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SSD Cloud Hosting Review

sdd storageSolid-State Drives are much excellent than other hard drives. It uses flash memory instead of volatile memory, enhancing the security of data; without moving parts, the Solid-State Drive can work 20 times faster than traditional hard drives.

It is that fast speed, enhanced security and reliability, as well as high stability attract more and more people requiring it within their hosting packages. In the following post, after reviewing hundreds of cloud hosts, we are glad to recommend 3 best SSD cloud hosting providers for customers, which are Linode, LiquidWeb and Lunarpages. We are going to show their details one by one, giving customers a better understanding about them.

Best SSD Cloud Hosting — Linode

Linode ( is a professional SSD Linux cloud hosting provider. With over 13 years of development, Linode has been very good at offering optimal SSD cloud hosting, serving more than 400,000 customers around the world.

Linode cloud hosting is equipped with industry-leading Solid-State Drives for customers’ files, operating systems, and database. 100% SSD hard drive can provide customers with optimal performance. Linode cloud hosting also includes 40 Gbit network and Intel E5 CPU which is the fastest processor in the cloud field. 8 premium data centers with IPv6 support located in 3 continents offer customers redundant options of server location.

linode cloud hosting

Besides, Linode SSD cloud hosting is very simple and easy to control. The company provides Linode Manager, an integrated tool, assisting customers managing their website and account effortlessly. Linode API is a feature of Linode Manager, also helping customers manage server in another way. Lish access allows customers to access to their hosting console, even if the networking is disabled. CLI and backups service are available for customers as well.

Each cloud hosting at Linode can be quickly deployed in seconds and supports up to 8 distributions. By using Linode StackScripts, customers can customize their distribution templates in a flexible way.

As for additional features, Linode SSD cloud hosting contains two-factor authentication, which increases the security of Linode Manager account. Rescue mode can recover data from critical errors. To oversee domains, customers can use its full-featured DNS manager. Linode SSD cloud hosting is cloning, which means customers can clone disk image or even the entire configuration to another Linode.

Linode SSD cloud hosting has 9 packages. Due to Linode special hourly billing, lowest one starts at $0.15 per hour, along with 2 TB transfer, 24 GB storage, 1 cores CPU, 1 GB memory and 24 hour expert support. There is a monthly cap of $10.

Linode SSD Cloud Hosting Linode SSD Cloud Hosting

Linode SSD cloud hosting contains rich features making it simple and easy to use. 8 data centers, SSD technology, and premium security features enhance its performance. Considering its low prices, we recommend Linode at the best cheap web hosting provider for SSD cloud hosting.

By clicking Linode, customers can learn more about Linode SSD cloud hsoting.

Feature-Rich SSD Cloud Hosting — LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb ( is a senior web hosting provider, having the ability to offer almost all kinds of web hosting, such as shared hosting, standard VPS and dedicated hosting, as well as Storm VPS and dedicated servers.

LiquidWeb SSD cloud hosting is namely Storm servers with SSD technology based on both Linux and Windows platforms. Let’s take its Linux Storm SSD VPS as the example to show customers its features. LiquidWeb SSD Storm VPS has total 5 types of Strom SSD server, including 50 GB SSD disk space to 600 GB SSD space at most. More than that, LiquidWeb offers RAID disk protection for SSD drives, ensuring high quality performance.

liquidweb ssd cloud hosting

Apart from that, LiquidWeb Storm SSD VPS also comes with 5 TB free outgoing data transfer and unlimited incoming transfer, easy-to-use API access, powerful Storm firewall. If customer need fully managed service, they can deploy their distribution with cPanel control panel. Then, they can get full support for cPanel control panel, OS updates, security updates, Softaculous and more.

100% power and network uptime are guaranteed for LiquidWeb Storm SSD VPS and dedicated server customers. It is not only because 4 first-class data centers and redundant power supply, but also because its high quality Tier-1 bandwidth and excellent maintenance by its well-trained system administrators.

What’s more, LiquidWeb has the most famous and reliable customer support team, Heroic Support team. It will maintain customers’ servers and support them 24/7/365 by ticket, phone call, live chat or email.

LiquidWeb Storm SSD VPS now contains a big discount. Only if customers buy it through our exclusive promo link, they will receive a $40 off from the original rate. Normally, Linux Storm SSD VPS is from $50 per month. After discounting $40, it will start at $10. LiquidWeb also offers daily billing, which can cut the costs for customers.

LiquidWeb Storm SSD VPS LiquidWeb Storm SSD VPS
$40 Off

For more information about LiquidWeb Storm SSD VPS, please visit LiquidWeb.

Premium SSD Cloud Hosting — Lunarpages

Established in 1998, Lunarpages ( is a reputable IT solution provider and global web host. Up to now, the company can offer a wide range of hosting products including shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting.

Lunarpages launches two kinds of cloud hosting, scalable cloud hosting and private cloud hosting. No matter which one customers choose, their cloud servers are powered by SSD hard drives. As for the volume of SSD storage, private cloud hosting is built on the basis of customers’ real needs and requirements; scalable cloud hosting includes 50 GB SSD enhanced storage in the starting plan.

lunarages ssd cloud hosting

More than that, Lunarpages SSD cloud hosting includes some unlimited features. It comes with unlimited parked domains & sub-domains and unlimited email accounts. It also supports unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited FTP accounts. If customers want a free domain at Lunarpages, they can purchase 6-month or even longer terms of Lunarpages SSD cloud hosting.

Besides, customers can get one IP address and deploy their site on multiple servers which are for sudden cases. Once a server is down, customers’ site will automatically move to another for failover.

Lunarpages scalable SSD cloud hosting is indeed scalable. At customers’ account page, customers can view the usage of each resource. When their site grows, they can scale up at this page. For example, 6 core CPU will cost $1.16/day; 18 GB RAM is $10.42/day. Note scalable storage is not SSD but HDD, including the options of 50 GB to 100 GB.

If customers buy its starting plan, they need pay $44.95/mo, along with 2 GB RAM, 1,000 GB bandwidth, 50 GB SSD enhanced storage, as well as root and admin access.

Lunarpages SSD Cloud Hosting Lunarpages SSD Cloud Hosting

For more information about Lunarpages, please check out

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