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Some Cloud Tools To Help You Improve The Business

Description:  Cloud-based products usually propose noteworthy cost savings over outmoded software and can impressively help upsurge effectiveness. All that is required is an internet connection which can be accessed by your employees or team irrespective of the place where they are working from.


If a business is spread in different locations, offices or has employees working from home; cloud tools help in getting work done easily in a synchronised way thereby improving the business. Whether it is marketing or managing files, cloud tools will save your time and here is how cloud computing saves money and improves business.


From payroll solutions to accounting, here are a number of tools to help you simplify processes and boost effectiveness in key areas of your business.


Social networking in business has become a necessity these days. Targeted customers of a business firm could be spread over various social networking sites and they need to have accounts on the most popular ones. Having a number of accounts to manage could be difficult and Hootsuite happens to be a solution to manage all your social media accounts. With Hootsuite around you don’t have to worry about your security – all the profiles and logins are protected and the permission level can be managed by you. It also has a proper analytics which lets you review all your social media interactions in detail so you can change your plans according to the reports. Hostsuite is a perfect tool to manage and improve your business.


Gusto was earlier known as ZenPayroll. Gusto has been around since 2012 and has been known to be the best cloud tool that manages payroll. The salaries of the employees are calculated and transferred to bank accounts of the employees directly. Gusto manages health benefits, payroll and other employee benefits of the company. It also aids the company with electronic paperwork so they can comply with immigration, tax filing and labour laws. Gusto is an exceptional cloud tool and this is how cloud computing saves money, expands and develops your business.



This is one of the most important ways in how cloud computing saves money. Having your data safe is of the utmost importance. You would have to spend quite an amount to recover lost data. But Crashplan is one of those cloud tools which never delete the data which is uploaded in their servers despite you deleted the data from your machine. Online back up and cloud storage is simple which can be done by anyone. Crashplan can be operated on different types of operating systems including Solaris and Linux.


Where there is business there are phone calls. RingCentral is a cloud communications tool which can be set up in no time, manageable with ease, has a variety of functionalities and is trustworthy. There are some exclusive programs which they offer and one of them is Glip. Glip is a solution to the miscommunication which mostly has through disseminated discussions and emails. With Glip you are connected with your team across locations giving you the possibility of better collaboration so you can work faster in an effective way thereby improving your business. RingCentral bridges your tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphones and keeps your entire team connected. There are no hardware’s required for this tool that will take up your building premises and this cloud tool offers some exciting plans to their clients.



Another way in how cloud computing saves money and develops your business is through Xero. Have your financial reports always up to date and ready on time with Xero. Accurate financial reports show how a business has performed for which you need to have a proper tool that will assist your business with your accounting.  Xero helps in creating professional recurring invoices and also gives the user an update when they are accessed. You don’t have to depend on your desktop or laptop to see your reports, the company provided you with an app which lets you use Xero through a tablet, android phones and iPad. Besides it also looks after the inventory and tracks the purchases and sales invoices, pays bills, manages personal expenses and much more.


Selling your products couldn’t be simpler than doing it through Shopify. From managing your products inventory to adding a new sales channel and from tracking growth and sales trend to selling products in a single click – Shopify has a range of functions which handles payments, shipping, secure check out and even marketing. Shopify is also a way how cloud computing saves money and helps your business to grow.

Optimizely X


A/B testing or split testing or bucket testing is what Optimizely X is all about. Comparison lets you know which is better and this helps you understand where you have space to improve. You will know how to retain your customers if you have this cloud tool to your aid. You can experiment a customer’s experience on any form of device, channel or application with Optimizely X. You will now be able to keep up with the changing taste of your customers and know what to provide them with exactly.


Zoho is an all in one cloud tool which takes care of your daily activities. It has an automated human resource process which can be managed through the apps. Zoho also takes care of the accounts of your firm –invoicing, inventory, accounting books, expenses and subscriptions. There is an assortment of apps which will help your marketing and sales team to close their business deals in lesser time. You also get the email collaborator which will have your entire team connected through email, chat, etc. With a cloud tool such as Zoho management of your business is on your finger-tips.


Not to forget for those who are travelling frequently and are always on the run, the tools well most of them, have apps which are accessible in smaller devices. Monitoring and managing work is simple now with these tools around and this is how cloud computing saves money and helps your business flourish.

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