firewall protection, therefore the reliability is guaranteed.

For customers who are running an ASP.NET-based site, Winhost undoubtedly delivers the best possible performance experience. But for a WordPress site, the result may not seem as good as expected since Windows web server essentially is not perfectly compatible with the application. Predictably customers with Winhost managed WordPress might need to make a compromise especially in speed and security.

Winhost Managed WordPress Hosting Support Review

Winhost offers managed WordPress hosting customers exclusively WordPress-specific support and personalized assistance at no extra cost. Customers can ask for help via accessing their control panel or sending an email to it technical support. If not emergency, customers can also take advantage of Winhost Knowledgebase to have some common problems or issues solved independently.

But just as we have mentioned one hundred times, Winhost doesn’t support LiveChat or telephone. It means, customers cannot contact their support staffs immediately when they face some serious technical issues. This can badly affect customer satisfaction, however. It is also doubtful whether Winhost support staffs are knowledgeable and professional enough to handle WordPress hosting problems.

So, you know why not Winhost managed WordPress hosting…

To summarize, Winhost managed WordPress hosting is relatively feature rich and delivers relatively good performance experience. But it is still unsure whether an ASP.NET hosting expert does well in offering managed WordPress hosting service. Other more, the price of the hosting service has no competitive advantage when compared with other reputable solutions in the industry. As a result of these, we don’t recommend Winhost as a good managed WordPress hosting option at present.

If you’re desperately demanding for a reliable managed WordPress hosting solution for your business, we would like to suggest you to go with Bluehost, who offers an amazing managed platform for your WordPress website. And guess what? The starter price of Bluehost managed WordPress hosting is $19.99/mo only! For more information, please go to to find out.  

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