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pressable-logoIn the Pressable Review, we are going to talk about Pressable from 4 aspects, including price value, performance, easy-of-use, as well as technical support. By reading this review, our readers can learn about this new web hosting company better.

Pressable ( is a young web hosting company, established in Texas in 2010, which focuses on creating scalable, secure and well-performed WordPress hosting platform. With this ambition, Pressable is growing rapidly, and its managed WordPress hosting is accepted by more and more people. By far, this web host has served millions of customers from all sizes of organizations from individuals to enterprises.

Pressable Current Promotions

At first, before reviewing Pressable, we will introduce Pressable current promotions for our readers, which can help them save a lot when they purchase Pressable managed WordPress hosting.

At present, Pressable offers free, no-risk, 15 day trial, which means customers have as long as 15 days to try Pressable managed WordPress hosting without any cost. Moreover, if customers are satisfied with Pressable hosting solution and sign up with yearly account, they will receive additional 2 months free, which is about 17% off discounts, namely the basic plans starting from $17.36/month, instead of regular $20.83/month.

Pressable Exclusive Deal Pressable Exclusive Deal
2 Free Month

Pressable Review on Managed WordPress Hosting Price Value

As a professional managed WordPress hosting platform, the company provides 3 primary managed WordPress hosting plans and 2 dedicated, private managed WordPress hosting solutions which are VIP and Private Cloud. Each plan is packaged powerful features to help webmasters create their wonderful websites.

Here we take Pressable basic plan as our example. If customers buy it, they will receive up to 5 sites and 15,000 shared pageviews. Besides, within all plans, Pressable offers staging sites (1-click cloning tool) to create the testing environment, Watchtower to protect users’ sites from brute force attacks , collaborator access to manage the teammates access to their own sites, batcache to serve cached pages to visitors of their websites rapidly, and more others.

In addition, Pressable also understands that SSL certificate is important to ensure the security of customers’ sites, therefore its managed WordPress hosting includes optional SSL support. Customers can add it by paying only $10/mo for per certificate in every plan.

After introducing Pressable managed WordPress hosting practical features, we are going to show its pricing.

Pressable basic managed WordPress hosting for monthly term is normally from $25/month; for yearly term, it regularly charges at $20.83/month. Although we do not find any details related to money back guarantee, Pressable offers 15 days free trail for every plan and 2 months free for yearly accounts. Considering Pressable special promotions and powerful features, we think Pressable has great price value.

Pressable Review on Performance

Pressable is a young web host, but the company promises to be a reliable and fast WordPress hosting platform.

Pressable chooses Google PageSpeed as its partner. Via this partner, customers can deliver their websites without installing plugins or configuring code, which accelerates the speed of publishing a hypersonic site to the web.

Besides, at Pressable, all plans include server side optimization. It means that Pressable can provide the special servers which are configured for WordPress and automatically optimized for high performance at blazing speed.

To enhance the reliable network connectivity, Pressable can easily scale to deal with up to 20x daily traffic of customers’ sites, which solves the problems related to traffic blocks and is good for smooth running. In addition, Pressable also provides global CDN in every plan, which helps deliver content all over the world.

What’s more, Pressable is good at security of network and websites. The company utilizes a new feature Watchtower that includes intrusion detection systems, and can monitor and block all attempts from strange visitors and then stop any brute force attacks from them. Other more, Pressable uses nightly malware scans & removals as well as integrity checks along with Watchtower to ensure customers’ websites security.

According to these aspects, we know that Pressable can guarantee premium performance, because of its convenient publish way for customers, stable network connectivity and safe site environments.

Pressable Review on Ease-of-Use

On purpose of saving customers’ time and energy on managing complex technical issues, Pressable provides premium managed services and easy to use tools for webmasters to easily build and manage their sites.

All customers at Pressable can receive automatic updates services including WordPress core software updates and security updates, ensuring that customers are always on the latest and safest versions. Meanwhile, Pressable offers nightly backups and guarantees to back up customers’ sites every night, their databases every 2 weeks, and their site content backups, so customers can be relaxed at Pressable.

Additionally, Pressable provides staging sites. Customers can use its 1-click cloning tool to create the testing environment before taking the site live. The company also offers SFTP access. Via it, customers can access and upload to their website, getting all the control they need. To simplify the collaboration process, Pressable offers collaborator access helping customers give access and revoke access to their teammates.

Pressable Review on Technical Support

Pressable only hires WordPress experts to offer dedicated WordPress support. If customers encounter any troubles related to their sites, Pressable WordPress experts support team is always onsite around the clock to maintain their WordPress site running smoothly.

Apart from real experts support, Pressable provides Knowledge base, Status and Help Desk for customers to search for the related information about their problems. Besides, at Pressable, FAQ and tutorials are also available for customers to solve their issues.

However, besides 24 hour ticket, we cannot find any other direct contact methods at Pressable. If customers need instant help from their WordPress experts, Pressable could not reach them immediately due to the lack of major contact channels, such as live chat or phone. Therefore, it maybe cause some inconvenience for customers.

According to Pressable technical support, the company offers a lot indeed, but still needs some improvement to make it more convenient.


To be frank, Pressable, as a young WordPress hosting provider, still has much space to make progress, but its professional managed WordPress hosting is pretty good, coming with many powerful features, easy to use tools as well as fast, reliable and secure network at affordable prices. Besides its relatively inconvenient contact methods, Pressable is really a trustable web host.

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