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best shared web hosting 2018Shared web hosting is the most popular web hosting type. It is widely used by individuals and businesses to create blogs, family websites, online shops, etc. And the best shared web hosting in below are providers who outperform other shared hosting providers on features, price, reliability and customer support.

Best Shared Web Hosting 2020

Best shared web hosting in 2020 are awarded to Bisend, Inmotion Hosting, Bluehost, WebHostingHub, and HostGator, with which you can create a powerful and feature rich website at a very low price.

Bisend InmotionHosting Bluehost WebHostingHub HostGator
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Pricing Bisend InmotionHosting Bluehost WebHostingHub HostGator
List Price $10.95/mo $7.99/mo $7.99/mo $8.99/mo $6.87/mo
Promo 64% Off 50% Off 64% Off 56% Off 60% Off
Price $3.95/mo $3.99/mo $2.95/mo $3.99/mo $2.87/mo
Claim Promo Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation
Basic Features Bisend InmotionHosting Bluehost WebHostingHub HostGator
Storage 10GB Unlimited 50GB Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Transfer 50GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Domain Hosted 1 2 1 1 1
Scripts PHP, Perl, Python, RoR PHP, Perl, Python, RoR PHP, Perl, Python, RoR PHP, Perl, Python, RoR ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core
Database MySQL MySQL & PostgreSQL MySQL & PostgreSQL MySQL & PostgreSQL MySQL, MSSQL
My Review Bisend InmotionHosting Bluehost WebHostingHub HostGator
Uptime ★★★★★  ★★★★★  ★★★★¾  ★★★★¾  ★★★★¾ 
Server Speed ★★★★★  ★★★★¾  ★★★★½  ★★★★½  ★★★★½ 
Customer Support ★★★★★  ★★★★¾  ★★★★¾  ★★★★¾  ★★★★¾ 
Website Visit Bisend Visit Inmotionhosting Visit Bluehost Visit WebHostingHub Visit HostGator

Best Shared Hosting – Bisend

Since 2011, Bisend has been trusted by more than 400,000 customers and counting. Its shared hosting is an all-inclusive package. Namely, you will get everything, like free domain, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, databases, etc by choosing Bisend shared web hosting.

What makes Bisend unique in the industry is that they offer very cheap hosting with free SSL Certificates and free WordPress tool kits included. To somehow, we do feel their web hosting is pretty free, as the value of those advanced features are beyond the money their customers have paid.

Bisend is one of few web hosts who offer high quality service son both Linux and Windows. Besides, they are also own one of the leading data center in Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt, which means if you need hosting globally, Bisend is obviously a great choice.

Bisend shared hosting starts at $7.99/mo. But via our Bisend coupon, the price could lower at $2.95/mo. Considering its fast performance and all-in-one package, this promotional price is attractive.

Bisend Exclusive Deal Bisend Exclusive Deal
64% Off

For more details, you can visit

Best Shared Web Hosting for Business

Founded in 2001, InMotion Hosting develops its shared web hosting into a best one in the industry. There are 3 packages, in which the entry-level shared hosting package charges from $7.99/mo. If customers purchase it via our link, they will have a more preferential price at $3.99/mo. Moreover, this package has PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Perl, Python, cPanel, backups, SSDs, unlimited disk space, unlimited spam safe email accounts with IMAP, etc.

InmotionHosting Exclusive Deal InmotionHosting Exclusive Deal
50% Off

As to reliability, InMotion Hosting utilizes multiple data centers around the world, and partner with some largest ISPs and setup peering exchanges to speed up the access speed. It also offers 99.9% uptime guarantee to its customers. These conditions are assurances that InMotion Hosting shared hosting services have the best reliability.

In addition, the company has 24/7 technical supports and 90-day money-back guarantee to support its shared hosting customers.

To gain more information about InMotion Hosting shared hosting services, please visit here.

