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Along with the booming of economy and rapid progress of e-commerce, web hosting enjoys huge ssd-hostingsupport by the public over the past decades. It is true that all webmasters intend to run a website that features high speed with low cost, so SSD web hosting comes to them.

The reason why SSD web hosting is so popular is that it can not only gives customers almost everything they need to build a successful website, but offers an affordable price to webmasters.

However, it is not easy for webmasters to choose the most suitable SSD web hosting provider to manage their websites. Today, we pick up top three SSD web hosting providers in the industry, which are InmotionHosting, A2Hosting and Arvixe. And webmasters can know the background of the three companies in the following.


Being one of the Best PHP Hosting providers, InmotionHosting ( is inmotionhostingwidely acknowledged as a budget web hosting provider that fully focuses on the requirements of its customers. InmotionHosting offers three SSD hosting solutions for customers to choose, namely Launch, Power and Pro. Each of the hosting packages contains a lot of essential features to help customers backup their websites easily and smoothly.

Moreover, InmotionHosting also has an unbeatable advantage when it comes to the policy of money back guarantee. At this company, customers can get their money back within 90 days if they cancel their accounts.

For more information about InmotionHosting, customers can visit or check InmotionHosting Review.


Having been in existence over 10 years, A2Hosting ( has grown into one a2hostingof the most reputable company, committing to offering top of the line hosting service to individuals, small business and enterprise-class business. A2Hosting is also a web host that pays high attention to environmental protection, so it utilizes green data centers and servers to reduce the footprint of carbon.

By utilizing the SSD, Arvixe claims that its customers can get 300% faster loading page than its competitors. Moreover, its SSDs are hosted on its exclusive SwiftServer platform to speed up the customers’ websittes to the largest.

For more information about A2Hosting, customers can visit or check A2hosting Review.


Arvixe ( is a renowned web hosting company that can offer both Linux and arvixe1Windows hosting to customers. Like the two web hosts we mentioned above, Arvixe can also provide its customers with free SSD, helping them get access to high performance online environment.

There are two SSD hosting solutions available at Arvixe for customers to choose and customers can operate their websites smoothly no matter what kind of plan they select. By the way, customers can also purchase some useful tools at a cheap price at Arvixe, such as dedicated IP address ($2/mo), shared servlet/ tomcat/ JSP ($5/mo), private servlet/ tomcat/ JSP ($10/mo), and SSL certificates ($25/yr).

By reading the introduction of the three companies, we believe that webmasters may have a clear picture of them. In order to help customers knows these companies exactly and correctly, we will review them from some other aspects, including speed & uptime, feature and price.

Speed and Uptime

In terms of seed and uptime, there is no doubt that all of these companies have the strength to reliability3guarantee industry-leading fast speed and at least 99.9% uptime.

InmotionHosting takes advantage of two data center located in west and east coast. Moreover, the company promises that it only purchases top of the line Dell servers to offer the best possible environment for customers to host their websites.

A2Hosting operates several 100% green data centers located in multiple places, which are supplied with natural cooling technology to minimize the carbon footprint. In addition, the company hires a team of supporting staffs who work day and night to maintain customers’ websites running at its peak.

As for Arvixe, the company places its SAS 70 type II certified data centers in Chicago and Dallas that are equipped with redundant power generators, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and more to help customers experience a reliable, secure and stale environment.


Generally speaking, the three web hosts can offer ample features to customers. However, there are some subtle differences, and customers can check in the following table.

Features InmotionHosting Launch A2Hosting Pro Arvixe Personal
Free SSD yes yes yes
Data Transfer  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
Websites  2  Unlimited  6
Free Domain Name yes no yes
SSH Access yes yes
Control Panel  cPanel  cPanel  cPanel
Website Builder yes cPanel yes
Disk Space  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
SwiftServer no no yes
MySQL Databases  2  Unlimited  Unlimited
PostgregSQL  2  Unlimited  Unlimited
Parked Domains  6  Unlimited no
Subdomains  25 Unlimited  Unlimited
Shared SSL Certificate no yes yes
Adwords  $275  $25  $175

SSD Web Hosting Price

In the respect of SSD web hosting price, we can tell customers that they can get an affordable price at these web hosting companies.  To know more details of the price, the below table comes to customers.

Price InmotionHosting Launch A2Hosting Arvixe Personal
Regular Price  $3.49/mo   $7.46/mo   $4/mo
Discounted  50% 17% no
Coupon Link Activation Link Activation  clue30
Final Price  $3.49/mo  $3.92  $2.8/mo
Money Back Guarantee  90 day  30 day  60 day
Click to Claim Click to Claim Click to Claim


In conclusion, we can easily draw the conclusion that InmotionHosting, A2Hositng and Arvixe all can offer best value SSD web hosting solutions to their customers. Besides the aspects we presented above, these companies also pays high attention to customer service. All of them promise that they can offer top of the line technical support as long as customers encounter problems.

In the end, we are safe to say that no matter what company they choose among the three companies to host their websites, they can get they need to achieve online success.

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