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Step By Step Guide To Make A WordPress Website

Are you looking to promote your business? What can be better than a web address to your website? Think of creating a new website for your business and give your audience a new destination.

To create a website can be terrifying for those who are not developers and are not tech savvy. But don’t you worry, here’s our WordPress tutorial for developers and of course for the non-tech savvy too.

You don’t have to worry at all, we’re here to guide you. As building a website is an essential part of promoting one’s business, we have decided to make a WordPress tutorial for developers. Making a website through WordPress is too easy that anyone can create a website of their own and you don’t need to spend dollars for it. No coding is required, so just follow these steps and create a website that best suits your taste and your business.

Here is the index from beginning to end of all the steps we’ll lead you through in this guide.

  • Find and register a free domain name
  • Choose the best web hosting
  • Procedure to install WordPress
  • Install a template for your website’s design
  • Create pages in WordPress
  • Customize extensions and add-ons
  • Learn about WordPress
  • Unlock more features

Necessities to build a website

You’ll be required of the following three things in order to make your WordPress site.

  • A domain name – this is the address of your website such as yahoo.com
  • WordPress hosting – this is where your website files are stored.
  • 45 minutes of your complete attention.

WordPress website Pricing

The pricing for WordPress website depends on what kind of website are you trying to build. A normal business website can cost you around $100 per annum and you can go as high as $30,000 per annum.

We suggest everyone to start with a small and generalized website and then you can add more features later on as per your business requirement. While going through this way you can save quite a good amount of money and can minimize your potential losses.

Why WordPress?

There are numbers of website builders available on the web, but we recommend you to use WordPress as it is a self-hosted platform. It is the most famous and preferred website platform in the world as it is free and provides thousands of design options and extensions for your website. It is designed in such a manner that it supports almost every third-party tool.

Step by step Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of making a website on WordPress. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to create a very professional looking website.

Step 1. Setup

WordPress is a free platform for anyone to download its software and use to build any kind of website without any restrictions. People are often confused if WordPress is free then why they need to pay money. WordPress is a platform which is free where you can also get free templates but in order to own a domain name and hosting, you need to pay money.

Next, you’ll need a website hosting. For all the websites on the internet to work needs hosting. This will be considered your website’s new home on the web.

To buy a domain name, it generally costs $14.99/year and for hosting, its prices start from $7.99/month. Bluehost is one of the largest hosting companies in the world, which is an official WordPress endorsed hosting partner.

Now let’s move ahead and buy a domain name and hosting for your website.

Go to the website of Bluehost in a new browser and click on ‘Get Started Now’ button.

Then choose a pricing plan for your website according to your requirements. Select and choose the plan that you like and move to next step and select a new available domain name there.

Try to make a unique and business related domain name, which is easy to spell and remember. After selecting the domain name, click NEXT.

Now you’ll be asked to enter your personal details such as name, address, email, etc.

On this screen, you can also purchase some extra things. Also, you can add them later on.

After clicking on Next, you will get to add your payment information in order to finish your purchase. After purchasing, you will get a confirmation email along with the login details of your web hosting control panel, where you manage everything. Also, you can install WordPress from here.

Step 2. Install WordPress

The next step of wordpress tutorial for developers is to go to the website section in Control Panel of your web hosting and then click on the WordPress icon.

You will now get Quick Install screen for WordPress, click on the ‘Get Started’ button to continue.

In the next step, choose your domain from the dropdown field and then click Next.

Now type in your website name, username, and password for your business website. You don’t have to worry, it can be easily changed later on.

Check all the checkboxes present on the screen and then click on the ‘Install’ to continue with the installation process.

Go through the website templates when the installation process is going on.

You will get a message once the installation process is over.

Now you will be redirected to WordPress login URL and password.

Good work! You have just successfully created your first WordPress website.

You can now login to your WordPress site using the admin username and password.

Step 3. Select Your Theme

Next, in wordpress tutorial for developers is the visual introduction.  So choose it wisely and install the one that you like and suits your business. You can go to add theme and switch to new theme from the admin dashboard. Navigate to Appearance > Themes page, then select and click next.

Customize your theme after installing it according to your preferences.

Step 4. Add Content to Your Site

WordPress has two types of default content sections: posts and pages. You can change everything according to your likings and can customize the number of pages and its sequences. Go to add new page to create a new page.

Firstly create a Home page and add its content in the text editor. You can also embed links, images, videos, audio, etc. You can publish your content and make your website live after adding desirable content to your page. Repeat this process by adding more pages for different pages of your website.

Now that you have successfully published your website, you can easily customize and put presentable things and plugins on your website to make it look attractive.

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