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ServerPronto Dedicated Server Review

serverpronto-220Having been in existence for over 10 years, ServerPronto is one of the famous web hosting providers in the industry that have committing to offering the possible best value hosting solutions to webmasters.

ServerPronto is a reliable company that fully focuses on dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and VPS hosting. In this article, we will make an overall analysis about ServerPronto dedicated server hosting to tell webmasters why this company is a great choice for them to host a powerful website.

ServerPronto Dedicated Server Review on Features

Unquestionably, dedicated serve hosting package comes with almost everything that webmasters needed to host their websites easily. And at this company, there are three hosting plans for them to choose from, namely Value, Standard and Professional.

Here, we are going to introduce the plan “Value” to webmasters. It contains a powerful CPU that features AMD Athlon II X2 260, Dual-Core 3.2GHz and 2 GB RAM + 1 GB free, 100 Mbps connection as well as 500 GB HDD (hard disk drive), 5 TB data transfer.

In addition to that, the Linux dedicated server of ServerPronto comes preconfigured with some popular applications, including Apache HTTP, MySQL database, PHP, phpMyAdmin, ISC BIND (DNS), Webmin, Dovecot (POP 3, IMAP4) and cPanel. While the Windows dedicated server contains Server Manager, IIS, Microsoft DNS, MSSQL and others. No matter which one they choose, customers can get full root access and the ability to configure and install any software.

ServerPronto Dedicated Server Review on Prices

Generally speaking, the ServerPronto dedicated server hosting solutions price is highly cost-effective when compared with some other dedicated server hosting.

The price of “dual core”, “quad core” and “2x quad core” dedicated server is set at $39.95/mo, $79.95/mo and $149.95/mo respectively. Webmasters are free to select the most suitable plan for their websites building according to their needs. By the way, it is easy for webmasters to upgrade their current hosting plans to a more advanced one at this company.

In order to guarantee the safety of customers’ money, ServerPronto dedicated server hosting customers are allowed to purchase the service monthly. Moreover, ServerPronto promises to refund within 7 days if webmasters are not satisfied with their current accounts. Therefore, it safe to say that the dedicated server hosting customers should no risk if they host their websites at ServerPronto.

ServerPronto Dedicated Server Review on Performance

Being one of the leading web hosts, ServerPronto is capable of providing its dedicated server hosting customers with 100% uptime and fast loading speed to run their websites smoothly.

It is delighted to tell webmasters that the company takes advantage of some top of the line technologies and facilities to guarantee the highest quality connectivity and high performance online network for them to host their websites, such as SSAE 16 (SAS 70) US-based data centers, fault-tolerant Internet connectivity, BGP4 route advertisement, power system with UPS systems and diesel generators and Cisco core routers and more.

All of the hosting solutions of ServerPronto are provided on an industry-leading network connection and 24/7 network monitoring by a group of technicians, trying to deliver a secure, rock-solid and reliable online environment to its customers.

ServerPronto dedicated Server Review on Supports

To make sure almost all webmasters can operate their websites flexibly, ServerPronto claims that it can offer top of the line customer service to its dedicated server hosting customers.

In fact, the most useful supporting methods are all available for ServerPronto dedicated server hosting customers to choose from, including phone, live chat, and email as well as ticketing system. In this way, ServerPronto dedicated server hosting customers can choose one of the ways to get assistance.

It is proved that all of the ServerPronto technicians have an ocean of web hosting experience and they are extremely patient, responsible and responsive, so they can give a correct response to help its clients deal with their issues without any delay.

We Do Recommend ServerPronto Dedicated Server

Based on the review in the above, it is not difficult to figure out that ServerPronto has its own advantages. At this company, its dedicated server hosting customers can receive ample features to build their websites. In addition, the company can also offer a high performance online environment, top of the line technical support and an affordable price to its dedicated server hosting customers. Therefore, it is true that this company can be recommended for dedicated server hosting customers.

In the end, webmasters can follow visit ServerPronto to get to know some details about ServerPronto dedicated server.


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