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SiteGround vs 1and1

siteground vs 1and1 As one of the Top 10 Web Hosting, SiteGround ( has hosted more than 320,000 domains on its shared, cloud and dedicated servers. 1and1 ( also provides various kinds of cheap web hosting solutions. Moreover, it has Windows hosting solutions that SiteGround does not offer.

In below, SiteGround vs 1and1 article will focus on comparing hosting features, prices, reliability and customer support of SiteGround and 1and1. And we will come to a conclusion at last.

SiteGround vs 1and1 on Hosting Features

SiteGround and 1and1 are same to offer web hosting solutions based on different server levels while 1and1 has Windows hosting. To compare their hosting features, we choose their Linux-based shared hosting as an example.

SiteGround shared hosting is divided into 3 plans, in which the StartUp plan includes unlimited databases, email accounts and data transfer. Moreover, SiteGround allows 1 website, 1 free domain and 10 GB space on 1 StartUp account. Besides, it also provides MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP 5.5 (other PHP versions included too), Perl, Python and SSH. People will also get cPanel and Softaculous installer.

1and1 has 4 Linux-based shared hosting plans while its Starter plan offers 1 MySQL database, 10 GB space, 1 websites, 10 email accounts and unlimited data transfer. Furthermore, 1and1 provides PHP 5.5/5.6.6 and MySQL 5 for all its shared hosting. But Starter plan does not have Perl, Python, Ruby, SSI, Zend Framework, Cron Jobs, etc. while other 3 plans support.

SiteGround vs 1and1 on Hosting Prices

In terms of recent time, 1and1 has a lower starting price. But SiteGround prices are valid for a long term while 1and1 frequently gives different 1and1 promo code, making prices changes as well.

SiteGround web hosting discount is up to 60% off. After applying Siteground coupon, the regular starting price $9.95/mo is cut to be $3.95/mo only.

SiteGround Web Hosting SiteGround Web Hosting
60% Off

The present lowest price of 1and1 web hosting is set on its second shared hosting plan, which is at $0.99/mo. The regular price of this plan is at $6.99/mo. However, its Starter plan requires at $3.99/mo.

SiteGround vs 1and1 on Reliability

SiteGround is more reliable than 1and1 due to datacenters in 3 continents, technology, hardware, software, etc. SiteGround also offers 99.9% uptime guarantee that increases customers’ confidence on SiteGround reliability.

Headquartering in Germany, 1and1 takes advantage of multiple datacenters that are located in Europe or America. The datacenters accord with the standards: redundant power and stable temperature. The network connectivity is 65 Gbit/s, which is a little slower.

SiteGround is different. It has multiple datacenters in America, Europe and Asia. The Asia-based datacenter is best for websites aimed at visitors in Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific and Asia. Likewise, these datacenters are exceptional in the industry. What’s more, SiteGround cares its servers anytime by updating servers frequently and fixing software if some flaws happen.

SiteGround vs 1and1 on Customer Support

SiteGround also outperforms 1and1 on customer support.

1and1 human support is 24 hours a day. However, people have to use phone or email ways to get contact with 1and1 support representatives. SiteGround technicians support people via phone, email and live chat, which are also available around the clock. An additional support way provided by both companies is self-help center online, which includes a large number of resources.

Besides, SiteGround and 1and1 both guarantee their customers with a refund with the first 30 days. It is called 30 days money back guarantee.

Which One is Better

After comparing SiteGround vs 1and1, we find out that 1and1 wins on low prices and Windows hosting. However, SiteGround Linux web hosting is reliable along with 99.9% uptime guarantee. People will receive more features and convenient efficient support from SiteGround as well. Actually, SiteGround web hosting is affordable rather than expensive. So we prefer recommending SiteGround.

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