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sitebuilder 220In this article, we are going to reveal SiteBuilder from its pricing, feature, template, web widget, reliability & speed, and customers support to figure out whether it is good for website building.

SiteBuilder ( is dedicated to being a top website builder offering good service with affordable prices. And what makes SiteBuilder stands out from many completions is its easy-to-use and effective site builder.

SiteBuilder Review on Pricing

SiteBuilder has five different sizes in all: one free plan plus four premium plans. Its free plan comes with 1000+ customizable templates, a free sub domain name, limited storage and tools. No exceptions, people who use this free plan will have an advertising banner unless they upgrade to SiteBuilder premium plans.

Currently, SiteBuilder provides a special discount of 35% off for all premium plans except the Personal plan. Under the discount, its monthly billing starts from $6.49/mo to $16.24/mo. If people purchase its 1 or 2 years plans, the prices would be more affordable. Here we take its 2-year plans as an example:

  • Its Personal plan charges for $8.99/mo without discounts;
  • Its Pro plan is $4.99/mo, after cutting 35% off the regular price $7.68/mo;
  • Its Premium plan costs $7.79/mo, after a special 35% off regular $11.08/mo;
  • Its eCommerce plan is $11.99/mo, after 35% off the regular price $18.45/mo.

All the premium packages come with a free domain name for life, $375 free advertising credits, 1000+ website templates, website builder tool, and no website Ads. Besides, the later 3 plans provide with exclusive features, including free email, SEO tools, priority support, and eCommerce store.

SiteBuilder Exclusive Deal SiteBuilder Exclusive Deal
35% Off

As to payment methods, SiteBuilder accepts credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, America Express) and PayPal. And this company promises to give money back within the first 14 days for paid customers.

SiteBuilder Review on Features

Choosing a right website builder is always a challenging task, even for those people with good knowledge of website building. What SiteBuilder does is to simplify the process of web creating by providing with powerful but also easy-to-navigate features.

Ease-of-Use Editor

SiteBuilder editor is very easy to use, requiring no software and running within its users’ web browser. With this editor, users can drag and drop any element they want to anywhere on their web pages. To say that, even a child can create a good-looking website with SiteBuilder editor.

SEO Tools

SEO to a modern website is like fuel to an engine. To ensure its users can create SEO-friendly websites, SiteBuilder provides its Premium and eCommerce customers with SEO tools. The SEO tools are particularly designed for Bing and Google.

Apart from the features inherent in it, there is also SEO eBook that is available as an add-on. This is a very important service for users who plan to take their websites to the next level—the level of concerning traffic and overall consumer recognition.

Web Statistics

SiteBuilder also offers Google Analytics, but just for paid users. By using this professional web analysis tool, people have the ability to analyze their traffic in more depth.

SiteBuilder Review on Template

After choosing a custom domain, the next step of building a website is to pick a template. There are thousands of pre-made templates for users to choose from, all of which are created by SiteBuilder designed team.

sitebuilder templates

Often, a template is divided into several sections, including header, body sections, and footer. Users can add any common content (images, text, videos, shapes, files, and etc.) to their templates. People can use SiteBuilder site menus in the header of a website to automatically link to all web pages. They are also allowed to customize their templates like adjusting typography settings for the whole websites, changing the logo height or font, and designing the background.

SiteBuilder Review on Web Widget

SiteBuilder does not have a specific app store, but it provides a bunch of web widgets as replacements. Most widgets are available for all users, while some are just for its premium clients. In below we list some common widgets and their functions:

  • Image gallery widget enables people to add photos or other graphics as required to get an interactive gallery.
  • Map widget comes with Google map to allow people to place on their pages. This map is not only interactive, but also zoomable.
  • Contact widget is bundled with a fully-functional contact from wherever people place it. It provides a more convenient and effective way for visitors to contact with the website owners by sending an email and without revealing their email address.

Besides the above, there are many other widgets can be used to build more powerful websites. And for paid users, they are offered even with more options.

SiteBuilder Review on Performance

SiteBuilder provides its users with a free plan and also allows them to freely upgrade to its premium plans. What’s more, by utilizing extremely reliable, and industry-leading high speed servers, the site builder makes it possible to maintain a good performance for its service. At the same time, SiteBuilder deploys redundant backup power generations to ensure its users’ sites will not go down at any time.

SiteBuilder Review on Customer Support

SiteBuilder has paid much attention on improving its customer service and has received good results. Its support center page consists of all kinds of FAQs. People can get assistance with this support, thus there is no need to contact a care agent. The other way for help is to send an email to SiteBuilder support team.

Although SiteBuilder gives a friendly and helpful knowledgebase, plus email support, its lack of support for phone call and instant live chat still bring a negative influence on its customer satisfaction.


After getting a comprehensive knowledge on SiteBuilder and experiencing a real website building process with it, we seem to understand why this site builder could gain a good reputation among its users.

Its easy-to-use features can be the biggest strength for it. At SiteBuilder, people just need three simple steps to build a good-looking website. More than 1,000 templates, a domain name, and advertising credits are offered for free. Here we highly recommend SiteBuilder to our readers, especially to those who are not versed in website building.

If you are looking for more information about SiteBuilder, please visit

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