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Secrets To Increasing Adwords ROI

The main aspire of a business is to earn revenue by following all the possible tactics and improving the Google Adwords’s ROI is one of them. So, as a business owner you are required to ensure that the Adwords conversion rate is improved which will ultimately have positive impact on the company bottom line. In fact there are multiple proven ways which can assure you that the return on investment for the Adwords will be really high but you need to follow them the right way. So, this article explains some most useful tricks on how to increase return on investment so that the money invested on your business is not wasted.

How to increase return on investment of Adwords

Group and organize the keywords effectively:

Organized and groping keyword is really vital to ensure higher conversion rate. Here are some of the ways that help you in better organizing and grouping of keywords.

  • Effective structure: The structure is the most important things that should be popped up in your mind as it comes to PPC Campaigns. The PPC campaign should be sorted through certain characteristics which is why it is important to have certain characteristics of the PPC Campaign. An ad group manages the ad and keywords. But ensure the keyword in a group is relevant while they should be related to the ads as well. And finally, a relation should also be there between the landing page and the ads and keywords.
  • Go for small ad group: The ad group should be small for various reasons. It is easy to track the result in small ad group while the list of relevant keywords will be effective also. Every ad group should focus on some specific product, service, offer etc.
  • Different ad variation is another best approach: Yes, implement different ad variation during the set up process and see which works best to increase the conversion rate.

Include Negative keywords:

It’s not the quantity of traffic rather your focus should be on getting the quality traffic that have high chances of getting converted. Adding negative keywords is one powerful trick to increase the ROI that works by preventing your ad from displaying to the irrelevant visitors. For example, if your ad is related to Reebok shoe, you will want people to click on your ads, to view the shoes and buy them. But if someone is looking for free Reebok shoes, it’s not related to your ads. The use of negative keyword is really a smart step that enhances the ROI and impact on the overall revenue.

The process of adding negative keywords is much easier that requires you to log into the Google’s Adwords account and then go to the campaign tab to click on plus sign next to the ‘new negative keywords list’ option. Here you can add the negative keywords.

Implement the best practice for CTR (Click through rate):

CTR is the ratio between how often people see and click on your ads. So, the more number of CTR will yield higher revenue and you need to follow the best practices to improve the CTR. Here are some points to remember that will help in enhancing the CTR to generate more revenue.

  • The title of the ads should be capitalized to attract more and more visitors.
  • You are required to target the proper keywords and know actually where your target audiences are. For example, if the target audiences know about the product already then do not include any generic headline keywords to provide the overview or introduction rather straight come to the target keyword that will create revenue.
  • Ad placement is another important factor to be kept in mind. The ad should be placed in a premier position to have higher CTR on the ads.

Go for separation:

Be more creative and separate your campaign level along with ad group that will fetch you higher revenue ultimately. For example, while the text ads really perform well for some of the accounts on display network, the situation is just reverse in some other cases. So, separation is the best option that will help you get more conversion finally. This can be better understood through an example. Suppose the text ad is not performing well in your campaign, but they can’t be removed as well due to their higher CPA, so what can be done is create separate ad group for image ad and text ad and bid very low for the text ad which will ultimately bring you good result. Some of the examples of separation are: Language, Geographical, ad type etc.

Employ remarketing as a conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool:

Remarketing is one of the best CRO tools that aim to bring back the lost visitors to your site. It is obvious that not all visitors will be converted at the first visit to your site and according to a report almost 70% visitors leave their shopping cart. Employing remarketing is showing the same ads to the visitors in which they have shown interest few days back which will save your great time and money both while the customers will more likely be willing to buy your product.

The design of landing page matters a lot:

While the ad copy is related to the click rate the landing page is responsible for conversion rate. So, the landing page design should be such to crate higher conversion rate. You might not be well equipped with the design for the first time, so it is advised to test the page design and see which design is bringing you higher ROI. You can test each and everything on the landing page starting from shape, color and placement of CTA.

The ad copy should match the landing page:

The ad copy should match with the landing page. For example, if your ad is to sell something, then the landing page should be the product page from where the audiences can buy the product. In case your adwords is related to something ‘media marketing tools’ and the landing page takes the traffic to the ‘media marketing tips’, then visitors will simply leave the page without reading the first line also. But, when the ad copy is aligned with the landing page, it will create interest among the users which will have positive impact on ROI.

So, these are some of the tips on how to increase return on investment for Adwords. If those are followed carefully, you will definitely receive good result in the long run.

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