SmarterASP.NET Email Hosting Review

Maybe customers have not noticed that email has already involved in their daily life and business operation and marketing yet, but it is really true! Especially with the tendency of the business style to the online business or eCommerce, email hosting plays a more and more important role in the field.

In below, we are to review an email hosting provider, SmarterASP.NET. This comprehensive review will cover SmarterASP.NET email hosting pricing, features, reliability, security, and customer support. Through this post, customers could have a deeper understanding about this solution and know if SmarterASP.NET is a good partner in terms of email hosting solution.

Who Is SmarterASP.NET? logoGenerally, SmarterASP.NET ( is a special ASP.NET hosting provider who was founded in 1999. By far, the company has survived in the industry for more than 16 years. Focusing on ASP.NET hosting, SmarterASP.NET has already become one of the leaders in terms of ASP.NET solutions.

Its cheap ASP.NET hosting is one of the most popular products customers like. Besides, it also offers semi dedicated servers, reseller hosting and virtual private servers. For ASP.NET fans, they can freely find a suitable solution for their needs.

SmarterASP.NET Email Hosting is Cheap

SmarterASP.NET has 4 email hosting packages and one of them is a free trial package. So, if customers feel hesitant, they can firstly choose SmarterASP.NET free trail package W60-US, to experience the email hosting service. Then, they will get the first-hand experience as the reference to their final decision.

To be specifically, the free email hosting package is valid for 60 days, from the date of signup. During this period, customers can easily get 1 GB web space, 1 site/IIS entry, 1 domain name hosted, 10 GB bandwidth, unlimited email boxes, and web-based control panel. They can also get full trust & medium trust support, URL rewrite module 2, and other more useful features. Namely, customers can really experience most features among the real SmarterASP.NET email hosting.

SmarterASP.NET Email Hosting SmarterASP.NET Email Hosting
60 Days Free

Apart from that, SmarterASP.NET other email hosting packages are also very cheap. The detailed prices are as following:

  • W500-US, the second package normally charges at $2.95 per month;
  • W1000-US, the advanced package regularly is from $4.95 per month;
  • W1050-US, the premium package regularly is at $7.95 per month.

All SmarterASP.NET email hosting is set up free for charge. Even better, the company is very friendly to offer customers 60 Days of money back guarantee, which is applied to the three higher packages. Therefore, we think customers should have no any other worry about their money. To learn more cheap hosing solutions from SmarterASP.NET, customers can check out SmarterASP.NET Coupon.

SmarterASP.NET Email Hosting is Feature-Rich

SmarterASP.NET email hosting solutions come with its superior shared ASP.NET hosting, offering the world class ASP.NET hosting service with well-known speed and reliability to individuals and small to medium businesses.

Now, let’s introduce its general features at first. Besides that free trail package, the other three packages include unlimited webspace, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain names hosted, 1 to unlimited websites/IIS entry, unlimited FTP. Web-based control panel and log fie access are also included

Additionally, SamarterASP.NET email hosting comes with some highlights of Windows 2012 and 2008 hosting features. There are web deploy, remote delegation, full trust support, isolated application pool, URL rewrite module 2, multiple .NET versions, cron jobs, and etc. Customers can also get unlimited MS SQL databases, separate SQL servers, contained database authentication, remote connect, and more.

For email and mailing list features, SmarterASP.NET email hosting packages come with smartermail enterprise edition support excluding the free one. Unlimited email accounts, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP secured email accounts are all available. Customers can get webmail access and mailing list generated from form generator. Mailing list webservice API and template manager included can help customers to easily create and manage their mail list.

smarterasp features

Other more, SmarterASP.NET also include other easy-to-use features for customers to use its hosting solutions easier. All other smartermail features, a number of scripts, pre-installed useful features, and 1 click installers are all included.

SmarterASP.NET Email Hosting is Reliable and Secure

SmarterASP.NET always ensures that its web hosting solution services can make customers’ websites or other services online with a 99.9% uptime. The speed and reliability of the websites or service will be very excellent with the rock solid hardware and data centers’ support.

In terms of data centers, the company uses 3 data centers, and all are built with UPS systems, cooling system, redundant network, and security. Customers’ servers housed in the 3 SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant data centers are maintained at the best performance.

Besides, SmarterASP.NET email hosting servers also include SSD application server with cloud, SSD database server, and SSD file storage with cloud. Complete SSD and CloudFlare CDN solutions make SmarterASP.NET email hosting extremely fast and reliable.

The company also understands that the security is very important to email deliverability. It utilizes firewall, anti-spam protection and anti-virus protection for each server. Meanwhile, it also has automatic data backup service that can ensure the data security for data loss. Once customers’ server is hacked, their contact messages and contact list can also be recovered.

SmarterASP.NET Email Hosting is Supported Well

SmarterASP.NET email hosting has real personal support. The company employs those tech veterans, nerds, and geeks to be the support staffs that will be always standing by here waiting for customers’ questions and resolve issues effectively.

Customers can easily contact SmarterASP.NET email hosting technical support members. 24 hour helpdesk and round-the-clock live chat are included. However, if customers need more convenient way to communicate with SmarterASP.NET, they need to wait the improvement of SmarterASP.NET support service.

Additionally, customers can go to check out SmarterASP.NET informative knowledge base or search for the most frequently questions from FAQs. Customers can also learn from the regularly modified featured articles.

Do We Recommend SmarterASP.NET Email Hosting?

Referring this comprehensive review on SmarterASP.NET email hosting, we think it is a good solution that customers can have a try. SmarterASP.NET offers it with the superior ASP.NET hosting. It means it will come with the best ASP.NET version support. Besides, it also includes the redundant server resources and email features. Considering its reliability, security and standard support, we think customers can set back to use this email hosting solution.

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