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Singlehop Dedicated Server Review

singlehop dedicated server reviewSinglehop ( is an IT hosting company established in the year 2006. It is efficient in providing infrastructure services and cloud-enabled managed hosting and was ranked as the twenty-fifth fastest growing company in the U.S. Singlehop has gained a formidable reputation by providing customers with state-of-the-art hardware, customization of server and remote management, expansive accessibility, security and comfort and convenience. Now let us review the features, server speed, reliability and other advantages as well as the negative aspects of the dedicated server by Singlehop in the following paragraphs, along with customer support reviews.

Singlehop Dedicated Server Beneficial Features Review

The first beneficial feature from Singlehop is the control and accessibility provided to the user regardless of the location or the device used. So whether you use an iPhone or a laptop, the control of all that happens in your infrastructure remains in your hands.

The wide and vast range of operating systems that this dedicated server by Singlehop supports makes it user-friendly and compatible in almost all environments ranging from Windows including Microsoft Windows Server 2003-Web Edition and Microsoft Windows Server 2008-Enterprise Edition to Linux which includes CentOS Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cloud Linux and Open SUSE Linux. Furthermore, it is highly flexible and can be customized with regards to all aspects of the system whether it is hardware or software or the services provided.

Moreover, the capability of this device to work alongside with cloud servers under a hybrid environment means that the user will not be restricted to their infrastructure platform and can also integrate it into their applications using the RESTful API. This helps the user in facilitating them in the dynamic scaling and deployment of numerous resources. This application compatibility and script support for Python, PHP 5, Perl 5 and DHTML and optimization of SQL databases has allowed users to easily modify, configure and install or change their settings.

Singlehop Dedicated Server Pricing

Singlehop dedicated server starts from a price of $159/mo, which is very typical in the industry. However, this dedicated server comes with a 4 cores CPU, 16GB DDR3 memory, and 2*500GB SATA drivers, which is pretty much the most powerful server at such a price.

People could get an even more powerful server from Singlehop like 12 CPU cores and 32GB memory, all of them are under $400/mo.

Data Centers And Infrastructure of Singlehop Dedicated Server

The company Singlehop has three data centers along with offices and they are situated in Europe, United States and Asia-Pacific. All the individual data centers are provided IP addresses to test their speed. The US data center is in Chicago and is efficient in its location for America and Africa. The Europe data center is in Amsterdam and, lastly, The data center in Asia-Pacific is best suited for serving the customers of Asia and Australia.

Review On Server Speed And Reliability

The Singlehop dedicated servers boast the best uptime which is 99.999% per month and a yearly average uptime is 99.996%. In the US, the minimum response time is 148 minutes while the maximum is 151 minutes with an average of 150 minutes. The Asia-Pacific data centers offer an average of 386 minutes but the best average is given by the data center situated in Chicago with an average of 47 minutes.

Customer Support Reviews

Singlehop offers a hosting platform that allows the use of unparalleled first-class technologies along with a 24/7 access line available for any inquiries and queries by the customers regarding the product or the services. The experts available on the team of technical assistance are helpful, knowledgeable and professional in their work as they eliminate problems and smooth over various issues. The contact line is responsive and fast and the servers never go off line as the company provides a network uptime that goes up to 99 %. The hosting services provided are quick, reliable and efficient while the equipment at the data centers is state of the art and modern. The backup and storage facilities ensure that the client does not lose important data while the money-back guarantee helps to retain the client’s trust. The support available for the client through email, phone, live chat and online FAQs goes a long way towards establishing a good relationship.

Advantages And Disadvantages

The advantages are that the Singlehop dedicated server provides its customers with more choices and has the best uptime than any other servers. It takes less than 60 minutes for infrastructure deployment and is highly flexible to any modifications. The prices per month are affordable and come with a 7-day money back guarantee. In addition, the Leap control panel is easy to use and customer-friendly and it provides maximum security.

There are little to no disadvantages to using dedicated servers by Singlehop and that is why they have been highly recommended by customers.

Singlehop Dedicated Server Review Summary

Overall, the company Singlehop continues to provide excellent and prompt services with quick responses and quality equipment that ensures the sale of the company’s products on a large scale. The dedicated servers may be a bit too costly but are reliable and there many advantages in the shape of increased profits for the business, reliability and assistance of the technical team and undisputed uptime for the websites easily outweighs the few disadvantages and makes the purchase of the dedicated servers an experience worth the time, effort and money that is spent on it.

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