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Should You Install Plugins or Templates Not Tested with WordPress Version

Most of the time users have doubts whether a given plugin is tested in their given version of the WordPress. A lot of questions like should the given plugin be installed or another plugin be searched, etc are often asked. So, in this article, we will check out why one has to install plugins which are not tested with the version of WordPress owned by you.

Most of the time when you install the plugin from the admin portal of the WordPress, a warning message will pop up saying that the given version is not tested with the current version of the WordPress. Officially the WordPress plugin repository is a huge collection of the open source and is a free. Now when you are submitting the plugin, you would have to submit the readme file along with the plugins.

wordpress-tag-pluginThis readme file is later on used by the directory called plugin directory so that plugin page can be generated. Basically, the readme file has the so called ‘tested up to’ tag that is often used to show the information. It is important that the plugin authors have to keep this information updated. So, this means that along with each of the release of the WordPress, the plugin authors would have to test the given plugins and even have to update the available readme files for the plugins.

Most of the plugin authors never try to update the given readme files and they never try to test the plugin along with the latest version ones. Basically, in an ideal world, it is common for most of the plugin authors to constantly update this given information. However, we don’t live in the so called ideal world. Of course, we do have to keep in mind that the plugin are free and there is no payment required for the authors to download them.

It is common for plugin authors to feel quite less inclined to make updation to the given readme files with each of the release. Most time, the plugin authors are often busy with their current job (full time job) and the paid development projects. So, the most important question that you would be asking is should you simply install the given plugins. The answer is yes you have to.

Now it does not means that a given plugin author does not update the readme file, it does not mean that the plugin is not properly tested or that it won’t work with the latest WordPress version. In case if you have heard about a plugin that works on the WPBeginner, then it is safe to assume that the latest version of the WordPress is tested. For example, if you feel that the article you are viewing is published properly, then it would mean that the plugin is simply compatible with the current version (latest) of the WordPress.

However, on the other hand, if the plugin is not updated for quite some time i.e. for about two years, then definitely the plugin has to be changed or abandoned. So, it is necessary that you avoid installing it. Somewhat it would be interesting to note that most of the plugins have not been updated for more than two years and it just works properly. But you do have to install them at your own risk.

In addition, you can install the plugin on the WordPress website and then test it out. In case if it works as you have expected then you could have to go back to the plugin page. All you have to do is login with the username of the WordPress.org and the password. Once that is done, you have to scroll down to the bottom part of the page, where the compatibility section can be viewed.

Now all you have to just select the version of the WordPress version and the plugin version and after that click on the button of the Work. So by doing it, you are doing nothing but allowing other users to know that the plugin has been tested and it works just like it has been promised. At times you can contact the author of the plugin and ask them to do the updation of the readme file.

Another question that you have to keep in mind is when the plugin gets broken. In such situations, you do have to remember that since the plugin is provided for free and it is something which the plugin author has provided based on as-is. So, there is no warranty and you cannot guarantee the implied warranty on the fitness. However, you would be stuck up with the issue of how to help the community with regard to the damaged plugin.

In such scenario, instead of leaving the harsh comments on the support thread of the plugin, you have to give a helpful and constructive feedback. To conclude, just follow the given methods and you can see the great amount of difference.

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