Popular Shared Hosting – Bluehost

Bluehost has been a popular shared hosting provider since its inception in 1996. One reason for that are low prices at a minimum of $2.95/mo. But Bluehost gives unlimited bandwidth, up to unlimited storage, up to $200 marketing offerings, etc.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Bluehost Shared Hosting
60% Off

Another reason is high reliability. Bluehost built its own data center and arranges its own engineers to manage it. So, this company could maximum ensure reliability of its shared hosting.

Bluehost 24/7/365 technical support for shared hosting also attracts individuals and small businesses, because many of them do not have much technical knowledge and need help anytime.

Visit to learn this hot shared hosting provider and claim its 60% off shared hosting with 30 day money back guarantee.

Best Cheap Shared Hosting – HostGator

HostGator is one of the best cheap web hosting providers in the world. Its hosting product is Linux-based and include all the features you need to create a website.

Customers will get MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Perl, Python, Free domain, and many other helpful features from HostGator. The price is as low as $6.87/mo. With the latest HostGator coupon, customers only need to pay from $2.87/mo along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

HostGator Promotion HostGator Promotion
60% Off

Additionally, HostGator shared hosting has the support of US-based data centers, tier 1 bandwidth providers and premium hardware, so it is extremely reliable and fast. If people meet problems, they are easy to get HostGator help around the clock too.

Visit HostGator to claim HostGator 60% off shared hosting.

Shared Web Hosting Tips

Shared hosting is worldwide popular. But is it your choice? To answer this question, you have to know what you will benefit from shared hosting and what problems you will encounter.

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting

  • Low prices – this is one of main advantages differentiating shared hosting with VPS and dedicated servers. In general, shared hosting requires only several dollars, like HostGator shared hosting at $2.87/mo. So even individuals can afford shared hosting and create sites thereby.
  • Low technical requirements – going with shared hosting, you need not to administrate and maintain servers. Instead, your web host will do that for you.
  • Fast setup – the most of shared hosting providers support their shared hosting to be activated in minutes and even in seconds sometimes.
  • Better customer support – As shared hosting is the most profitable and competitive hosting product, and web host str responsible for server maintenance, most of shared hosting service provider will strive to offer better support to their customers to build reputation in the industry.

Drawbacks of Shared Web Hosting

  • A lower level of security – shared servers are liable to be attacked by hackers. And since you share a server with others you even do not know, your websites could be affected if some account in your server suffers a malicious activity.
  • Performance – compared to VPS and dedicated server with separate hosting environment, shared hosting requires people to share many things. As a result, websites in a same server could affect each other. For example, if some website in a server suddenly get rush traffic, then other websites in this server could load pages very slow, and even get down.
  • Server Restriction – In shared hosting, normally you are not allowed to install new software or change the server level setting. Some of web host might also disable the shell access to the server (you cannot telnet to the server, but could ftp file). So, before purchasing, you need to make sure the web hosts offer the features are required by your web site, which might include script support, database, and some web server setting (for example, Apache URL Rewrite module, etc).

Overall, advantages of shared hosting outweigh disadvantages, making it still the option of a majority of customers worldwide.

When You Should Consider Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the best Hosting solution for individuals and small business since it’s cheap and easy to manage. However, we don’t recommend shared hosting in below cases:

  • Your site need a memory higher than 128MB
  • Daily traffic over 1000 page view, or Daily Unique IP visit is 300+
  • Need to customize the server environment and install something shared hosting don’t support normally.
  • Your site contain business critical data and need the site to be highly secured.

In above case, you should go with VPS, Cloud or Dedicated Server in which you get more control on the server, but in the other hand, those are much more expensive and you need to be more skilled to maintain the servers.

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  1. I migrated from Bluehost to IMH last Sept. after several downtime issues. Up till now, I feel satisfied with IMH. They don’t limit the bandwidth usage and use SSD drives. I’m not sure if they’re the reasons that my website loads faster, but I’m happy with the result. Their support is also very outstanding. They helped me complete the migration process and no data lost. They also guided me how to redirect my HTTP sites. Very thankful for that. Recommend InMotion Hosting!

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