Some Surprising Things That Are Common In The Top Ranked Sites On Google

Google’s search engine is the constantly developing process that requires every website owner to keep a keen eye on it otherwise, it will hurt them with bad ranking and eventually, it will be turned into a death sentence. So, keeping your eye on the ever changing search industry is highly needed in order to be alive.

With all these, while some of the bloggers are trying too hard to take their page to the top ranking, you must have noticed that some top ranked sites on Google have some things in common which make them to take the lead position in search engine. Those are discussed here in detail so that the websites that are struggling to get good rank in SEO can follow the best practices.

Link and Backlink

This is one of the most common things which is been noticed in the top ranked website. Links and backlinks act as a game changer when it comes to SEO ranking. Links can be both external and internal and both of them have their own importance. While the external links help in introducing you to the people who are well aware of the Google Analytics the internal links makes the content even more popular across the whole website.

When it comes to back linking, most of the top ranked site on Google must have a link posted of their site on a high ranking site. So, in other words, all the top ranked sites are quite good in using link strategies and ensure that they are using the quality back links and cross links which are definitely considered as a great factor by Google for SEO ranking.

Social media actually matters

Another most common thing noticed in the top ranked site is the uses of their social platform. Yes, the importance of social media can no way be overlooked as it is related to our daily life strongly these days. Things like Facebook likes, shares, comments, Pinterest’s pin, Twitter’s tweet all these things are taken into consideration by Google. The social media campaign can generate more and more traffic if taken good care. Also, backlinks and social media campaign are co-related, as a back link in the social platform by some of the loyal customers can drive even more visitors to your site.

But one thing to remember here while you have account in every platform, Google offer more attention to Google+ as the site ranking factor, so it is advised to create an account first in Google + to get good ranking in the search engine.

Good quality content

Quality content is another important factor that is offered great importance by Google. So, this is the third and most common thing noticed in the top ranked website. It is for sure that all the websites that are ranked higher in search engine keep pushing good quality content continuously while the content contains high quality images and videos as well. But those images and videos are to be optimized as well so that they do not hamper the page loading speed. The quality of the content is decided by the quality and number of backlinks, cross-links etc. So, just well-written story is not enough rather in order to be quality content in the eyes of Google, it should have all these above mentioned stuff such as links, images, videos etc.

Page loading speed

One most important factor without which Google cannot think of when it comes to the page ranking in search engine is the page loading speed. Yes, it plays a great role in the website ranking. In case a page takes more than 2-5 seconds to load, visitors will immediately leave the page and will look for other option. They are not ready to wait even for 5 seconds and it affects the page ranking factor to a great extent. And all the high ranked websites in search engine have excellent page loading speed for sure which attracts more and more traffic easily.


Creativity is another thing that impacts the ranking in search engine. People always love to go for something unique, so if you can generate a campaign that combines uniqueness and creativity altogether, it is bound to attract more number of visitors in less time while also the ranking gets a boost in the search engine. So, all those top ranked website on Google search are normally having a responsive and creative web design which makes them to get the higher position in SERPS. Some stuff on which these top ranked websites normally emphasizes is easy navigation, good quality content, user-friendly web design etc. So, if you are looking for the secrets to rank your website in the top position, this is one of the criteria to be maintained of course.

Big brands

With all these, it is very common that all the top ranked websites are of the big brand. It is a true fact that the big brand are not actually required to work that hard as they are known by all and people prefer to click on their website easily without looking for any other option. After all, a mesmerizing and memorable campaign by big brand can’t be avoided by people at all and their words of mouth make the site even more popular to attract more visitors which is why they get a better rank than other similar websites.

So, these are the most common things normally seen in the top ranked website on Google search. However many of us might have an idea that the keywords are also one of the key factors that is maintained by the top ranked website greatly. But it is to mention that keywords are not offered that much importance actually and it is not mandatory to mention keywords in the domain name for good ranking rather just ensure it is present in the title and website URL and that’s enough.

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