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According to the recent announcement of Top10InAction (, a famous review website covering online service, beauty, electronics, travel and other products, Singlehop is named as Best Dedicated Server for its premium & quality hosting solutions, outstanding speed performance as well as efficient supports.

Founded in 2006, Singlehop ( now has grown into a leading global provider of hosted IS infrastructure, managed cloud computing, enterprise security service and etc. It has over 3,200 customers with 14,000 physical servers under the management.

Dedicated server charges at high price, and it is usually used by big companies. Choosing the right product is important, Top10InAction indicated that this Best Dedicated Server announcement will help a lot.

Singlehop offers multiple featured dedicated servers, and the basic solution contains Quad-Core 2.8 GHz CPU, 16GB RAM, 2x500GB storage, 10TB bandwidth and free setup. In addition to these dedicated resources, Singlehop dedicated server has other benefits.

For example, it supports a wide range of operating systems, highly flexible upgrade and control from phone, tablet and computer, hybrid capable and restful API to allow creating workloads and applications out of the most appropriate basis.

As its customers, people enable to choose the datacenter location form the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific areas to get faster connection speed. Meanwhile, Singlehop uses other powerful facilities and technologies to ensure one of the best dedicated server performances. According to monitor, the annual average uptime of Singlehop maintains 99.996%.

Singlehop really cares about customer, and this is one of the main reasons why it provides with reliable and efficient support service. If customers have any question about its dedicated server, Singlehop technical team can be contacted through Live Chat, Phone Call and Quick Message.

The price of Singlehop dedicated server starts from $159/mo, and the company not only gives people flexible billing terms, but also guarantees money back within the first 7 days.

Top10InAction said that Singlehop dedicated server has high price values, and it is also strongly recommended as the best dedicated server to help businesses build successful online presences. To know the complete list of top 10 dedicated server recommended by Top10InAction, please visit


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