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SmarterASP.NET Reseller Hosting Review

Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting wherein the account owner has the ability to use his or her allocated disk space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. It is a convenient starting point for people who are interested in web hosting service provision but lack the capital for the initial investment. Nowadays, most reputable hosting companies have reseller hosting service.

In below article, we will introduce SmarterASP.NET reseller hosting, reviewing it mainly from three aspects including price value, speed & reliability, as well as customer support. After reviewing, we hope to make clear why SmarterASP.NET can be awarded as one of the best Windows reseller hosting providers.

Who is SmarterASP.NET? logoSmarterASP.NET ( is one of the fastest growing web hosts in recent years. It is dedicated to offering the best cheap hosting for Windows-based customers. At time of writing, SmarterASP.NET has helped its customers build over 170,000 websites. What makes SmarterASP.NET so popular is the company manages to lower the hosting price while keeping high quality service.

SmarterASP.NET Reseller Hosting Price Value Review

SmarterASP.NET offers four plans for Windows-based resellers, varying from Reseller 100 to Reseller 400. All plans are running on Windows Server 2012/2008 R2 OS and coming with free setup service and considerable server resources allowing resellers to start online businesses.

According to different plan resellers go with, they will get 50GB to 180GB web space, 500GB to 1800GB bandwidth, plus unlimited FTP accounts and unlimited SMTP/POP3/IMAP email boxes. With these resources, resellers are able to build unlimited sites with unlimited domains for their clients. reseller hosting plans

Other more, every reseller is enabled to customize his or her control panel for the clients attached with unique a brand and logo, in which way clients will never have the chance to know that they’re leasing a hosting service from a reseller. With this control panel, resellers can also quickly manage all of their hosting accounts in an easy way, and all changes will be real-time enabling them to provide their clients with quicker service.

More than that, SmarterASP.NET integrates a 1-click installer with the control panel, thereby allowing resellers to install any popular applications as required. The web host even offers a set of API which can be used to add, delete or managed all hosting accounts.

In terms of other features, all resellers with SmarterASP.NET hosting plans can receive remote access to IIS8/IIS7, WebMatrix support, Web Deploy, isolated application pool, full trust and medium trust supported, URL Rewrite module 2 and more. They can benefit from many MSSQL and MySQL features like MSSQL 2014, MySQL5, SQL reporting service 2012, SQL management studio access allowed, contained database authentication and so on so forth.

Besides, SmarterASP.NET reseller hosting supports multiple scripts, including Classic ASP, ASP.NET 4.5.1 &4.5, ASP.NET 4.5 Websockets, MVC 5, WCF 4.0, PHP 5.5.X, Python 3.X, Zend Optimizer, MS Silverlight, and etc.

As to price, SmarterAPS.NET reseller hosting goes with flexible billing cycles as 3/6/12/24/36 months. According to its latest promotional policy, the longer term a reseller sign up with, the lower price he can get. For instance, if they purchase a Reseller 100 plan with 36 months billing term, they just need to pay $17/mo, after cutting 15% off 1-year price $20/mo.

SmarterASP.NET Reseller Hosting SmarterASP.NET Reseller Hosting
15% Off

The web host accepts various payment methods, such as PayPal and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, etc.). To remove financial risks for resellers, SmarterASP.NET guarantees to pay full money back within the first 60 days if they are not happy with its service.

SmarterASP.NET Reseller Hosting Speed and Reliability Review data centerAs a great measure of how good a web hosting provider is at keeping their systems up and running, uptime is always a key factor that resellers would be concerned about. SmarterASP.NET knows that clearly, thus it gives a commitment of 99.9% uptime.

Due to the reason that SmarterASP.NET owns a large equity stake in Alchemy Communications, all the three data centers that SmarterASP.NET is operating are SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type 2 audited from Alchemy Communications. These data centers are equipped with raised floor customized space, power and air conditioning, redundant power supply, and diesel backup generators. So SmarterASP.NET can ensure that all servers are running in a highly reliable environment.

To maximize the speed at the same time, SmarterASP.NET specifically utilizes network facilities from top providers as AT&T, Global Crossing, Level3 and UUNET. The network is built in CloudFlare CDN to make all sites 4X faster. The best part is, SmarterASP.NET manages to make sure that its bandwidth utilization will average 30% at all times, thus achieving 70% of headroom to continually maintain performance and quality of service.

Another factor that contributes to its fast speed is SmarterASP.NET makes use of the latest SSD technology added to its servers. In this way, resellers are able to deliver the fastest possible speed connection for their clients.

With advanced facilities and technologies, no wonder that SmarterASP.NET is confident to promise a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which also makes it stand out from competition.

SmarterASP.NET Reseller Hosting Customer Service

As a company dedicated in high quality Windows web hosting, SmarterASP.NET is equipped with an award-winning support backed by experienced and knowledgeable technical staffs. SmarterASP.NET support team can be separated into two levels: members belonging to 1st level are mostly graduated from famous colleges with a Networking or Computer Science degree; and the 2nd level staffs are network experts and veteran software developers with rich experience.

Resellers can always get responsive and prompt customer service through Helpdesk and live chat at any time. In addition to that, SmarterASP.NET also encourages its resellers to take advantage of the knowledgebase to solve some common issues, like how to enhance features and the way of setting up or managing websites for their clients.


For people who are looking for best Windows reseller hosting service with affordable price, SmarterASP.NET can be a good option for them. This company does not only give resellers the ability to creating unlimited number of hosting accounts, it also guarantees to maintain a quite fast speed and reliability. Besides, there is also no need to worry about its customer service. More importantly, all resellers going with SmarterASP.NET hosting can enjoy a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

More information about SmarterASP.NET and its products, you can read our review of SmarterASP.NET in this page, or just move to to find out.

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