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Rackspace Cloud Web Hosting Review

In below Rackspace cloud web hosting review, we are going to comprehensively review the hosting solution from four aspects: features, prices, performance, and customer support. The post hopes to help customers better understand cloud web hosting from Rackspace and figure out whether or not it is recommended.

Rackspace Quick Overview

rackspace logo1Based in San Antonio, Rackspace ( is one of the best cloud hosting providers in the industry. Since inception in 1998, Rackspace has been dedicated to providing the best possible cloud services and dedicated hosting. After years of development, the web host has built up an impressive brand reputation among small businesses as well as large corporations. And now it claims to power over 500 billion page views each year.

As a global leader in cloud industry, Rackspace offers diverse cloud solutions such as Public Cloud, Private Cloud powered by VMware vCloud, OpenStack, or Microsoft cloud platform, plus Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Rackspace Cloud Web Hosting is Rich-Featured

Rackspace cloud web hosting, based on the Public Cloud technology, is designed to keep high-traffic websites up and running fast—all of the time.

The cloud hosting solution allows customers to host as many environments as they want on one account, using 50GB of storage, 500GB of bandwidth, and 10,000 compute cycles per month. Meanwhile, Rackspace offers a 5-minute deployment service, namely, customers’ site will be ready to start for coding within 5 minutes, including signing up, adding domains, and choosing features.

Additionally, Rackspace cloud web hosting also comes with a multi-platform support, allowing customers to build in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PHP, .NET or any other development environment they want. Or, they can even run multiple platforms on the same domain.

There is also a cloud control panel, with which customers can manage their Rackspace cloud web hosting environment through a simple and intuitive interface. Besides domain management like renewing a domain name, adding a new name, and setting up custom DNS records, customers can also use the cloud control panel to quickly add MySQL or SQL Server databases to their websites.

Other more, Rackspace cloud web hosting releases customers from server management due to the reason that the web host takes care of everything below customers’ application, including hardware, networking, operating system, storage, databases, web servers, DNS, firewalls, cluster, redundancy, and load balancers. It also regularly deploys patches and upgrades to make the cloud hosting platform as reliable as possible, routinely snapshot the Cloud sites FTP structure to make customers’ content safe and available.

So many advanced features give customers peace of mind when they plan to build a large website with high volume of traffic. Importantly, Rackspace cloud web hosting is fully managed so that customers can save a lot of time to concentrate on their online business.

Rackspace Cloud Web Hosting is Fast and Reliable

When it comes to speed and reliability, Rackspace never disappoints its customers. The web host now has built a global infrastructure using the latest technologies and resides in enterprise-grade data centers positioned across the globe to deliver top speeds, while guaranteeing to credit each customer account 5% of the monthly fee for each 30 minutes of infrastructure downtime.

rackspace data centers

The data centers it utilizes are equipped with UPS for all cloud servers, N+1 redundant UPS power subsystem, plus onsite diesel generators. There is also N+1 redundant HVAC system to ensure a duplicate immediately comes online in the event of an HVAC system failure, and advanced fire suppression systems, etc. As a result of that, Rackspace gives a promise that HVAC and power will be functioning 100% of the time in a given month.

In addition, the web host guarantees 100% uptime for all cloud web hosting customers. To fulfill the commitment, Rackspace works with nine network providers to reach multiple redundancies, utilizes 219 CDN edge locations on six continents to optimize content delivery, only uses fully redundant, enterprise-class routing equipment, and co-develops with Cisco to guard against single points of failure at the shared network level. More than that, it has network and security teams consisting of certified and thoroughly experienced technicians to manage and monitor the networks.

Rackspace Offers Friendly Support

On the one hand, Rackspace offers outstanding management services to take charge of OS installation, software updates, server monitoring, and etc. On the other hand, Rackspace support team is responsible for giving friendly customer service when customers encounter with any technical issues. Literally, they can be reached through 24/7/365 toll-free telephone, live chat, and email.

Besides that, Rackspace has quite powerful self-support services. The How-To home contains hundreds of different kinds of articles, tutorials, and FAQs, which are written by a group of developers and technicians. Customers can feel free to take advantage of them for solving some common issues. There is also a Support Forums that allows customers to ask questions or share answers with other users. Even better, Rackspace gives a Developer Center and API Documentation which can be useful, especially for developers.

Rackspace Cloud Web Hosting is Price-Valued

The basic package of Rackspace cloud web hosting is set at $150/mo. When a website outgrows the package, customers can easily scale it up by adding extra storage and bandwidth as needed. Here we list the price of extra services as follows:

  • Storage—$2/GB;
  • Bandwidth— 18¢/GB
  • Compute Cycles– 2¢/cycle;
  • SSL Capabilities– $20/mo;
  • Domain Registrations– Starting at $10/year;
  • MSSQL– $5/100MB.
Rackspace Cloud Web Hosting Rackspace Cloud Web Hosting
from $150/mo

At the first glance, Rackspace cloud web hosting costs at a really high price level, particularly when compared to other reputable cloud hosting providers like Bluehost, or Linode. However, when taking the rich advanced features, unbeatable performance, 100% uptime, and impressive management service and customer support into consideration, people would find the hosting solution highly cost-effective.

Verdict—Rackspace Cloud Web Hosting is Recommended

Just from the above introduction about Rackspace cloud web hosting solution, people can find that the hosting solution comes with very high price value. Customers with the hosting service can create an exceptional online presence without worrying about managing high-performance infrastructure. And they can get benefit from an industry leading SLA that offers 24/7/365 Fanatical Support, 100% Network Uptime Guarantee, 1-Hour Hardware Replacement, URL, port availability and hardware monitoring, managed data backups and restores, and more.

If you have any question about Rackspace or its cloud web hosting solution, please go to to find out.

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