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SEO Guide that New Bloggers Have to Know

New bloggers are excited to launch their blogs and write posts to share something. However, many of them will quickly encounter a common problem. Their blogs are drowning in numerous blogs and few visitors come to read their posts. Aimed at this problem, we are going to talk about SEO, an efficient way for new bloggers to increase traffic.

What is SEO

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is an Internet marketing strategy that will affect rankings of websites on search engines by making some changes on blogs.

SEO takes a lot into account, like search engine algorithms, popular topics, preferred search engines and much more. However, these terms frequently change. For example, Google, the most popular search engines, consistently renews its algorithms. Search engine users are interested in different topics at different time. So, SEO is not settled but changed. Website masters have to change their SEO ways to get and maintain high search engine ranks. But for new bloggers, they can start from scratch to master the basic SEO ways, which will also help them gain higher search engine rankings and more visitors.

Why New Bloggers Need SEO?

Generally, people enter words or phrases in the search bar of search engines like Google. Then the search engineer will show them pages of search results according to the words and phrases. But almost 75% of people only read the first page and select websites in this page to browse. New blogs usually are not in this first page, even the second page, third page, etc. Reasons for the low rankings are poor post quality, low content relevancy, no keywords, etc. making search engines hard to find new blogs. Moreover, search engines have limitations on crawling content deep. Therefore, bloggers need SEO to improve their search rankings to make visitors know their blogs and increase traffic from search engines.

Basic SEO Guide that New Bloggers Have to Know

In below, we will introduce 4 basic SEO tips that new bloggers have to pay attention. Though they are basic, but they will make a big difference to your new blog. Check now.

  1. Domain and Web Hosting

Some websites such as provide free services to host your blog. But you have to use its sub name as your blog domain name. The first SEO tip is to be away from such free blog hosts, because your blog will not quickly remembered by visitors and search engines by using sub domain. Moreover, by going with free blog hosts, you will receive limited features to create your blog.

You can choose an easy to remember name and register it at $10/yr around. Some web hosts even offer 1 free domain name registration for the first year. What’s more, you can check Best Cheap Web Hosting to find out cheap web hosting provider who will host your blog reliably.

  1. Keywords

Keywords are a useful SEO technique all the time. Here are many free or paid tools for helping you know popular keywords, such as Google Keyword Planner. You can also know what happens now via Google Blog Search, Technorati and Google News. If you want to know what was hot in the last day, visit Yahoo! Buzz Index or Google Trends.

After you determine keywords, put them in the page title and content. But remember not to overuse them. And the keywords should be relevant to your content.

  1. Links

The link is also a good way for SEO. To increase number of links, you can exchange links with other blogs, which are credible blogs best. Or you can write something relevant plus your blog link on forums or social network sites, such as Quora. You can also link one of your blog posts to another relevant post. When you add links, it is better to write contextual text like click Best Cheap Hosting in 2015 rather than write like click here. And remember not to over add links either.

  1. Analytics

There is a range of analytics tools for you to deeply analyze your visitors and traffic, such as Google Analytics and Mint. These tools will tell you which keywords attract your visitors come, sites linking at your blog and which posts they link. Based on the analyzed result, you can modify your SEO ways.

SEO is complex and above tips are basic, which will help your new blog move a big step. Have a try and you will be surprised.

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