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SiteGround vs. A2Hosting: Who Is Better?

You’ve probably come across SiteGround and A2Hosting when you are searching for a fast, affordable web hosting provider. Both web hosts have been around since 2001 and gain good reputation for delivering excellent performance experience. And they both have data centers around the globe in the US, Europe, and Asia. Additionally, they claim to boast uptime of up to 99.9% better.

So, who is faster?

For those who just want the speed winner, they can easily get a similar result to the below chart, with the help of any website speed testing tool such as Pingdom, GTmetrix, or WebPagetest.

However, does page speed mean everything when choosing a web hosting provider? I don’t think so.

The below SiteGround vs. A2Hosting comparison will focus on every aspect that may affect the decision of web hosting solution, including not just performance, but also their knowledge, customer support, pricing, and the overall product offering. All these combined together determines the potential to be a great web host.

SiteGround vs. A2Hosting on Speed and Reliability

A large number of experts have cited the speed and reliability of SiteGround and A2Hosting’s web hosting services as great reasons to choose these two companies. Besides multiple data center locations worldwide, they both make use of only SSD storage, which are now regarded as the industry standard because of its lack of moving, mechanical features. Simply put, SSD-driven servers can deliver faster performance while reducing odds of breaking down.

SiteGround’s customers also benefit from NGINX web server technology, free CloudFlare CDN, HTTP/2 enabled servers. Even better, the web host has developed its own mechanism based NGINX reverse proxy—SuperCacher, that dramatically speeds up the serving of the dynamic content of the WordPress sites alike.

Meanwhile, security is extraordinarily valuable to SiteGround. The web host introduced a superb CHROOT account isolation of accounts on shared servers at a time so that customers’ account would be never affected by others. More than that, SiteGround wrote more than 800 WAF rules to ensure no vulnerability, alongside the top LXC technology, proactive server monitoring, self-developed backup system, and unique anti-bot AI. No wonder why the hosting company is confident to guarantee 99.99% uptime.

Likewise, A2Hosting’s customers can get their websites up and running in screaming-fast speed due to the exclusively SwiftServer platform and Turbo Servers. There is also a suite of LiteSpeed Cache plugins for faster application speed, however, which is only available in certain plans.

At the same time, A2Hosting has a 99.9% uptime commitment. Its technicians and engineers take responsibility for routine maintenance and upgrades to avoid DDoS attacks on the servers, browser or DNS caching issues, problems with customers’ ISP’s network and more, making sure the network is secure and performing optimally.

When taken the speed, uptime and security into consideration, the conclusion of who comes with higher performance may get vague because they both have invested much in improving the performance experience and received positive feedback from customers.

SiteGround vs. A2Hosting on Features

SiteGround and A2Hosting both have complete web hosting products and services, ranging from shared web hosting to cloud hosting or VPS, and dedicated server, based on Linux operating system. But A2Hosting recently also launched its Windows shared hosting service, though we don’t recommend it very much.

Also worth mentioning is, that SiteGround only offer fully managed cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, and WordPress hosting, while A2Hosting customers mostly can have access to core managed, fully managed, and unmanaged solutions.

Speaking of detailed hosting offerings included in their web hosting solutions, the web hosts have many similarities. For example, they both package enhanced cPanel control panel to allow customers to easily manage their domains, software, databases, and email on an intuitive interface. As well, they can install the most popular software to their account with the automated installer inside cPanel.

Additionally, they provide rich developer-friendly features, such as multiple PHP versions (7.1, 7.0, 5.6 and more), Perl and Python supported, free SSH and SFTP access, MySQL & PostgreSQL databases, and unlimited FTP accounts. Exclusively, SiteGround has per-installed Git and staging features for certain developers.

For e-commerce retailers, SiteGround and A2Hosting offer free SSL certificate and free shopping cart install for Magento, PrestaShop, osCommerce, and more, PCI compliance (SiteGround only), and E-onlinedata services (A2Hosting only) to help build secure, professional e-commerce online presence.

SiteGround vs. A2Hosting on Support

It’s hard to go wrong with the support team at both SiteGround and A2Hosting. They genuinely go above and beyond when it comes with having customer issues resolved.

Customers can communicate with the SiteGround support staffs via the telephone, a live chat, or a ticketing system, whenever they need help. The web host promises to give instant response to every phone call and live chat request, and give initial response to every ticket within 10 minutes.

With a number of tutorials and helpful FAQs readily available, SiteGround owns an industry-leading knowledgebase to help customers find answers to their questions easily.

Similarly, A2Hosting’s 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support team are happy to help customers through telephone, live chat, and support ticket. The web host also has an extensive knowledgebase, but which is less powerful than SiteGround’s.

SiteGround vs. A2Hosting on Pricing

SiteGround web hosting has three options, with the very basic StartUp plan priced at $9.95/mo, regularly. With 10GB of storage, bandwidth that allows for about 10,000 monthly visits, one website hosted, and unlimited data transfer, this is a cost-effective, highly functional choice for new startups. For those who agree with a yearly billing term, they can get 60% off to make the price reduce to $3.95/mo.

SiteGround Promotion SiteGround Promotion
60% Off

A2Hosting also features three levels of packages for customers. The smallest LITE plan charges for $7.99/mo normally. Customers only need to pay with $3.92/mo based on a 24-month billing term. Along with this plan, there are 1 website, unlimited storage, and unlimited data transfer.

A2Hosting Exclusive Promotion A2Hosting Exclusive Promotion
51% Off

If customers upgrade to higher-end VPS or dedicated server platform, SiteGround goes with the much higher price level when compared to A2Hosting.

SiteGround gives 30-day money back guarantee on all shared hosting plans, while A2Hosting is famous for the hassle-free anytime money back guarantee covering all shared, cloud, VPS and dedicated server plans.

Final Verdict

Both SiteGround and A2Hosting are incredibly competitive in the web hosting universe. Either one could be the ideal candidate for your website, small and large, and this comparison should help you to make an informed decision about which one will be the most likely to serve your website.

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