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The remote server management tools are extensive in use and there are several remote server management tools available to assist the IT managers or administrators in the management of the data center servers, without any physical presence at the desired location. During the functioning of any server device or network, there are bound to be certain technical issues which might disrupt the proper functioning of the overall system. Hence, the remote server management tools are available and used by the IT administrators to monitor and resolve these technical issues in a highly effective manner.

These tools provide efficient methods of routine maintenance as it enables the proper access and the management of the multiple systems at a single time from any remote location. For proper functioning of the network server, it is vital to select the best remote server management tools to manage all the servers effectively. Some of the important facts that must be considered by the users while making the selection of the proper remote server management tool include:

Understand the Business Requirements:

The requirement of the business plays an integral role in the selection of an effective remote server management tool. The consideration of this factor also includes the decision of the parameters like the frequency of the visits of the customers to the server room and the dedicated time in the management of these network servers. For enabling the proper remote server access and management, the users can consider different alternatives like the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), VNC (Virtual Network Computing), KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) or several others. The one who provides the hosting services has the will or the right to select the best type of the services as per the framework of the business.

Virtual Network Computing (VNC):

If the client wishes to make use of the Virtual Network Computing as the remote server access management tool, the user must have installed the VNC viewer on the local computer and this must be connected to the server side of the system. Moreover, the server component should be installed on the remote computer to increase the overall efficiency. By enabling this, the screen of the remote computer gets displayed to the viewer which is sent by the server end. The VNC takes or receives commands from the viewer and works on them on the remote computer as per the instructions. The salient feature of the VNC is that it can function on all the operating systems. For achieving proper efficiency, the VNC should be networked or coupled with TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol or the Internet Protocol). The users must ensure that the ports of these are opened so as to receive the incoming traffic from the various devices which are connected to the system.

Remote Desk Protocol (RDP):

The basic feature offered by the implementation of the Remote Desk Protocol (RDP) is that it can detect issues or problems occurring at the remote computer end which might be faced or encountered by the users or subscribers. The RDP enables the resolving of these issues at an instant with much ease. The RDP is an efficient remote server access management tool and protocol which can be used effectively on the Windows-based applications which might be functioning over a particular server. RDP also allows the functioning on the Operating Systems like Windows and Mac OS. The various effective functions offered by the implementation of the RDP on the remote servers include smart card authentication, sharing of resources, resolution of the temporary disconnection, encryption as well as the services like printing and audio.


With the advent of the Internet, there has been an increase in the cases of cyber attacks. The main target of the malicious groups are the hosting services which tend to get unauthorized access to the confidential data of the server rooms which could lead to serious threats and problems. Hence, while considering any remote server access management tool, the users must ensure the authenticity of the tool which offers proper security such that the overall system runs smoothly.

Reliable Connectivity:

Another important feature of an effective remote server management tool is that it should be able to provide a good network connection. If the users would encounter problems with the connection between the IT administrators and the server, then it is possible to ensure the proper functioning of the remote management services. Hence, the proper remote server management tool must issue appropriate warnings and prompts to make the admin aware of the irregular or poor connection such that proper and relevant steps could be taken at the right moment.

Reliability Measures:

There could be several problems or issues encountered in the functioning of the machines. Therefore, the use and the implementation of the reliable remote server management tool must be ensured which will allow the proper controlling of the system. This will also allow the effective conduct of the needed work and the proper maintenance of it.

Easy to Manage:

It is also imperative to ensure that the overall functioning of the system is easy to manage and operate. The remote server management tools should impart enough flexibility such that whenever any problem arises on the server end, the effective software is able to handle it in an efficient manner. As travelling is not possible at all times, therefore the presence of a functional remote server management tool is a must for the proper functioning of the overall system.

Easy to Control:

While purchasing or buying the remote server management tool for the efficient functioning of the overall server system, it is vital to ensure that the users are provided with a tool or software which enables the access to all the server locations which are distributed over a particular network. This ensures the smooth functioning of the everyday routine by the users or the IT administrators. The overall theme of the usage of the remote server management tools should be to ensure efficiency in the shortest possible time.

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