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Nowadays if you wish to develop an online business, then building a website has become so much easier. If you are not adept with the technical skills, you can seek help from website builders to help you make an eye-catchy and intriguing website which is fully optimized to suffice all your business needs and requirements. There are various kinds of website builders like the drag and drop website builders which are highly user-friendly and can help you make a DIY website within minutes. All you would need to do is to drag the essential features provided by the website builders and then drop them at the desired location on your website.

Thousands of online business owners are taking help from the drag and drop website builders to develop an optimized website to promote the products and services of their online business. The virtual platform provided by the DIY website builders has changed the overall user experience and has enhanced the overall performance of the websites.

Pros of Drag and Drop Website Builders

Background Knowledge is Not Required:

To develop a DIY website using drag and drop website builders, you need not have the complete knowledge of the development of a website. Usually, to develop any website from the scratch, a great deal of programming knowledge is required. If you are not adept with the coding and programming skills, you can still make an interesting and an optimized website with the help of effective website builders. So if you too are among those who have no confidence in the operation of the software and have a lack of technical computer knowledge, then drag and drop website builders could be the perfect options for you.

One of the basic reasons for the development of the drag and drop website builders is to give the users an insight into the efficiency of the modern facilities. With the help of these effective online tools, you need not be a computer expert to develop the kind of website you would want for your online business.

Instant Visibility:

With the help of the drag and drop technology, the users do not have to be anxious and nervous about what would be the result of a certain action or what is happening in the background. Since the use of these website builders involves dragging the desired element from one location and then dropping it off to another location, you can observe it all happening in front of your eyes. The DIY website builders are designed in a smart manner to help the users view the effects of their actions at that moment itself. You can view the results of all your actions like copying, adding, deleting, and many other right there on your screen. In case, you do not like a particular format, you can change the pattern at that instant.

Easy Modifications:

Are you one of those individuals who patronize the DIY website design templates? These might help you gain a lot of savings. But as time passes, the market trends change quite easily and frequently. Therefore, there stands a great need that your website should also respond to the needs of the customers. Therefore, with the help of the drag and drop website builders, you can make several modifications as and when needed. You can re-structure the overall design and templates as per the ongoing trend and market demands.


For those starting their online business with a small budget, the cost of developing an effective website could be burdensome. However, with the use of the DIY website builders, the users are given much respite as they offer splendid services at the much lower price range. It could go as cheap as $5 per month. Therefore, the first-time online business owners could cut short much of their expenses by going for the drag and drop website builders to enhance the overall experience.

Cons of Drag and Drop Website Builders

Though there are several advantages to using the drag and drop website builders for developing your online website, there could be some demerits as well. If you have been planning to take a hyper-professional plunge into the online business scenario, then you can give a second thought before using the DIY website builders as they offer free or cheap website templates which might not suite your website needs. In most of the cases, the brochure websites for the template builder have very less space or scope for personalized or customized website templates and strategies. Therefore, with the use of the drag and drop website builders, the website developers are left with no option but to make use of the available free or cheap website templates.

Moreover, the DIY website builders also impose restrictions on the search engine optimizations. This is due to the use of the Flash or the automated processes which they set for the website building standards. As a result, these website builders do not allow permissions for e-commerce or Google analytics including other censored contents. Therefore, if you wish to make a professional website and get relevant traffic through optimized SEO, you must avoid the use of the drag and drop website builders. You can otherwise, opt for professional website builders to boost the online presence of your website.

Another significant disadvantage of the use of the drag and drop website builder is that the users are not able to create command options in their websites for optimized user interaction. Additionally, the users are also not able to set or define the primary location of the online business. Again, the best option for the website developers should be to take professional help of the reliable website builders.


The drag and drop website builders or the DIY website builders can be a great help to the first-time website developers or the online business owners. However, before making use of these, the users must be aware of the advantages and the disadvantages of the same to enhance their overall experience.

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