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SEO Friendly URL Structure for WordPress

Do you know that WordPress is one of the best CMS (Content Management System) with regard to the SEO? With being that said, spending a lot of time on WordPress SEO strategy could be sometimes regarded as a waste of time, but it is not. Basically, optimizing the website for the best practice would simply improve the ranking of the website and provide a good amount of advantages for the subscriber and make the website much better.

The following are some of the main issues with regard to the SEO friendly.

Updating the WordPress SEO Article

seo-friendly-urls-in-wordpressNow out of the box, the WordPress is a good and a well optimized system which provides a better work for each of the single page that gets indexed with other kind of CMS.  The Permalink structure is the first thing that one would need to change with regard to the permalink structure.

You are bound to find this so called permalink setting right under the Settings. Yes! There is default permalink, however one would prefer to use either the name or post or the category.  For this the primary option would require you to modify the settings. Even it would require you to add category and choose the Custom Structure, so that it can assist in changing the value of the given category.

Now if you previously had certain kind of attribute as the permalink, then the WordPress would ensure that all the redirects are properly taken care of. This is quite true in case when you change and make modification from the given postname to the categories. In case if there are kinds of changes with the available permalink structures. So it might require you to check out given WordPress permalink structure and the tools.

When you are comparing the WWW with non-WWW, you would require one to website as www.example.com or just use as example.com. But you do need to ensure that the general settings have to be under the Settings function. Generally, the given version which is shown has to be properly reflected.

You need to know that not all web hosting allow you to configure permalink in WordPress. So, first of all, you should find a WordPress-friendly hosting solutions, here is a list of hosting you can refer to.

Optimizing the SEO Titles

imagesNow the titles and the content of the given page’s title tag is the most and the significant factor for ranking the result of the search. So, not only the title of the literal browser or tab window, it is the first line people need to keep with regard to the search result and that is followed by the regular snippet or even the URL, which is the meta description along with the combined date.

On most of the blogs, the title of the blog post should be as per the content of the blog. Even the keyword has to be rich and you have to ensure that WordPress blog should try to bring out the required traffic. There are two ways and they are given below –

  • Search engine gives a huge weight and as on the early aspect, the keyword has to be somewhere near the starting of the page title and be quite ranked well.
  • People who scan the result pages would first see the words first. So, in case if the keywords are at the beginning of the listing page, then it is going to be clicked quite often.

So, this would mean that the ideal title of the plugin page has to be optional on the WordPress.org. Controlling the titles with the WordPress SEO plugin would require you to control the SEO titles of the WordPress SEO plugin. Basically, there are two kinds of the WordPress plugin which can control the SEO titles.

The first thing that you need to do is install the given SEO plugin and then activate the plugin. Doing so, it would mean that the meta and titles would be having a lot of tabs with regard to the various kinds of pages related to the website. Now with regard to the various kinds of variables which are often used on the meta description and titles, there are various kinds of listed and even explained with the assistance of the help tab which is present in the top-most and right side of the page.

However, you sure to need to check out whether the template is working or if there are any kind of duplicate websites filled with the title. In case if there is, you would be needing to check out the checkbox present in the page and you can make sure that the given instructions on the given page so that the template can be modified.

In addition, there are other cool features which often use custom fields, which can be either a custom field or something which can be used as a post meta value or use the given custom field which could be user defined meta value.

Frankly, just go through this article and you can get a brief aspect of the SEO friendly URL structure related to WordPress.

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