SEO vs. PPC- which is better

SEO vs. PPC: Which Is Right for Your Website

One question you will have to deliberate on when you want to make a decision on monetizing your website is, “SEO vs PPC, which is better”. Generally both techniques are very effective for getting visitors to your website. Here are some information that could guide you in the decision of choosing the right one for your website.


SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization and it is a situation whereby you try to use optimization techniques for search engines for your website. SEO is a free way of getting rankings that are high on search engines and subsequently get traffic directed to a page. Considering the fact that top most search engine in the world is Google, you will want to follow their best practices for SEO for your pages to be displayed more prominently on their search result pages. Fortunately, ranking high on Google will also help you rank high on most other search engines. When SEO is properly done, you will benefit a lot from the targeted free traffic that you will get.


PPC is the acronym for pay per click advertising and is a type of advertising where you pay for PPC advertising for your website. Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing are amongst the top most PPC advert providers. They help you to place your ads in the section of their results that are sponsored on the result page of their search engine. For every click that a user clicks on the link, you pay a particular amount of money.

SEO vs PPC which is better

Majorly, there are some factors that will determine which is better for you between SEO and PPC, especially your budgets and your needs. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are details on some of the factors that will determine the answer to your questions SEO vs PPC, which is better?

Budget for advertising

When you want to choose which is better for you, in terms of SEO and PPC, first you will want to know what amount of funds you are willing to spare for advertising. Fortunately, the PPC adverts are very cheap and you can determine how much you willing to pay for advert on a daily basis, which can be as low as $5 for a day. If on the other hand, you do not have any funds to spare for adverts, then you will be forced to go with SEO methods that are free. No matter how little your budget for advertising is, you could opt for PPC even if it is to advertising using $5 for a day or 2. You will be sure to enjoy a lot of benefits.

Firstly you will be able to aim at getting actions such as newsletter subscription signups through email, selling of products and getting a high conversion rate. You will be able to quickly know how effective your website is by comparing your number of visitors to how much conversion you want. You might have to make some adjustments on your website if you are not meeting your target conversion rate, especially when you have reached or exceeded your target number of visitors from your website.

Furthermore, you will also get protected from one of the major disadvantages of SEO. The algorithm for SEO is regularly changed and all your initial posts that were ranking high will suddenly start ranking low as they will not be optimized based on the new algorithm. You are guaranteed a steady visitors stream to your website if you use PPC, compared to SEO.

CPC charges

CPC is the acronym for cost per click and this implies how much you are charged for every time your ad is clicked on. The price could vary as frequently searched keywords will have higher prices compared to the less frequently searched keyword. The average charges for CPC is about $3, even though the cost could sometimes be as high as around $30. You have to be mindful of this and you might want to use the less popular, but frequently searched keywords than using the very common ones. When you notice that the CPC charges are extremely high and you will not be able to recoup your investment if you should go with the pricing, then in this case, SEO will be better for you. At least you will still be able to get some clicks and they will be coming for free. If based on your conversion rate, however, you are sure that you will be making more profit even after paying $30 for PPC adverts, then you should by all means invest in it. The key consideration should be if I use SEO, how much will I gain? if I use PPC, how much profit will I make? Once the profit you will be making for the PPC overall, will be more, then you should go for it.

SERP competition in your niche

When considering the question SEO vs PPC, which is better, you should also consider the search engine result page competition for your niche. For the keywords that are available for you to use, are a lot of other websites already using such keywords. Will you be able to easily rank on the first or second page of the website immediately? To check this, you can use Google External Keyword Research Tool and you will be able to get the estimated level of competition for the keywords. If the competition level is low, then by all means, go ahead with your SEO. If on the other hand they are high or very high, then you might need to take more aggressive measures, like using PPC to drive traffic to your website. This is especially if there are several authority websites dominating results on searches targeted towards your niche and keyword. It will not be easy to simply use SEO techniques to oust them as you can be sure they will also be doing everything  you are doing, if not more.

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