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Pagely Review

In the following Pagely review, we will discuss Pagely from five aspects, which are current promotions, price value, reliability, usability and technical support. According to that, our readers will make sense whether Pagely is a premium web hosting provider nor not.

pagely feature imagePagely ( is a professional managed WordPress hosting platform that is designed to go beyond the needs of media to enterprise customers. Since its inception in 2006, Pagely has rapidly developed as a leader in WordPress market for its innovation, fast speed, security, and scalability.

Up to now, Pagely has launched fully managed Business, VPS, and Enterprise WordPress hosting solutions. Its high quality WordPress hosting is trusted by a wide range of customers from personal bloggers to tech corporations.

Pagely Current Promotions

Pagely WordPress hosting is not very cheap in the industry, but recently the company provides promotions to make its products more affordable.

At present, customers can receive about 10% off discounts as long as they buy yearly accounts. Hence, Pagely WordPress hosting for small businesses can renew at $57.58/mo, instead of the normal starting price of $64/mo.

Pagely Exclusive Deal Pagely Exclusive Deal
10% Off

Of course, WordPress hosting at a price of $57.58/mo is still not cheap in the industry. But when we consider its professional and experience WordPress platform and advanced technology, we will find that its prices are still reasonable and affordable, especially for business or enterprise clients.

Pagely Review on Price Value

Pagely always offers the most scalable WordPress Hosting based on the Amazon Cloud with fast speed. Its basic WordPress hosting solutions is Personal/Business which is designed for individuals and small businesses.

Personal/Business WordPress hosting solution includes two packages: Business and Professional. As for Business package, it supports up to 3 WordPress sites, along with 10 GB bandwidth, 10 GB disk space, and 50 GB CDN. For Professional package, it can support up to 10 WordPress sites, coming with 20 GB disk space, 25 GB bandwidth, as well as 100 GB CDN, which is custom for more resource intensive uses such as Membership, WP Multisite, or WooCommerce.

Here let’s see the prices! Just like we talked in promotions, Business plan starts from $57.58/mo for yearly accounts after over 10% off discounts. It is not cheap, but affordable with so many features and advanced technologies that we will talk in Technology and Reliability.

Another popular product from Pagely is WordPress VPS hosting, including VPS-1, VPS-2, VPS-3, and VPS-4, at the starting price of $399/mo. Within these plans, its WordPress sites are up to 60; disk space is 50 GB, bandwidth is from 150 GB to 500 GB; global CDN is from 750 GB to 3.5 TB. Besides, optional SSL, dedicated IPs, SPDY (faster SSL), WordPress Multisite, WP-CLI, SSH access, and database access are all included in WordPress VPS hosting.

pagely plans

What makes Pagely trustable by so many people with a little high price? There must be something that attracts people to ignore such a high price. In later Performance and Usability, we may find the answer.

Pagely Review on Technology and Reliability

Pagely recently published its performance records monitored and verified by 3rd parties. It shows that Pagely remains 99.9978% uptime for over 6 months. Pagely uses Amazon’s US east data center located in Northern Virginia, and utilizes Amazon Web Services to host WordPress. With the world-class hosting infrastructure, Pagely can enhance WordPress hosting performance.

Pagely also utilizes advanced web servers with exclusively 64-bit Linux OS and solid state drives. The latter can bring faster speed. Moreover, Pagely makes good use of the latest in performance technologies to enhance web server performance, such as HHVM and PHP-FPM 5.6.x Which can accelerate WordPress.

Other more, Pagely uses global PressCACHE, which is a global network of DNS routed cache nodes, making customers’ WordPress sites available instantly no matter where they are. In terms of load balancers, Pagely uses NGINX/OpenResty HyperProxy to deliver extreme speed, which is ideal for enterprise. As for database layer, Pagely leverages Multi-AZ Aurora RDS with Point-in-time restore and Redis cache engine making wonderful WordPress experience for customers.

Besides, apart from traditional security infrastructure, Pagely also utilizes advanced technologies to strengthen security. PressARMOR, comprehensive security architecture, protects and hardens customers’ hardware, network, as well as WordPress apps. Real-time malware scanning, DDoS plus Brute Force prevention and automatic backups to Amazon S3, customers’ database and entire sites are protected very carefully.

Pagely Review on Usability

Pagely has been in web hosting industry for around 10 years, so it is experienced in managed WordPress field. The company offers fully managed WordPress hosting service.

Its WordPress experts will handle all technical aspects of its WordPress hosting, which means the company will be responsible for configuration, core, plugins, server and WordPress site updates, backups, security, as well as tuning for premium performance and optimal speed under load. Software-AS-A-Service includes application and kernel upgrades, besides what we mentioned before.

For all customers, Pagely offers a well-designed hosting control panel to manage their WordPress applications which is intuitive and full featured. What’s more, this integrated interface enables customers to monitor account usage, billing information, and more in just one place.

Pagely is such an advanced, reliable and easy to use WordPress hosting provider, it’s no wonder that the price of its premium, fully managed WordPress hosting is a little bit high.

Pagely Review on Support

Pagely claims that it has received as high as 98% satisfaction from its customers’ reviews. And the company gives an unwavering guarantee to providing exceptional customer service 100% of the time.

Due to fully managed WordPress hosting solutions, Pagely deals with everything except the content of WordPress site. The company gives freedom for customers to go through a wonderful online experience. Once there is a problem customers cannot handle, they can contact Pagely real experts who live with WordPress every day, knowing the insides and outsides to getting the most from applications. The convenient methods include live chat and ticket available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additionally, customers can go to Pagely Blog or FAQs to find the latest information and optimal answers to their issues.


According to the review of these five aspects from Pagely, we finally make a conclusion.

Pagely specializes in WordPress hosting. Based on Amazon Cloud platform, its WordPress hosting is armed with a lot of advanced technologies to keep fast speed, reliable network, and secure severs. Fully managed service and technical support make Pagely WordPress easy to use. Diverse levels of hosting packages with scalable features can meet a wide range of people’s needs.

In this way, even though the price is not very affordable, we still recommend Pagely for professional WordPress site users or ambitious business customers. If readers want to get more information about Pagely, please click


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