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SoftLayer Cloud Server Review

softlayer 1SoftLayer ( is a professional web hosting provider, who was established in 2005 and acquired by IBM Company in 2013. With over 10 years of development, SoftLayer has grown up to a large web host, offering bare metal servers, virtual servers, POWER8 SERVER, storage, networking, security software, and more. Based on these, its customers range from web startups to global enterprises.

In SoftLayer Cloud Server Review, we plan to analyze it based on the aspects of features, prices, performance, and support service. Via this review, we hope bring a clear understanding on SoftLayer cloud servers for our readers.

Features of SoftLayer Cloud Server

SoftLayer offers a wide range of powerful features in cloud server solutions, to meet multiple requirements of customers. Its cloud servers are bear metal and virtual servers. In below, we are going to take SoftLayer virtual servers as the example, and reveal the key features of this high-end cloud server.

SoftLayer virtual servers will provide customers with flexible scalability, speed of deployment, and pay-as-you-go billing. More than that, its virtual servers can deliver a higher degree of customization, predictability, automation, and transparency. SoftLayer virtual servers also integrate seamlessly with its bare metal servers. Therefore, customers can easily upgrade from virtual servers to bare metal servers.

By default, SoftLayer virtual servers start with 1 cores CPU, 1 GB RAM, 25 GB storage, and 250 GB of outbound pubic bandwidth for not additional cost in the order of virtual server monthly billing plan. Customers can build their virtual server as they need, by adding extra storage, choosing a preferable OS, adding control panels, monitoring, firewalls, and more.

softlayer features

Besides, at SoftLayer, its virtual servers are available on private or public nodes of SoftLayer public cloud. If customers choose a public node, their virtual server will be deployed in a multi-tenant environment; if customers choose the private node, their virtual server will be dedicated to them, giving them the ability to consume all of the node’s hardware resources.

SoftLayer also provides multiple storage plans to fit different needs. Customers virtual servers can be deployed with primary storage based on SAN or local disk and with portable storage volumes as secondary storage. Diverse storage plans can match all of customers’ applications. To deliver peak performance, the company also installs SSD drives in virtual server host nodes. Even better, SSD resources included in local disk storage do not charge additional fees.

What’s more, SoftLayer offers many developer tools and server management tools. SoftLayer API is the most comprehensive open API, which providing system-to-system access with over 3,000 documented methods across 180 discrete services. SoftLayer API also supports XML-RPC and SOAP interfaces, fully integrating with 3rd party and custom apps.

Message Queue provides customers with a higher level of scalability and automation. Digital transcoding is free for customers to use, fully automated and accessible via the customer portal. SendGrid provides customers with a highly scalable email relay solution, saving the time and cost for customers. SoftLayer development network provides customers with a place for developers to share tips and ideas.

What we talked before is just part of SoftLayer virtual server powerful features, so we have admitted that the company provides a feature-rich virtual server solution for customers.

Prices of SoftLayer Cloud Server

SoftLayer offers two kinds of billing, which are hourly and monthly billing. Based on different kinds of node, the pricing is different. If customers choose public node, SoftLayer virtual servers charge at $0.038/hr or $25/mo; if customers choose private node, it will charge at $0.224/hr or $149/mo. Each plan comes with diverse options related to OS, locations and more.

SoftLayer Cloud Server SoftLayer Cloud Server

Furthermore, free 5 TB of outbound public traffic also comes to customers for monthly billing term. VISA, American Expression, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal are all acceptable payments at SoftLayer.

SoftLayer does not provide any money back guarantee, but the company offers customers a free virtual server plan for 30 days. Plus short billing terms, SoftLayer is indeed trustable.

SoftLayer Cloud Server Review on Performance

SoftLayer makes good use of IBM Company to deliver the best website performance base on multiple data centers, which are well-equipped and around the world, making SoftLayer unbeatable and serve customers with highest quality services wherever they are.

Each data center is designed with standardized pod, which means each data center facility includes one or more pods. Best-in-class methodologies support up to 5,000 servers in every data center. The company also optimizes its key data center performance variables, like space, network, power, personnel, as well as internal infrastructure.

softlayer data center

As for redundant, best-in-class infrastructure, each SoftLayer data center contains multiple power feeds, dedicated generators, battery backup and fiber links. To ensure the highest level of performance, interoperability and reliability, SoftLayer will inspect and test power and cooling resources regularly.

SoftLayer designs the high performance rack architecture, which will provide ample power, high bandwidth, faster issue resolution, and simplified system development. To be specific, all rack have 20 Gbps of connectivity right to private network and 20 Gbps of connectivity right to public network.

High performance needs high security. SoftLayer hardens every location against physical intrusion; only certified staffs have thee server room access. More than that, all of controls are vetted by 3rd party auditors and every customer can get the detailed reports from SoftLayer for their security certifications. Customers can also use many smart server management tools to maintain their server safely.

Besides, 24 hour onsite security, proximity & biometric access control, digital security video surveillance as well as dedicated system administrators ensures the best security and reliability. So SoftLayer guarantees 100% uptime for each customer.

SoftLayer Cloud Server Review on Customer Support

All SoftLayer products and services include unlimited access to customer support without additional charge. The company offers diverse direct connection methods, including call, online chat, and ticket, which are always available. Additionally, to connect with SoftLayer, customers can use social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Apart from that, SoftLayer also creates online resources for customers to learn and solve issues. Integrated Knowledge base and SoftLayer library are both accessible for all customers. FAQs, featured articles and guidance are included in Knowledge base; white papers, webinars, solution briefs and more are included in its Library.

Do We Recommend SoftLayer Cloud Server?

Absolutely, we recommend SoftLayer cloud servers for all customers. SoftLayer with IBM Company has strong power to provide feature-rich and high performance cloud hosting. Its multiple cloud server designs allow customers to choose as they need. Furthermore, SoftLayer is smart to provide short billing terms to lower the costs and risks for customers. Excellent support is also the factor that we recommend it as a trustable cloud hosting provider.

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