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Questions to Web Host Before Buying

If you planning to create a website, then you definitely need to choose a good hosting solution. You must be overwhelmed by many hosting company’s exciting offer and its cheap price. If you selected your Webhosting Company, then you need to have some information about that company. Today I am going to share some questions you need to ask web hosting company to have detailed information about them before buy their service.  So here are some questions.

Since when web host company is into business?

The first most important thing you need to know is, since how long web hosting company is into business. If webhosting provides good support to their customers and they receiving good response, so most likely they would be in business for long. We should also ask if they involve into some kind of controversies.

Do they provide money back guarantee?

The second questions you should ask them is whether they provide money back guarantee or not. If a company provide good services and have faith on their service, then they won’t mind giving money back guarantee. Some companies even provide life time money back guarantee. Money Back guarantee came assure you that if you not liking their service so can roll back.

Uptime Guarantee

Don’t forget to ask company’s uptime guarantee. Many companies provide uptime guarantee of 99.9% so that means your website won’t go down. With uptime guarantee many company also provide each monthly refund if they face server failure. Learn more things about uptime guarantee.

Does web hosting company have their own data centers?

If your hosting company has its own data centers then they are most likely to be well developed enough in hosting business. If company has its own data centers, they must have experienced and supportive staff. You data can be shared faster and effectively.

Supports they offer

You need to know, what kind of support does web hosting companies offer like

  • Ticketing service
  • Email service
  • Telephone service
  • Help desk
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Having online forums

Control Panel Availability

Web hosting company provides to kind control panels Custom control panel and other one is commercial control panel known as CPanel.  You first need to get used to with Control panel before buying web hosting services. Many of the web hosting company gives access to the control panel so that you can get familiarize with it

Do they offer Backups?

You should know that whether company provide backup or not. So in the case of server failure you data won’t get deleted. Many companies provide data backups. Also you need to know how often they do backups. It will be good idea if you would back up your own data.


You need to know whether company provides hosting on contract basis. If they YES then better you need not to opt the hosting.

These are few questions you need to ask you web hosting provider.

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