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OVH Review

ovh-logoAs one of the largest internet hosting companies on the planet, OVH (www.ovh.com) has more than 1 million customers distributed in the world, 3.7M domain names under management, 18M web applications hosted, and thousands of physical servers housed within 17 state-of-the-art data centers. The web host provides comprehensive services like cloud infrastructures, dedicated hosting, virtual servers, domain names, e-commerce, storage and archives that allow customers to develop all IT projects as required.

In the following OVH Review, we are going to talk about its prices, features, performance, usability, and customer support to analyze whether it is a best web hosting to purchase. .

OVH Pricing Review

OVH provides VPS hosting, public cloud, private cloud and dedicated server, all of them come with outstanding reliability and performance at the best possible price.

OVH VPS SSD hosting is set at an affordable price level charging from $3.49/mo to $13.49/mo. Also, it offers flexible billing cycles for customers to choose from, including 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

from $3.49/mo

Or, in case customers want to optimize their geographic SEO, the web host allows them to spend $3.00 per IP address and spend $4.19/mo to back their VPS for keeping data safe. If customers need higher-end dedicated server solution, OVH has various options available that will only cost up from $69 per month.

OVH Review on Features

Based on OpenStack technology–the only one complete open source that is considered the development direction of the cloud computing in the future according to academia comments, and KVM–a virtualization infrastructure for the Linux kernel which runs on the hardware directly, customers with OVH VPS hosting can benefit from superb availability and scalability.

As a perfect compromise between a web hosting plan and a dedicated server, OVH VPS SSD hosting makes customers manage their web projects in a server environment with controlling in complete autonomy. Let’s take OVH VPS SSD 1 as an example, it is driven by SSD technology to optimize the page loading speed. The plan includes 1 vCore, 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 10GB SSD with local RAID 10 protection as well as unlimited traffic in 100Mpbs. Other features like anti-DDoS protection, a standard service which promises to protect users project 24/7 against any type of DDoS attacks, is also included.ovh-plan

As for the operating system, the web host provides multiple options to create optimal VPS hosting distributions for the web, such as Kubuntu, Windows 2012 R2 std, and OVH Release 3. Customers with any one of these operating systems can benefit from.

  • Its flexibility that allows customers to speed up website and strengthen the stability of web services.
  • Its guaranteed security that protects customers’ project from attacks.
  • Its exclusively pre-configured services that prevent website breakdown for any contingents.

The OVH VPS SSD hosting is also available for pre-installed web applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal to optimize in collaboration. Comprehensive development environments are created here so that customers can host various kind of application on it, like JAVA, Ruby on Rails, Python, etc. In addition, OVH VPS SSD supports command-line only that runs on Debian 7, Debian 8, Ubuntu 14.04 Server, Ubuntu 15.04 Server, CentOS 6, CentOS 7 and Arch Linux .

OVH management has a faster, more user-friendly interface that is customized to fit most genres of needs, including all customer maintenance and billing tasks, various operating systems. Its RESTful API enables customers to create and manage their own projects with ease of use. And its root access service makes it possible to control VPS SSD on a day -to-day basis totally.

Meanwhile, OVH provides every customers with a wide range of dedicated server hosting plans with industry-leading configurations. Even the basic one comes with 32G Xeon D-1520 SoftRaid 2*2TB server, unlimited traffic, up to 256 Failover IPs with no monthly fees, 500GB backup storage, anti-DDoS Pro, over 90 preinstallations, etc.

In conclusion, these rich outstanding features mentioned above that OVH offers enable customers to bring success in online presence and host their projects in a more professional way.

OVH Review on Ease-of-Use

Control Panel

OVH offers self-developed control panel Cozy which is compatible Debian 8 operating system. But if customers look for a more user-friendly cPanel 11 or Plesk 12, they can spend extra money to buy one.


Backup methods are suitable for any data protection strategy, OVH backup service uses Snapshot which is beneficial to keep users’ data safe. The hosting company provides three types of backup services as follows:

  • Automated backup: VPS must be adjusted daily, exported and then replicated at least 3 times before being eligible to operate in OVH control panel.
  • Multiprotocol backup: Using protocols like FTP, NFS and CIFS, OVH multiprotocol backup can be used to save data for any possible service interruption. Along with the backup service is 200 GB of space to meet accommodate any kinds of files on your storage infrastructures to assure triple replication and native high availability.
  • Snapshot backup: Also an option to all OVH VPS customers, they can help save images of machines or create an incremental copy instead of only a full backup copy.

OVH Review on Performance & Reliability

For now, OVH has 20 data centers worldwide totally since it opened the first data center in Paris in 2003. Among these data centers, they are very strictly managed to guarantee the safety so that authorized employees can access physically. And data centers have high availability infrastructures to provide systematic double power to have an uninterrupted environment.

OVH is a rare hosting company that produces servers in-house therefore once a server is accomplished from production lines will be delivered to customers so as to guarantee the affordable prices and fast delivery.

Speaking of OVH network, OVH uses and designs its own network infrastructure, guaranteeing up to 300Mbps bandwidth. OVH takes Cisco as a privileged technical partner to make use of its product an essential part of its routing infrastructure.

OVH Review on Customer Support

If customers have some questions about new order, technical advice and incidents, they can create a customer account to contact OVH support staffs through 24/7/365 telephone & email support. They can also check the most frequently asked questions’ answer section to have some common issues solved independently.

However, some customers may also feel a little inconvenient for there is no live chat available at OVH.


OVH has the advantages to help website-designers, businesses, and developers build professional and good-looking online presence. With its strong data center infrastructure support, customers can build and maintain their projects without problems even when they are freshmen in this area. On top of that, its highly price-valued cloud hosting solutions make no regrets after purchasing them.

To know more about OVH, please visit www.ovh.com now.

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