Problems with A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of those testing methods which can prove to be helpful in discovering about which webpage among all would serve like as the best one. But there are also some of the problems with a/b testing which can get one a really bad result, and that most probably happens when one makes up some mistakes while functioning over this testing thing. Testing can be considered as that double sided thing which if performed right will prove out to be a blessing for one and in case is done wrong can come out as a curse to one’s business.

What are the common problems with A/B Testing?

Looking over the problems that usually rise up due to the mistakes made by people in the field no matter whether it be a newbie or an expert are:

Early call for tests:



While testing over which among A and B would prove out to be the best, statistical significance is the thing that can help one out the most and that too on the basis of that sample size which needs to be 95% for calling up testing. People usually make mistakes in this and look up for testing at very much early stages, some at 50%, some at 75% or 80%. It’s been said that one should not go for testing thing even at 90%, as it is important to get things confirmed first. One must always remember that as an optimizer the solo thing that they should concentrate on is getting truth out of all of the tests performed. This improper schedule of testing can prove out to be curse for anyone and there could not be any better example than a company who runs these tests after every 12 months and an year later what their company’s conversion rate is, nothing but same as it was when it started. So, do make sure to not make up that so much early call.

Tests last for a week:

This is something important to note here, many websites have that high traffic rate and so they think that as soon as they get that conversion rate higher their test is done no matter whether it took 3 days or 4 days or just a week. But this is where people make mistake and thus make a call to those problems with a/b testing, it is important that you let the test go for atleast a week, that is if you have started this test on this Monday then you can only let it stop the next Monday, after 7 days. Looking up for the reason on same? Well, this is because depending upon this the conversion rate of your website can vary with different days and so this can bring you much different result at the end in comparison to what you get at the mid of week. Also one should remember that if they do not carry out test for whole week, then they may end up with some really inaccurate results that will get nothing. So, it’s important that you run it out for whole complete week and you can also take it further in case you don’t earn that result as expected in first week of tests.

Testing is done even without traffic:



Now, here is another thing to look upon, people who have just stepped into the business of online marketing or maybe having those two or four sales done for now, also think that they can go for the test thing and thus find out on whether A or B is okay to be applied. But this is where they make a mistake and get their money wasted, how? Well, if you have those four to five sales for now then this may take even a month for your business plan to take a rise and thus which will make that test last for month and which will obviously eat more of your time and money. So, instead of going for this way, it is better to work over your plan and have a look on your bank account which will inform you better on if you have made any rise in your business or not. And then as you make rise with your work, you can go for giving that testing thing a shot and thus get the relevant results out of it.

Tests, well not a thing about hypothesis:

Well, this is that another mistake in the process of testing which brings over the problems with a/b testing and thus making people go wrong with their work. You know people think that they can test over everything they have in mind and thus which does nothing but prove out to be as that great source for wasting up their time and money and resources too. So, better is to never do that and thus get hypothesis. Well, yes test can be done on the basis of hypothesis, it is not necessary to have that proper tests done every time you are looking for solution to something. Looking up for, what actually one mean by this term ‘hypothesis’? To explain, this is the term which asks you to have proper research on where actually the problem is lying in your plan and thus looking up for the solution which can prove out to be helpful in making it work. One should know that this hypothesis can help person to cope up with any kind of problem they are facing in their sites or work.

Carrying out those stupid tests:



Is that colour okay for my blog or website? Would it work out as better as the other one, some other blogger is using? Yes, there are many of such people who carry out tests for these silly things and thus get their traffic and time wasted. There is not any test which can bring out the best result for which colour would do the best in getting traffic.

Now, reading these you know what you have to take care of while going for the tests and making your site or business work like a pro.

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