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The following Resello review is based on its special coupons, price value, reliability, usability and customer support, from which readers will know why this company has so many resellers.

reselloEstablished 1 decade ago, Resello ( has already been a premium company in the world. It mainly provides services to resellers based on its powerful reseller platform. Some core reselling services at this company include domains, web hosting, email, SSL certificates and Slimsite.

Resello Special Coupons

Resello fixes low prices based on its products so that its resellers will easily work with it and meanwhile gain profits.

Particularly, the company has launched Domain Growth Program that offers its resellers with special discounts. In a nutshell, first of all, its resellers join the program. Then, they sell more domains, and they will get bigger discounts from Resello. Besides, the company provides its resellers with marketing strategy to help them grow their domain portfolios.

Resello Review on Price Value

As we mentioned above, Resello provides a wide range of online services to its customers to resell: domain, web hosting, SSL, etc.

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As to domain, Resello is accredited with globally acknowledged domain name registries like ICANN and Verisign. So, it is reliable to be a domain reseller of Resello.

The company enables its resellers to resell almost all kinds of domain types, such as popular .com, .net, .co, .eu, .me, .bz, etc. All domains come with white labeled WHOIS, DNS and nameserver control, free email boxes, email forwarding, free homepage, URL forwarding, and much more.

Pricing for reselling Resello domains are very low. For example, .com is billed at $5.99/year; .net charges $5.67/year; .co is $5.99/year. What’s more, Joining Resello Domain Growth Program, people will save bigger.

As to web hosting, Resello provides bulk hosting and resource hosting.

Let’s first review Resello bulk hosting. It has 4 packages from bulk 1 to bulk 4. Each package has different disk space, bandwidth and MySQL databases. Bulk 1 comes with 0.1 to 1 GB storage and 1 to 10 GB bandwidth at a starting price of $0.99/mo. Meanwhile, resellers have to pay extra money if they add domains. With bulk 1, resellers add 1 domain at $0.99/mo, 2 domains at $1.93/mo, 3 domains at $1.79/mo, etc.

If people plan to run bigger web hosting business and sell unlimited accounts, Resello resource hosting is an alternative. Likewise, there are multiple packages for people to choose. The entry-level package offers 45 GB disk space, 900 GB bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts and unlimited MySQL databases. This package is billed at a cost-effective price of $14/mo only.

Resello Reseller Products Resello Reseller Products
High Value

More than that, no matter which package resellers pick up, a package of bulk hosting or a package of resource hosting, they will receive unlimited sub domains, unlimited email aliases, POP/IMAP/SMTP connectivity, unlimited FTP accounts, hotlink protection, website statistic, a wide range of scripts, etc.

Additionally, Resello Slimsite has free plans and paid plans. The latter starts at $0.1/mo, allowing 1 page with 400 MB storage and unlimited bandwidth. Likewise, Resello has free email plans and paid plans, which are billed from $0.25/mo. This price offers 2 accounts with 0.2 GB mailbox size. The last product SSL has various types from low price $20/mo too.

In short, it is not hard to find out that Resello provides its resellers with high price value reseller hosting programs.

Resello Review on Reliability

Choosing a reliable hosting platform is one of keys to online business success. When it comes to Resello, it is one of most reliable hosting platforms in the world with 99.99% uptime guarantee. Therefore, being resellers of Resello, they need not to deal with frequent downtimes and complaints from customers due to unreliable performance.

We check that Resello has utilized state of the art hosting infrastructure, which contributes a lot to its high reliability. Its servers are based in an industry-leading data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. If people are familiar with IT industry, they could know that Amsterdam is the fastest and the most secure Internet hub in the global.

More than that, Resello advanced engineer team monitors server status 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The team scans virus and malware as well. All these well maintain Resello servers to run in the most reliable, secure way.

Resello Review on Usability

Resello also does well in usability. It provides various means to simplify work of its resellers, so that they have more time on how to gain profits.

In terms of domains, resellers get easy-to-use administration tools to manage domains, like changing privacy protect settings. Besides, Resello provides domain transfer service as well.

In the case of web hosting, Resello also offers easy control panel with mobile access. Therefore, resellers will administrate their business at anytime anywhere. Resellers could install a wide range of add-ons for free, such as WordPress, b2evolution, CubeCart, PrestaShop, etc. Moreover, they can quickly start business with Resello ready-made shop, which they can configure at will too.

More than that, Resello provides nightly backups each day and keeps 14 days retention. The company also protects its resellers against from spam, virus and malware.

Resello Review on Customer Support

Resello does support its resellers, but we still think its support should be improved to reinforce its leading role in the industry.

Currently, if resellers want to get Resello help, they have to submit tickets and wait for replies. Honestly speaking, ticket support is not as efficient as live chat and phone support, especially when resellers encounter emergency.

Besides ticket support, the company has online support center with some FAQs and solutions. The resources are classified into clear categories, making it possible for resellers to find out what they need quickly.

Is Resello Recommended?

Yes. From above review on every aspect of Resello, we know this company deeper. It offers resellers with various online services at low rates. Its experts share their experience to help resellers succeed. Reliability is leading with 99.9% uptime guarantee. The only defect is customer support. On the whole, the advantages win the defects, so, Resello is recommendable for resellers to resell online services and gain profits.

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