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Compared with the conventional hosting, cloud hosting has its own advantages. On the one hand, it can maintain high performance on the virtual level, enabling webmasters get access to the reliable environment to host their websites. On the other hand, the price of cloud hosting is much cheaper than VPS hosting. Therefore, cloud hosting is a perfect option for webmasters who seek for the advanced hosting solutions that come with an affordable price.

Today, we will put our focus on PHP cloud hosting and we will recommend two popular PHP cloud hosting providers for webmasters, Bluehost and Linode.


Launched for more than 10 years, Bluehost ( is a reputable web hosting bluehostprovider among the list of the Best PHP Hosting providers. As for its PHP cloud hosting, it enjoys by many individuals, e-commerce owners and small business holders.

Bluehost Features and Price

Bluehost only offers one hosting plan that comes with almost everything for PHP cloud hosting featurescustomers to build their website, such as unlimited disk space, domain hosting, data transfer, free site builder, one free domain name, unlimited MySQL databases and PostgreSQL databases as well as $200 Adwords and more.

Besides, PHP cloud hosting customers can get access to some advanced features, including multi-server management, unique passwords creating, SSH access, unique IPs, SSL certificates, domain privacy and more. In addition, CloudFlare is also available for Bluehost PHP hosting customers, helping them host a powerful website easily.

As for its price, customers must be very delighted to get the service only at $3.95/mo instead of the regular price $7.99/mo. In addition, the company also promises to offer anytime money back guarantee. Hence, it is safe for PHP hosting customers to choose Bluehost.

Bluehost $3.95 Promotion Bluehost $3.95 Promotion
44% Off

Speed and Uptime

Built with cloud technologies and taking advantage of top of the line data centers, Bluehost has the strength to ensure its customers get fast speed and above 99.9% uptime. In order to enhance the performance, Bluehost also utilizes dual quad processor performance servers, diesel generators, UPS power, 24/7 network monitoring, as well as multiple 10gigabit Ethernet connections and apache web server.


Compared with Bluehost, Linode ( is a more powerful PHP cloud hosting linodeprovider, which sets its goal to meet the requirements of its customers to the largest. Established in 2003, Linode has grown into one of the biggest cloud hosting providers in the industry. Customers can get to know about this company in the following.

Features and Price

At Linode, there are five plans for webmasters to choose, and each of the plans contains a lot of Sale tag #7advanced features. And we will take the entry level plan, Linode as an example. It includes 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 24 GB SSD storage, 2 TB transfer, 40 Gbit network in, 125 Mbit network out and etc.

Besides the above features we mentioned, customers can also get some additional features, two-factor authentication, rescue mode, scaling, DNS manager, cloning, IPv6 support.

In the respect of the price of Linode cloud hosting, it can be said that the company can offer an affordable price to its customers. At this company, customers only need to pay what they use, ranging from $0.15/hr to the monthly cap, $10/mo. However, with the latest Linode coupon, people could receive 15% off, and make the price even low to $8.5/mo.


As for reliability, Linode cloud hosting customers will be very delighted to be guaranteed with relaibility6industry-leading rapid speed and almost 100% uptime.

The company utilizes high performance cloud servers and operated three state of the art data centers that located in three regions, Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. At the same time, Linode also uses top of the line software, hardware to keep their websites up and running all the time, including SSD storage, 40 Gbit network and fast processors and more, so there is no doubt that this compnay can beat many competitiors.


According to the analysis of the two companies in the above, webmasters can see that the two web hosts have their own advantages. Therefore, PHP cloud hosting may still do not know how to choose the best hosting solution for them to run their websites.

Generally speaking, if webmasters intend to choose a budget web host that can offer them essential features, Bluehost is a great option. Customers can also visit or check Bluehost Review to know more details of this company.

However, if webmasters are eager to find a web host that can guarantee high performance online environment and many advanced features, Linode comes to them. By visiting, customers can find more details of this web host.

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