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SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review

siteground cloud hosting 220SiteGround ( is a fast growing web hosting company established in 2004. During the 10 years, SiteGround has hosted more than 320,000 domains on its servers based on USA, Singapore and the Netherlands. Its web hosting solutions include shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting, apps hosting, service hosting and others.

In below, we are going to review SiteGround cloud hosting from angles including features, prices, performance and support.

Feature Review of SiteGround Cloud Hosting

SiteGround has created 4 cloud hosting plans for people around the world. Moreover, if people want to configure their own plans to fully meet their demands, they will successfully do it at SiteGround. Most importantly, SiteGround cloud hosting is fully managed based on Linux platform.

In addition, SiteGround offers MySQL 5, PostgreSQL, 7 PHP versions, HHVM, SSH access, 2 dedicated IP address, 1 free private SSL and 1 free domain name. What’s more, cPanel along with WHM is for people to manage their cloud hosting, plus Softaculous to install apps.

The Entry plan of SiteGround cloud hosting contains server resources like one 3.0 GHz CPU core, 2 GB DDR3 RAM and 20 GB disk space. People will also receive 5 TB bandwidth each month to make their websites or applications run smoothly. Furthermore, it is easy and fast to add more resources or people can just take advantage of SiteGround auto-scalable setting.

Pricing Review of SiteGround Cloud Hosting

Due to its fully managed features, SiteGround cloud hosting is more expensive than unmanaged ones. The regular starting pricing is set at $60 per month. Now, in the latest Siteground promo, it provides 10% off on the cloud hosting, making the pricing lowest at $54/mo. Considering free domain, free SSL and free private DNS, SiteGround prices are cost-effective.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting SiteGround Cloud Hosting
10% Off

What’s more, SiteGround billing terms on cloud hosting are short, including 1 month, 3 months and 6 months.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review on Performance

In terms of performance, SiteGround is reliable with multiple server locations. Its uptime is much close to 100%. Moreover, it is a fast cloud hosting provider because of CDN, network, server locations, etc.

SiteGround utilizes 3 state of the art data centers based in Chicago, Amsterdam, and Singapore. These strategic locations make it possible for people to pick up a server location near to their visitors, which is good for uptime and speed. Furthermore, multiple power feeds, UPS technology as well as standby power generators make sure that the data centers are running all the time.

More than that, SiteGround has used advanced servers to configure its cloud hosting. Besides frequently updating server software, its technicians are testing different server configurations to make servers advanced all the time. Also, SiteGround fixes server software like PHP and Apache when they detect problems, instead of waiting patches from software developers.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review on VIP Support

SiteGround is committed to reaching 100% customer satisfaction. It has a support team, made of expertise with knowledge as well as experience. The cloud hosting clients will get SiteGround VIP support by accessing the support team extremely fast via phone, ticket and phone, even though the team deals with 500 calls, 800 chats and 1,000 tickets every day.

In addition to that, SiteGround tools and instruments are useful as well. People can learn setup guide, browse SiteGround tutorials, participate in webinar and much more.

Do We Recommend SiteGround Cloud Hosting

From above review, we see that SiteGround cloud hosting has flexible and advanced features. The performance is great due to servers, server locations, network, etc. VIP support helps people get through difficulties. Considering features, performance and support, its pricing starting at $54/mo is cost-effective. Therefore, we recommend SiteGround cloud hosting.

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