Process to Access your CDN from the Client Portal

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Process to Access your CDN from the Client Portal

A CDN, or a Content Delivery Network, is an advanced system of distributed networking (or servers) that helps in delivering web pages and other web site contents to any targeted user for e-commerce or normal users based on the geographic location of the user on real time, the origin of the web page and the content of the delivery server. Here in this article we are going to discuss on the Nexcess CDN Setup.


Prerequisites for Nexcess CDN Setup

Nexcess is a magneto hosting web hosting service provided by the most popular website builder Word Press. For Nexcess CDN Setup you will need a client portal login ID, which you will receive once you make an account with a unique user name and password. The unique user name and a one-time login password was originally provided in the Nexcess welcome email from the server, which you had to use to reset the password according to your choice. After that you could access the CDN control portal from the client portal where you can manage or modify the services according to your will and requirement.

Nexcess CDN Setup versus other Alternatives

Nexcess services are very flexible, and their site quotes that their web hosting services are beyond the traditional services which generally prevails in the internet as a web hosting services. They have a great team of researchers and developers who are well versed with their own field and domain of technology, and thus their expert team of services have no comparison in the market. The web hosting company has the following services:

  • Customer Care Services are available round the clock twenty four by seven, three sixty five days a year.
  • There is an option for phone, email or live chat facility with the customer care to help you out in case of need and emergency,
  • They have five major data centres located in United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia,
  • They have a SSAE 16 – examinations based security feature for their web hosting services, and their plans for e-commerce web sites are all planned according to the rules and regulations of PCI DSS complaint.


Configuring Nexcess CDN

After completing Nexcess CDN Setup using the required ID and passwords provided, and setting up the profile to your requirements, one can now move forward to the configuration section of the same. This part is basically divided into seven sections, each of which are described in brief.

  1. Accessing the CDN Control Panel: If you need to configure your CDN for more functionality, you can access the control panel to achieve the result you are looking for,
  2. Configuring Large HTTP Deliver: You can either deliver large amount of content data for a website or a small amount, depending upon which you configure your delivery option,
  3. Configuring Small HTTP Delivery: This section is for configuring web contents in small quantities,
  4. Verify Setting: Once the setup is complete make sure you verify the settings, it is always good to double check or triple check your settings before moving further and save the settings accordingly.
  5. Updating your Magneto Installation: If you have selected Magneto as your hosting server, or anything else then you will need to update it to the latest one in this step, if you skip this step for now, you might have to temporarily halt the full server for a updating the same at a later stage, updating helps in keeping the web server clean and more efficient and reliable to the latest technologies to date.
  6. Purge CDN Cache: once you have gone through all the previous steps, you will need to clear all the old cache and thumbnail files that your server had, and now you are ready for activation,
  7. Activation of CDN Compression: This is the final step where you activate all the things, and thus your web site is ready to be hosted and content delivery network is thus ready at your disposal.3

CDN from Client Portal using Nexcess

To access the Nexcess CDN from the client portal, you have to go through the following steps:

  • First, you will login to your client portal using the unique user name and password that you had used during account creation.
  • You will then need to select Manage Services pane located in the upper left hand corner.
  • In the toggle window, you will locate the relevant CDN services that you need to access.
  • From the right side window click on Action and follow to CDN Control panel.

Advantage of Nexcess CDN Setup

The Nexcess CDN web hosting services are available and have a huge advantage over other services of same nature. There are mainly three types of subscriptions available – which are Shared, Dedicated and Enterprise editions of web hosting services and is there to serve different communities of people. They are also available on many platforms, some of the popular ones are Magneto, Word Press, Expression Engine and many more, each of which has the three kind of subscriptions as said earlier.

Nexcess CDN Setup is very easy and takes few minutes of your precious time to get the job done. Once the service is selected according to your requirement you are good to go. Only the OroCRM platform has the dedicated server only, and the other two – enterprise and shared – is unavailable.4

Other than this, there are some other advantages for using Nexcess CDN Setup, some of which are as follows:

  • It has a secured SSL Connection,
  • The whole site is ‘https’ and thus more secure than ‘http’,
  • The site has a SSL Certifications too for more security,
  • You can earn some fairly large sums of money from their referral program,
  • It is very easy to register your own domain through Nexcess

Nexcess CDN Setup is a reliable service which is available in many platforms like Magneto and Word Press. Their services are unique and have some pretty good reputation in this field. They also provide documentations which are there to help anyone who is stuck in between, and in case of emergency services their customer support is there to help you out.

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