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Rackspace Email Hosting Review

The following Rackspace Email Hosting Review will focus on the offerings, pricing, performance, and customer support included in the hosting solution, hopefully helping customers figure out if Rackspace is a wise choice to rely on.

Who is Rackspace?

rackspace-logo1Established in 1998, Rackspace ( has evolved into the No.1 managed cloud company in the industry for taking a wide variety of specialized engineering skills to architect and manage both the infrastructure and many complex tools and applications that run on top of it.

A wide range of quality cloud-based services can be found at Rackspace, such as dedicated hosting, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and etc. Over years of constant efforts, Rackspace has won trust from over 300,000 customers worldwide.

Rackspace Email Hosting Review on Pricing

Rackspace offers four email hosting solutions to meet individuals, small business, as well as enterprise-grade needs. According to the specific type of each email hosting service, Rackspace gives different price. One common point is, no matter which email hosting solution customers purchase, they are ensured that the service is well for its price.

The standard Rackspace email hosting plan is billed at $2/user/month, which is really affordable even when compared with other best email hosting solutions on the market. Even better, Rackspace enables customers to enjoy a 2 weeks free with no long-term contracts.

Rackspace Great Deal Rackspace Great Deal
14 days free trial

Rackspace Email Hosting Review on Features

Rackspace makes it easier for teams to connect, communicate and collaborate with a wide choice of industry-leading email and productivity solutions. Thanks to the award-winning Fanatical Support as well as a team of email and productivity specialists from Rackspace, customers can leave the email hosting choosing, deployment, and management for the hosting company but concentrate on their own businesses.

Given that business runs on email and email often runs on Outlook, Rackspace makes its email hosting fully compatible with Outlook in addition to many other email clients. It can be used both on Windows and Macs and plugs seamlessly into email applications on tablets and smartphones.rackspace-1

With a basic Rackspace email hosting plan, customers receive huge 25GB mailboxes, domain aliases, email forwarding, unlimited aliases and group lists, 50MB attachments, easily recover deleted email, and auto-setup tools. Other more, customers can benefit from the powerful Webmail such as:

  • Easy to use: Webmail is simple, straightforward and intuitive, yet powerful enough to handle any business email accounts thus requiring less support than desktop email clients;
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: Not only is Webmail a full-featured email client, but because it’s accessed via the web. Customers can always have all their email, accessible from anywhere, with any web browser;
  • Email that’s Always in the Cloud: Since Webmail stores all the messages in the Cloud, there’s no need to worry about losing data due to a lost or stolen computer, etc.;
  • Collaborate with Shared Calendars, Shared Contacts & Chat: Customers will have access to Contacts, Chat, Calendars, Tasks, and Notes, making work quickly and efficiently with their co-workers;
  • Mobile Sync for Webmail: With Mobile Sync for Rackspace Webmail, customers can keep their Email, Calendar, and Contacts sync’d between Webmail and their iPhone or Android device.

Fore securing each email hosting account, the web host continuously updates the spam filtering system in a multi-layered process that eliminates 98% of spam—with nearly zero false positives.

If needed, Rackspace has additional Hosted Exchange 2016 to help get huge 100GB mailboxes, 50MB attachments, enterprise-level sync with Outlook Web App and mobile devices, plus improved security and more. Other solutions like Microsoft Office 365 Management & Support, Email Archiving, and Google Apps for Work are also available at check out.

In addition, Rackspace offers an email reseller program coming with all the features customers need for a quick and seamless integration. Just in a few hours, customers can be up and running from small web design shops to large ISPs.

Rackspace Email Hosting Review on Speed & Uptime

Rackspace has data centers located across the globe in Chicago, Northern Virginia, Dallas, Hong Kong, London, and Sydney to better serve every email hosting customer.


When creating email campaigns using Rackspace cloud resources, customers should understand the importance of a region and how to use it effectively. A region refers to a collection of more than one data centers interconnected by a low-latency and high-bandwidth network. Choose to locate all the Rackspace infrastructure in the same region gives customers benefits of geographic choice, network performance, and free bandwidth.

All the data centers feature with multiple layers of redundancy at every level as physical security, power, cooling and networks, making them more resilient thus bringing with higher uptime and greater reliability. Whenever the web host fails to commit the 100% uptime guarantee, it will apply a 5% credit of the monthly fee for each 30 minutes of data center infrastructure downtime.

Rackspace Email Hosting Review on Customer Support

Rackspace provides each email hosting customer excellent Fanatical Support. It means, there is no need to worry about everything from initial design to ongoing management for the email hosting environment because the web host is in it with all customers every step of the way.

There is a dedicated support team available 24/7/365 for Rackspace Fanatical Support. This team is responsible for offering operational expertise from the Red Hat and OpenStack experts, guaranteed 99.9% API uptime, proactive monitoring, 15 minute five response time to emergency tickets, and the option of a dedicated engineer for an email hosting account.

Besides contacting a support staff using a direct method like live chat, telephone, or email system, customers can take advantage of Rackspace’s How-To articles or Support Forums for quickly finding answers and troubleshooting resources.

Verdict—Rackspace Email Hosting is Recommended

We highly recommend Rackspace email hosting service. It has rich extraordinary services and features to help business owners get success in using professional email service. For different group of customers, they can find the most suitable email hosting solution to match their online businesses. The unmatched Fanatical Support releases them from choosing, deploying, and managing an email hosting solution. On top of that, the price of Rackspace email hosting package is reasonable considering what it comes with.

In a word, if you need a feature-rich email hosting company, Rackspace is undoubtedly a great choice. For more information, visit Rackspace online at

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