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Ever went like ‘Wow’ over a website? Like you enjoyed the experience and understanding everything about the organization? Or like ‘this is damn annoying!” and just ended up closing the window without trying to know what the organization has to say? Creative website templates play a very important role in making the customer cling to your website till you have ensured s/he has read everything about your organization that you wanted him/her to.

Importance of Creative website design templates



Imagine having spent a bomb in designing your website and not having enough digital footprint or traffic. You would keep wondering what is wrong if you have not really understood or clearly become aware of what role your website design plays in bringing you good business or converting the traffic into actual customers who are spending on your products and services.

Website design and templates encompass many aspects related to its creation and maintenance. What enhances user experience is something that you should focus on while designing or re-designing your website. And this user experience is impacted by the user experience design that includes but is not limited to:

  • Page layout –From singular screens to fluid layouts to responsive web design. The face of websites has undergone a lot of change over the years.
  • Typography – The look in terms of the font and spacing and everything to do with how your content appears on the screen.
  • Motion graphics – Whether your content includes, animation or videos or any interactive interface.
  • Actual content – The quality and relevance of the content that you place about your product, services or organization at large.
  • The interactive experience – Whether the visitor has easy and faster avenues to get information or pass on information.

If a user finds it difficult to get through the information s/he is trying to get through on your website, there are chances you might lose a prospective customer.

There are many organizations offering you professional creative website design templates which would help you design the perfect website for you, giving your prospective B2C or B2B customers the most relevant, specific and accurate information that they are seeking for.

Booststrap, WordPress, HTML 5, Muse, Ghost, Tumblr, Jekyll are some of the most recognized spaces that offer you creative website design templates which are product, service and organization agnostic and would give your user the best experience they could ever get and the most enjoyable experience to you in creating it as well.

Let us take a look at some of the top best professional and creative website templates.

Top best professional and creative website templates

On Bootstrap



Definity – Modular, multipurpose and multi-page; this design template offers you all the features that you would want on your website. You can create video backgrounds and other special effects on this one. The template offers you ease on moving sections across different pages till you have figured out what suits your business the best! This one is a good option to showcase your brand with the help of any videos that you have created.

Vitality – Simple, easy and fast to implement. This is a not so complicated template suitable for businesses with less number of offerings and specific content for their customers to read. To put it in simple words, if your business is offering single but unique services you could try this template.

On WordPress

Uncode – This template gives you the option of having a multilingual website. It is adaptive and has an interactive interface. The design allows you to create an online store also. Suitable for businesses wanting to expand their presence digitally and increase their business through e-commerce. What more would you want from a template.

Enfold –If you are an e-commerce organization, this one is a ready solution just for you. Create your own page design as the template allows you to play around with the layout till you get it right and perfect. Or you can simply refer the demos that are available and chose one from them to get started.

Maple – If you’ve got a lot to offer to your customers in terms of visuals with the perfect color combinations and effects, maple is what you might be looking for. It has bold, light and dark styles with options to create grids displaying your offerings. This template design gives you an opportunity to create a visual treat for your customers to your benefit. If you are into the business of restaurants, hotels, motels, guest houses, tourism etc. you may want to try this one out.

Ness – Another pick if your business is related more to photography or related to visuals. If you are running a fashion blog or a photography blog, this one is a ready to get started template for you.




BeTheme–Business agnostic, it has got 200+ pre-built websites. And if that’s not enough it is quite cheap.


Noho – Gives you multiple layout options and is mobile, desktop and tablet friendly with image sliders and other support on visual effects.

Yuga – Suitable for blogs or magazines, this template is simple to use and gives you value for money.

There are thousands of templates and designs available on the Internet that can help you get started with your website. We have just introduced you to some of the best top creative professional websites templates that we thought would be of interest to you. Well, you at least got a hang of what options you have in front of you.

Your web designer can help you in selection of the most suitable template. It will largely depend on the specifications that you have and what is it that you are looking for gaining from the website. And if you don’t have an in-house web designer, these organizations can provide you consultants who will help you select the most suitable template for your business. The final selection would also depend on your ability to spend and the cost of maintenance and design changes if any that you are ready to shell out.

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