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Squarespace Review

The below Squarespace Review is based on pricing, features, templates, reliability, and customer support, from which people will know why Squarespace provides the best website builder throughout the world.

squarespace 220Launched in 2004, Squarespace ( is an easy to use website building platform with millions of websites. No matter what websites people are going to create, a simple page, a blog, a commerce site to sell products, etc. Squarespace will fully satisfy them at reasonable costs.

Squarespace Pricing Review

Squarespace makes it simple for people to start. It has designed 5 plans for different customer groups. Since features included in plans are different, prices also vary, but Squarespace charges reasonably. What’s more, Squarespace provides each new customer with a free trail for 14 days.

Currently, the company offers monthly and yearly billing agreements while people going with yearly billing agreements will receive a discount. For price details, please check below:

  • Landing page plan – $5/mo for annually payment agreements, $7/mo billed monthly
  • Personal website plan -$8/mo billed yearly, $12 month to month
  • Business website plan – $15 billed yearly, $26 month to month
  • Basic commerce plan – $26/mo billed yearly, $30 month to month
  • Advanced commerce plan – $70/mo billed annually, $80 month to month
Squarespace Exclusive Deal Squarespace Exclusive Deal
40% Off

Besides, Squarespace supports its customers to switch plans easily at anytime they require. Customers will receive a pro-rated refund or charge up to costs of their new plans. Even better, customers could cancel Squarespace services anytime as well right from their site managers.

Squarespace Feature Review

Squarespace offers 5 plans in all and each one comes with rich features and a series of tools to make building website easy.

For example, all plans support customers to create unlimited website pages except the Landing page plan with single page and the Personal plan with 20 pages. Moreover, every customer will use storage and bandwidth without limitation. For customers paying annually, they will receive one free domain for the first year too.

More than that, all websites based on Squarespace platform is friendly to all devices, including desktop and mobile. The sites are friendly to search engines as well due to clean HTML-markup, robots.txt, automatic tagging, clean URLs, automatic Google Sitemaps, and so on. Squarespace also supports its customers to track visits, search keywords, traffic sources, site search queries, etc. According to these data, customers can analyze behaviors of visitors, come up with better SEO projects, and then further popularize their websites.

Squarespace offers a wide range of ecommerce features as well, especially included in its commerce plans. Basic and Advanced commerce plans support businesses to sell unlimited products without transaction fees. Businesses are able to track activities like orders, successful and failed payments, refund, units sold, etc. which is beneficial to adjusting their selling plans.

As to tools, the first one is drag and drop website builder, via which someone even without any knowledge of code could easily start web presence. Pick up a template, organize content by dragging and dropping and then publish your site.

This is not all. Squarespace has many other tools to make website building easy and fun. One of them is Style Editor, via which people will control fonts, colors and feel of their sites and create personalized sites. Another tool is image loader, which will automatically choose the most suitable image size to different devices and screens. Additionally, Squarespace supports full-screen editing, automatic text wrapping, automatic image scaling, video blocks, audio blocks, social blocks, etc.

Squarespace Template Review

Squarespace templates cover almost all website building purposes, such as purposes for blogging, commerce, galleries, calendars, just pages, etc. Furthermore, each template is friendly to both desktop and mobile devices. So, your website will look great on whichever devices.

squarespace templates

Squarespace designers have employed techniques like HTML, Javascript and CSS to craft templates. And each template has customizable content areas for customers so that they could design the areas with text, video, audio, etc. Via Squarespace built-in custom CSS editor, people can even easily add custom CSS on any template design to make their website look better. Squarespace also supports multiple templates working on a single website.

Squarespace Reliability and Speed Review

This company offers website site building services including free web hosting. It utilizes top-level cloud hosting platform to ensure reliable and fast performance.

What’s more, Squarespace takes advantage of advanced techniques to speed up websites. For example, all images hosted on Squarespace platform go with CDN services, so that no matter where your visitors are from, they will load your pages fast. Beyond that, since in general, image loading costs much time, Squarespace designs loading process with images loading firstly when people open a page.

Squarespace Customer Support Review

Engaged in the industry for over 10 years, Squarespace deeply knows the main customer group using its services. They do not have much web knowledge but are eager to create personal blogs, online shops, CV pages, etc. They will encounter many problems.

To help them, Squarespace built an informative help center and updates it frequently. Inside the center, people could find out solutions to problems, no matter what are complex issues or just start-up problems. The help resources are present with articles and videos. The latter is especially much helpful for newbies.

Even though Squarespace has rich supporting resources, it also offers human support, since there are individual cases. In detail, email support is available to its customers day and night. It also has live chat support from 3am to 8pm EST on weekdays. Customers can visit Squarespace community to find out solutions or just post their own problems as well.

Squarespace is the Best Website Building Platform

With a variety of features and tools, Squarespace supports people to create powerful websites from single page to multiple pages. Since the wonderful features, sites will be friendly to search engines and any device. This company also ensures the maximum reliability and speed along with award-winning customer support. It charges reasonably too with a free trial for new customers. Therefore, we strongly recommend people to build websites on Squarespace, the best website building platform.

For more information and take Squarespace 14-day free trial, please visit

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