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SingleHop Review

In below, we will review SingleHop from current promotion, price value, performance, ease of use, and customer service, to see whether SingleHop is reliable or not.

singlehop logo1SingleHop (www.singlehop.com) was founded in 2006, on the purpose of avoiding the limitations found in shared hosting and expanding into dedicated servers without moving to a new host.

As one of the best dedicated server on Top10InAction, SingleHop designs hosting solutions for the success of customers, combining advanced control, flexibility, and technology, as well as an expert support team with unwavering customer promises. That is also the reason that SingleHop is recognized as Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting by Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company.

SingleHop has provided on-demand servers (including dedicated servers, virtual servers, colocation, and so on), private clouds (including hosted private clouds, dedicated private cloud, virtual private cloud), and management solutions to more than 4,000 customers in the world.

SingleHop Current Promotion

We are very sorry that we do not find any information about SingleHop promotions, but SingleHop offers reasonable and affordable prices. Its on-demand dedicated servers normally start at $159/mo, along with at least 4 quad-cores CPU, 2 x 500 GB SATA default drives, 10 TB bandwidth, and 16 GB DDR3 memory.

SingleHop Dedicated Servers SingleHop Dedicated Servers

Even SingleHop highest level of dedicated servers start at most $405/mo only, coming with the best features that SingleHop offers, such as dual Xeon processors, 32 GB DDR4 memory, and 1 TB SATA drives.

SingleHop Review on Price Value

SingleHop mainly provides dedicated servers and private clouds. Its on-demand dedicated servers have high-powered performance with on-demand deployment and fit for high-intensity applications. In below, we take SingleHop on-demand dedicated server as the example to introduce the features.

SingleHop dedicated server has outstanding flexibility and scalability, because SingleHop guarantees 100% customized of hardware. Customers can deploy and configure their servers according to specific needs, such as the type of CPU and hard drives, amount of bandwidth, disk storage, operating system, and additional services.

SingleHop dedicated server is high-performance. It is specifically designed for e-commerce, big data and more. So each SingleHop dedicated server is built on enterprise-class hardware and technologies, ensuring customers’ severs to run at the best performance.

Besides, SingleHop has a comprehensive approach to high security. It is Shield that features network, account, application, and server security options. Other more, SingleHop has higher level of security, including anti-virus protection and DDoS mitigation. Customers can get it by upgrading to Shield Plus, which charges $30/mo for each server.

SingleHop dedicated server is so high-powered and flexible that the price of it may be very expensive. However, SingleHop on-demand dedicated server just starts from $159/mo, along with premium Intel Core at 4.8 GHz, minimum 16 GB memory, and 2 x 500 GB disk space.

Therefore, we can find that SingleHop dedicated server has high price value and is worth to have a try.

SingleHop Review on Performance

Backed by SingleHop Bill of Rights SLA, SingleHop promises 100% network uptime and 100% power uptime. According to the records from SingleHop real-time system statues indicator, its yearly and monthly uptime are indeed 100%.

The biggest advantage of SingleHop to ensure perfect uptime is that the company operates multiple data centers. Total 5 locations in Europe and Northern America make the possibility of 100% uptime. Let’s see their details in below.

Danbury data center, namely DAN-1, is built for scaling dynamically with the real server usage. And DAN-1 is also one the most energy efficient facility. To avoid waste and keep optimized state, DAN-1 boasts an extremely low PUE.

New York data center, NYC-1, is purpose-built. Equipped with unique infrastructure, NYC-1 is designed to resolve catastrophic issues. NYC-1 redundant security systems and ample power are the key points to ensure that NYC-1 is always uptime.

Amsterdam data center, AMS-1, is the 1st European location of SingleHop. AMS-1 supports up to 2,000 servers. Besides, AMS-1 is equipped with highly automatic security to keep stable environments. Its special location in Europe gives the access to multiple network providers.

Phoenix data center, PHX-1, has an effective and innovative architecture. Because of this architecture, PHX-1 can support more than 2,000 servers. Therefore, PHX-1 is the most scalable one among 5 data centers.

Chicago data center, CHI-3, is the newest one of SingleHop data centers. Here, SingleHop has a single-tenant lease for private data center suite. CHI-3 is equipped with redundant infrastructure, power supply, and security systems to ensure the maximum 30,000-server capacity.

After introducing the 5 data centers, we know that 5 data center are very excellent, and 100% uptime owes the 5 high-end data centers and SingleHop experts.

SingleHop Review on Ease of Use

At SingleHop, customers can always hold the control rights. It means SingleHop gives customers the full control of servers and hardware. It owes SingleHop award-winning LEAP portal that can be accessible through the web, powerful developer APIs or mobile devices.


Via LEAP portal, customers can design, deploy, monitor as well as manage their servers, no matter which data centers of SingleHop the servers are located in. So, it resolves a lot of troubles that customers may encounter during the process of management.

Besides, SingleHop provides a variety of managed solutions, including fully managed servers, custom managed hosting, and managed Azure. Even if customers do not require fully managed infrastructure, comprise, or hybrid services, SingleHop tech support team still works around the clock and makes sure that customers can focus on their own business.

What’s more, SingleHop accepts several payment methods, such as PayPal, and credit cards including AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, and so on.

SingleHop Review on Customer Service

SingleHop believes that customer service is more than support, and it should be a mindset. Therefore, the company puts forward ServiceFirst. Based on ServiceFirst conception, SingleHop promises 100% satisfaction, best-effort troubleshooting, 24/7/365 available experienced technicians, and services backed by Bill of Rights SLA, and more.

To be specific, SingleHop offers various contact ways 24/7 available. First is the most convenient and free phone call; second is another direct way, live chat; the last one is ticket. According to its SLA, SingleHop guarantees that phone call will never be routed to a call center; the first response to support ticket is within 1 hour; the last response to ticket upgrade is within 2 hours.

Other more, SingleHop promises that every support request will be handled by support team, and technical support will never be outsourced. It is seldom to see that a web host declare this point, but it also proves that SingleHop customer service is responsive and considerate.


In short, we know that SingleHop is pretty good at dedicated severs and clouds. Especially, its dedicated servers are customizable and high-performance with affordable prices. 5 data centers and ServiceFirst both make the company more reliable. If SingleHop gives more discounts, it will be the best.

To get more about SingleHop, Please visit www.singlehop.com.

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