SEO Web Hosting – How Does a Web Hosting Company Affect SEO?

Do you know whether a web hosting can affect your SEO? As a matter of fact, your web hosting solution provider can affect your SEO in numerous ways. It means that if you are working with an excellent web host, your SEO efforts can get a powerful support for your web hosting supplier. In contrast, if you are partnering with a bad one, your SEO might be hindered.


To make us clear, we are going to illustrate what is SEO web hosting first and then I will present how a web hosting company can affect SEO efforts. In the end, we will offer my suggestion about several tips to pick a SEO friendly hosting company.

About SEO Web Hosting

Currently, there is no formal definition about SEO web hosting, because we cannot just regard it as a web hosting product or procedure. It is more appropriate to definite is as a term used to show that the web host is good to SEO efforts. In fact, SEO web hosting companies do not provide typical features to boost SEO efforts, while these web hosts do not hinder your SEO goals, either. In brief, SEO web hosting suppliers will not do anything to negatively affect your SEO.

How Does a Web Host Affect SEO?

SEO is the proses of affecting the exposure or visibility of a web page or a website in the search engine’s unpaid results, which are often referred to organic or natural results. During the process of increase exposure or visibility of websites, there are a series of rules applied to websites. Some rules can be affected by web hosting providers, including SEO awareness, speed, availability, as well as security.

speed and SEOFirst, we’d like to talk about website site speed. As well all know, website speed is a SEO factor affecting on your page SEO efforts. We believe every webmaster wants to speed up their website for a better user experience, because it will leads to a better SEO and more conversions.

In contrast, having better SEO efforts, you website can receive more traffic, but If your website is running very slowly, can you keep or drive more traffic on your site? Of course, you can’t!

The fact above tells us that not only SEO can affect your website performance, but also a faster website can make your website take good advantage of SEO benefits. So, now, you need a fast website.

To get build a good website with fast speed, you need to at first find a good web host who are generous to offer rich resources, and supported by high quality data center infrastructure as well as fast hardware. Besides, you should make full uses of resources and ability to create a well-coded website along with optimized images and code.

For this part, you can absolutely control over it, however, if your provider does not use rock solid hardware, your website performance can still be affected. If that, you can only move to another better web host. This is to say, having a faster and reliable website, you need those tow conditions above at the same time.

Secondly, website uptime or we can say it is website availability is the second factor that can affect search engine rankings. Search engines, especially Google, a giant in search engine industry, do not like redirecting users to those websites which aren’t available, so search engines will check and remove them from the index websites.

The availability is very important for webmasters. It can destroy your reputation online if your website is unavailable. The worst is that when you are having a rest, your website is not available and you do not have any monitoring software in place, your traffic and customers must go away off your site.

security and SEOThirdly, we will talk about security. It is related to your technical knowledge and your provider, because you can control your ability to maintain the best security, but your provider only provides what your solution package includes.

Therefore,If it does not offer the same ability to protect your website, you will lose. If you have ever experienced hacked websites, then you should understand what we are talking about better.

More important is that if you cannot quickly find solutions to resolve it, your website must be removed from index and listed in the domain blacklist. It stresses the importance of a good web host for you again.

Finally, we plan to talk about how web hosts’ SEO awareness affects SEO efforts. It is very simple. If your web hosting providers do not know SEO or any primary principle of it at all, how can they do good things to improve your SEO? Even worse, they could do something damaging your efforts but they never know.

We have heard a lot of websites shut down because they got lots of traffic. Also, some webmasters were asked to remove heavy plugins such as Live Chat, just because their provider couldn’t deal with extra load, regardless of their promise of providing unlimited resources.

How cloud you stand your web hosting provider damaging your online reputation and SEO? You do not have to bear them for their inefficiencies. To find a good web host is key to your SEO and business.

Tips to Pick a SEO Friendly Web Host

We are working with professional web hosting review websites; therefore we have the chance to reveal the true face of plenty of web hosts. As for us, to choose a real SEO web host is not very hard, and along with the booming of the web hosting industry, more and more SEO web hosts appear, because more prosperous web hosting industry means fiercer competition that can force more web hosts providing better services at lower rates.

In below, we are trying our best to offer some tips for you to pick a good as well as SEO friendly web hosting company.

The first tip is to check how long these web hosting providers evolve in business. It is not about web hosting quality, but related to experience. Longer the web host is in business, richer experience it has. Comparing with fresh web hosts, those experienced web hosts understand how to survive and obtain customers’ trust. It cannot prove that these web hosts are SEO friendly, but it indeed show they have some advantages making them live so long.

The second factor we suggest you to consider is the reputation of web host. What do webmasters think about its web hosting services? What do web hosting experts think about it? Does it offer budget web hosting solutions but with a slow website performance? Those questions can help you figure out what the reputation of the web host is.

Third, we take serious about customers’ reviews when we choose web hosts. Therefore, in order to find a good as well as SEO friendly web host, we still think customers’ reviews are very important as a reference. You should look up carefully what they actually say about the web host’s services, uptime guarantee, and technical support. In addition to that, you can search the company’s reviews, and look up its customer forums or social media.

To search these platforms, you can see whether the web respond its customers’ questions and comments or not. It is a good way for you to learn your preferable web host better.

Forth, you should consider their data center. As for powerful web hosting companies, they should have their private data centers which are dedicated to deliver high quality hosting services. To make sense whether they own data centers is to avoid the web host just reselling hosting services from other providers. Also, having a data center need invest a lot of funds and technology. If the web host owns their data center, to maintain an optimal performance, it will follow advanced technologies and rock solid server hardware absolutely.

Finally, you have to think about what exactly you need. Shared hosting maybe lack security; VPS cloud be an optimal option for better security and performance; dedicated servers can make you have full control but require much more technical knowledge. So, which one you want is depended on your real needs. Before you make your decision, take minutes and think about it carefully.


Up till now, we do not really see a SEO web hosting solution in the industry, but SEO is key to your online success. Therefore, be careful and work harder by following our tips above to pick a really SEO friendly web hosting solution.

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