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SiteGround vs iPage

siteground vs ipageSiteGround ( and iPage ( are web hosting providers for small to medium websites, including personal sites, social sites and business sites. Moreover, both companies have more than 10 years’ experience to host websites for customers with affordable web hosting solutions. SiteGround offers multiple packages while iPage designs one all-inclusive package only.

In the post below, we will continue to compare SiteGround and iPage from features, pricing, performance and customer service in detail, so that individuals and small businesses will make smart decision when face them.

SiteGround vs iPage on Web Hosting Features

The feature lists given by SiteGround and iPage clearly show that SiteGround is feature rich in advanced features while iPage outweighs in essential hosting features.

iPage web hosting provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains and email accounts. Instead, SiteGround customers will only receive up to unlimited 30 GB space and up to unlimited hosted websites in the light of packages they pick up. But each SiteGround web hosting package contains unlimited data transfer and email accounts.

siteground vs ipage Signing up with SiteGround, customers will get one cPanel account and Softaculous to manage servers, files, email accounts etc and install popular apps. while iPage just offers Web Hosting control panel. Furthermore, iPage web hosting solution includes one free domain for the first year while customers will get one free domain as long as they are with SiteGround, from which customers will save a lot.

As for scripts, iPage supports Perl and Server Side Includes according to its feature list. However, SiteGround has multiple PHP versions, Perl and Python support. In addition to that, SiteGround high-end features still contain one CloudFlare CDN without any charge and PostgreSQL database besides MySQL that iPage also provides.

Overall, SiteGround web hosting wins on the feature comparison.

SiteGround vs iPage on Web Hosting Pricing

Pricing is easily compared and which one is cheaper is effortlessly checked out. So according to given pricing by SiteGround and iPage, iPage web hosting is cheaper.

With the latest iPage promo code, the company is cutting the regular pricing $8.99/mo to $2.25/mo now. It is a more than 75% off discount. What’s more, iPage 30-Day Money-back Guarantee allows its customers to require a full refund during the first 30 days if they are not satisfied with iPage hosting services.

Compared to iPage, SiteGround charges a little higher. It also has around 60% off discounts to attractive customers. Following Siteground coupon link in below, they will pay from $3.95/mo instead of $9.95/mo. And SiteGround also has 30 days money back guarantee as well. Considering SiteGround hosting features, $3.95/mo is not expensive.

SiteGround Web Hosting SiteGround Web Hosting
60% Off

SiteGround vs iPage on Web Hosting Performance

Both companies are excellent in web hosting performance and their clients could enjoy reliable, fast and secure hosting experience. However, what they utilize still has little differences, which will affect the final performance.

siteground vs ipage SiteGround picks up US, Europe and Asia-Pacific three regions as its server locations. Each datacenter is full of power, supplied by redundant electricity and backup generators. Moreover, SiteGround prepares spare whole servers and replacement parts in case of emergency situations. In addition, SiteGround has other many measures to ensure speed, reliability and security, like Anti-Hack Systems & Help, server monitoring, customized server setup etc.

iPage makes use of 2 datacenters but both are based in Boston, US. If customers come from Europe or Asia, their website performance could not good as the performance of SiteGround. Actually, the two datacenters are top level in US, equipped with N+1 power, 24/7 security, pooled server environments, Cisco Routers, and much more.

Through the comparison, SiteGround conquer in this aspect since it utilizes datacenters in broader regions.

SiteGround vs iPage on Web Hosting Support

When it comes to technical support, SiteGround and iPage perform well. No matter when customers have questions, they will get support from both companies. And the two companies support customers both via live chat, email and phone. Support response time of SiteGround and iPage is quick, about 1 minute in average if customers choose live chat or phone support. Beyond that, SiteGround and iPage offer knowledge bases for people to look for solutions as well.  You can check out this page to know the feedback of iPage customers.

SiteGround is Better

In terms of the comparison above, we can see that SiteGround web hosting has more high-end features (cPanel, CDN, Python etc.), which are beneficial to a powerful website setup. More server locations are better for reliable and fast website performance without any doubt. Although the final pricing is a little higher, SiteGround web hosting is still a better one for individuals and small businesses.

For more SiteGround information, please visit or check our SiteGround Review.


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