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Site5 Cloud Web Hosting Review

site5-logoSite5 ( is a budget web hosting provider, whose major products are shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, and cloud hosting in both shared hosting environment and virtual private server environment. Site5 cloud web hosting is designed to keep an absolute minimum downtime for customers’ website and email.

In below, we are going to talk about Site5 cloud web hosting, namely cloud hosting in shared hosting environment. This review will begin with feature review on Site5 cloud web hosting and end up with support service review of it. We hope this review can give customers a clear understanding about Site5 cloud web hosting.

Site5 Cloud Web Hosting Review on Features

Site5 cloud web hosting has 3 packages in all: Plus, Advanced and Premium. Buying Site5 cloud web hosting, customer can receive at maximum 40 GB disk space, 500 GB of bandwidth, a dedicated IP and 1 new domain registration for free. These are just the basic server resources in Site5 cloud web hosting plans. Although Site5 cloud web hosting is built in shared hosting environment, Site5 promises that customers can get enough resources and no overselling.

Site5 understands how important email is and its email services are designed to be highly redundant. So every cloud web hosting package contains redundant cloud email and every customer is able to create unlimited email accounts to fit their email needs. IMAP, POP and pre-installed Webmail systems including Horde, Squirrelmail and Roundcube are all available.

Database is one of core elements of a web hosting. At Site5, customers can create as many as MySQL databases to meet their storage demands. The company also gives customers the control over their databases. Pre-installed and configured phpMyAdmin can assist customers work with their databases quickly.

All packages include multiple programming languages from PHP, ruby on Rail to SSI. Besides, customers can get SSH and Shell access and disable them easily with a Linux command line and Site5 web hosting control panel. FTP and SFTP are both supported at Site5. Via FTP accounts, customers can easily upload and download website files; SFTP only works with the master account on the system, giving customers the end-to-end encryption for their data and files.

Site5 cloud web hosting is really easy to use. Customers can get a simple task-scheduler, Cron Job editor, which cab schedule tasks to run regularly at any interval. Backstage account manager provided by Site5 will give customer the access to all of their account information, so that customer can review and edit their account information quickly. SiteAdmin/MultiAdmin control panel are included for customers to easily manage their site and multiple accounts.

More than that, customers also can get 1-click installer Softaculous, which many popular scripts ranging from Ad management to wikis. Customers can install them within SiteAdmin control panel with one click, giving them more time to work on their website.

From the feature review of Site5 cloud web hosting, we find that it contains a wide range of features to help customers create and manage good websites.

Site5 Cloud Web Hosting Review on Pricing

Site5 is generous to give customer 30 days of trial for free. By signing up with one-month contract term, customers can claim this special deal.

Site5 Cloud Web Hosting Site5 Cloud Web Hosting
1 Free Month

Besides, the company also provides more discounts for longer contract terms. Normally, customers buy Site5 cloud web hosting at $25/mo at least, but if customers try its 1-year contract term, the company will provide customers with up to 20% discounts. That is to say, customers can pay $20/mo only to get it.

Even better, Sie5 will offer customers with as long as 40 days of money back guarantee. If customers decide to stop the service at Site5, they can request a full refund from it. It is rare to see in the industry.

Site5 Cloud Web Hosting Review on Performance

As for Site5 cloud web hosting performance, the company guarantees that its servers will be online! The uptime guarantee is up to 99.99%. If customers experience the downtime over its guarantee allows, the company will be willing to offer them a service credit!

To ensure high performance, Site5 only uses premium servers to support redundant hosting. The company uses world-class servers by utilizing the most resent dual Sandy Bridge processors which come with 8 cores and 64 GB RAM. All hard drives are protected by RAID 10 array. Site5 also equips each server with server-side technologies and software. Besides, Site5 designs cloud hosting to have no single fault layer and to provide its customers with enterprise class reliability.

As we all know, Site5 has been acquired by IBM Company, so it can uses IBM Company data centers to host servers. More than 10 excellent data centers are now utilized to deploy customers’ servers. Each of them is well equipped with redundant power and network infrastructure.

Apart from that, Site5 offers customers shared SSL certificated and optional malware protection, which are both for better security. Other more, in each package, Site5 provides free backup service. The company will help customers backup their website content and provide customers with backup tool to make it easily. Well-protected website files and information of customers can make them a peace of mind.

Site5 Cloud Web Hosting Review on Support Service

In terms of support service, Site5 has a technical support response guarantee, meaning if customers wait longer than 6 hours to get response from Site5 technical support team, regardless of what the issue is, Site5 will credit their account for that delay.

Besides, in cloud web hosting package, free site migration and backups are included. The company will cover website files, databases, email and other content migration to Site5.

If customers need to ask questions at Site5, they can use phone call or live chat. Email is also a good way to communicate with Site5 staffs. Site5 also has knowledge base, Q&As, and emergency status page to post the recent features and technical articles. So, customers can go to these places to find further help.

Is Site5 Cloud Web Hosting Reliable?

In brief, Site5 carefully designs cloud hosting in its shared hosting environment. Even though it is cloud shared hosting, the company tries best to provide customers with redundant hosting resources. Each cloud web hosting package comes with a wide range of features and reliable performance. Moreover, Site5 offers special discounts which make it more reliable and affordable. Therefore, we recommend Site5 cloud web hosting for small business and individuals.

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