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Some Tips To Optimize Your Web Pages

Website Optimization is really important these days and it is much more important to know about it thoroughly before doing it to get the desired result.  Go through the article to know some tips about website optimization.

Some Tips To Optimize Your Web Pages12-1

If you are on an online platform, own a blog or have your own website, one concern you must be having is to continuously find website optimization tips. Website optimization is an important aspect when it comes to making your website popular and preferred by readers online. The website is not having as much of exposure as you are needed to have a remarkable effect if your website is not optimized well. It helps in continuous development of the website and also maintaining it with the test of time as it brings the much needed traffic to your website.

Without much-ado let’s just go ahead and share some website optimization tips

Make sensible URLs

When writing posts and posting them on the website, the posts have a unique URL which sometimes go without notice! There is no sense in posting content without making personalized URLs for each post. URLs that are linked to your website and relate to the post must be made of some keywords from the posts which are most likely to reflect the post’s ideas, are keywords which a general person would type for searching the kind of content you have in your post and should make sense to people.


All that you post on your website must be consisting of various categories and fields. It is helpful to sort your content into categories and pages to make the content appear cleaner to the readers and Google is able to track down the relevant contents more easily. Categorizing helps the readers being aware of where to go for reading more such relevant articles.

Page titles

Page title is the most important aspect when it comes to optimizing the site and making it appropriate for the SEO of Google. Google has a word limit in displaying the page title, so when you choose one you should make sure of the following:

  • The page title is short
  • It is meaningful
  • Contains the keywords
  • Look good if you find one through search

High Quality Content

There is no running from the fact that if you are running a website it all comes to finding and writing good and catchy content. This is not just about using the right and fancy keywords, it has a lot to do with keeping the content informative, catchy for the audience and not boring for the article to be left midway. The content has to be high quality and should be able to earn shares, likes and comments.

Keywords in the contents12-3

Keywords are the words which are the highly appropriated factors which Google takes into consideration when filtering the content for display. Using the right words which go with the types of search done amongst the people, surely earns views to the content. Google maps the keywords entered by the searchers to the content that is available on the net and when the mapping matches to any extent with your content, your article is selected for the list. Again, there are two types of keywords, the primary and the secondary. The primary keywords are the ones which define the content and the secondary are the ones which offer a deeper glimpse of the content. Both work together to help you optimize your website.

Length of the posts

It is very important to understand the length of the posts required to gather more and more viewers for the website. Ideally the length of a post shall be a minimum of 500 words to make it informative and content enough. People do go for more lengthy content for their posts as they have to be more informative on the subject but to keep the viewers engaged to these lengthy posts one needs to have very high quality and catchy writing.

Images for SEO

Images also have an important role in optimizing your website content. Often times we miss out on looking for the details in the images and just upload it without captions or renaming them. Interesting fact is that the image file’s name also plays an important role in listing for the Google. Make sure you rename the image on your laptop, go to the description box and put up some keywords that are there in the write-up and also fill up the caption on the posts when you are about to upload the posts, as they are more likely to get tracked then.

Making changes into the old posts

If you have been thinking that the website optimization tips had been neglected by you in the past and are considering taking out time to reframe your old articles and posts then don’t go for it! The posted articles are huge in number and may take a lot of time to make the changes with the little effect that it would cause in the performance after making the change. Make use of the optimization tips in your newer posts to bring better traffic and views.


Often in our posts we bring links to different websites and also provide links to others. The links that you use to describe your content and show examples or direct your user to the links should be authentic, original and trusted. When links are provided by trusted sites or to trusted sites, it automatically works in connecting your site with these sites and makes it more authentic and relevant for the user clicks and searches.

Page Load Speed12-4

Last but not the least is the page loading speed. Make sure you run a check on the time and seconds it takes for your website to load on a laptop or mobile device as the user traffic depends a lot on the same. People are more likely to visit a website that loads faster and easily. If your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load, you are losing out on almost 40-60% of the traffic that should have been migrating to your site.

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