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SmarterASP.NET Semi Dedicated Server Review

In this post, we will pay attention to SmarterASP.NET semi dedicated server hosting. SmarterASP.NET is a reputable Windows web hosting provider, and we are going to take it as our instance to show our readers, especially Windows fans know whether its semi dedicated server is reliable no not. This post mainly includes SmaterASP.NET dedicated server review on feature, price, performance and support.

About SmarterASP.NET

smarterasp logoSmarterASP.NET (www.smarterasp.net) was established in 1999, owned by ASP.NET hosting company. By far, it has been evolved in the industry for near 17 years. It is a fast growing because it only employs experienced staffs to offer best web hosting solution and service. It is also a debt-free hosting provider, so that customers can get affordable and even cheap web hosting at SmartASP.NET.

Currently, SmartASP.NET has developed four major web hosting products. There are ASP.NET shared hosting, semi dedicated ASP.NET server, virtual private server, and reseller hosting. Up till now, more than 170,000 websites are depending on SmarterASP.NET.

SmarterASP.NET Semi Dedicated Server Review on Features

SmarterASP.NET semi dedicated ASP.NET hosting is specifically designed for those extremely busy ASP.NET sites. Different from normal shared hosting, all semi dedicated server will not be sold to many customers who share the server resources on one single server. To ensure its customers enjoy the guaranteed resource to make their busy sites running smoothly, the company only deploys 5 to 10 customers on one single server. All semi dedicated server will come with the semi SQL server to satisfy the performance demands. Let’s check out the details.

SmarterASP.NET semi dedicated server, based on the Windows Server 2012 and Windows 2008 R2 operating systems, has 4 different levels of packages: SEMI BASIC, SEMI ADVANCE, SEMI PREMIUM, and SEMI ULTIMATE. Each semi dedicated server will be set up for free.

As professional Windows web hosting solution, SmarterASP.NET semi dedicated servers feature IIS7 and IIS8 manager remote access, remote delegation, web deploy, visual studio support, full and medium trust support, URL rewrite module 2, isolated application pool, cron jobs, and other more.

smarterasp features

About the general hosting features of the SEMI BASIC package, unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth are included. It also supports 3 websites, unlimited hosted domain names, static IP, unlimited FTP accounts, raw log file access, and web-based control panel.

It has powerful databases. At minimum, it includes 4 GB of MySQL and MSSQL database, separate servers for SQL data, full text search, SQL backup & restore, SQL reporting service 2012, contained database authentication, SQL C.E 4.0, remote access, MS access, and other tools.

For scripting features, it has classic ASP, ASP.NET 4.0/3.5/2, ASP.NET 4.x.x, virtual directory setup, custom error pages, MVC 5 and 4 to 1, ASP.NET 4.5 websockets, Node.js, Zend Optimizer, PHP 5.2.x – 7.x, and more.

When customers get its semi dedicated server hosting, they can get some pre-installed software, such as PHPMailer, JMail, CDO, FSO, ASPImage, and ASPUpload. Via i-click installer, customers also can install the popular software including Acquia Drupal, DasBlog, Joomla, WordPress, and many more.

As we all know, email has become the popular marketing tool for businesses. At SmarterASP.NET, customers can get rich email features. Unlimited email boxes, SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 support, webmail access, mailing list forum generator/ web service API/ template manager, and SmaterASP.NET enterprise email are all included.

SmarterASP.NET Semi Dedicated Server Review on Pricing

From feature review, we can find that SmarterASP.NET can provide customers with extremely rich features, and give all customers the dedicated server performance at a fraction of cost.

As for the shortest billing term of 3 months, SmarterASP.NET semi dedicated server starts at $31.5/mo. However, when customers choose longer billing terms, they can save a lot. For example, if customers buy it with yearly plan, it starts at $29.95/mo, after discounting around 5%. If customers buy it with 3-year plan, it only charges at $24.4575/mo, saving 19%.

SmarterASP.NET Special Deal SmarterASP.NET Special Deal
19% Off

According to its pricing, we find it is a little expensive, but considering its features, we think its pricing is still reasonable and affordable for businesses. To get more promotions, please lick SmarterASP.NET Coupon.

Besides, SmarterASP.NET is confident to provide 60 days of money back guarantee! If customers cancel the account within the first 60 days, they will get a full refund from SmarterASP.NET.

As for payments, customers can fulfill SmarterASP.NET semi dedicated servers billing via the current major credit cards and PayPal. As to credit cards, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover are all acceptable.

SmarterASP.NET Semi Dedicated Server Review on Performance

According to the latest records, SmarterASP.NET is very proud to provide customers with 99.9% uptime guarantee. When it fails, customers will receive a credit for one-month service. How does it keep the records?

SmarterASP.NET has operated 3 premium data centers to host customers’ servers. All data centers are equipped with redundant network of multiple fiber trunks to ensure that customers can get the highest level of reliability and performance. Besides, stable environment need stable power supplies and climate control. SmarterASP.NET makes it.

The company also delivers fast performance for customers, by using the advanced hardware. SSD application server cloud, SSD file storage cloud, and SSD database server are the guarantee of the speed. Moreover, SmarterASP.NET also provides CloudFlare CDN that can make customers’ site 4X faster!

Apart from that, the company has great security maintenance. First, each data center is maintained the round-the-clock systems management. Second, it uses firewall, automatic data backups, anti virus and spam, as well as SSAE 16 SOC 2 type 2 compliance to protect customers’ servers and websites.

SmarterASP.NET Semi Dedicated Server Review on Support Service

SmarterASP.NET has more than 16 years of Windows web hosting provisioning and support experience, so that it can make customers trust them. Its in-house support team will be available for all customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can contact it via live chat and helpdesk. Furthermore, customers can also go to SmarterASP.NET knowledge base to search for right answers.


According to the information in this review, we are confident to recommend SmarterASP.NET to small and medium sized business. This semi dedicated server is really built for those who are running busy websites. Rich features, fast performance, and good supper service make it reliable. Plus affordable pricing, we really think SmarterASP.NET semi dedicated server is a good alternative.

For more information, please visit www.smarterasp.net.


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