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StreamSend Review

In StreamSend Review, we are going to introduce an email marketing company, StreamSend, and make an in-depth comment on it, from contact management, email creation and sending, as well as email tracking and reporting, plus pricing and customer support.

streamsend logo 1.1StreamSend ( is part of EZ Publishing, a web hosting company established in 1998. Currently, StreamSend email marketing has been developed into a flagship product of EZ Publishing, offering easy-to-use, affordable and reliable email marketing solutions.

Due to EZ Publishing infrastructure, StreamSend becomes one of the few email marketing companies who can assign dedicated IP addresses to customers as a feature of standard offerings.

StreamSend Comes with 30 Days of Free Trial

Like AWeber and GetResponse, StreamSend provides a free plan for 30 days among its email marketing standard plans. Within the 30 days, customers can try out StreamSend email marketing features and send up to 2,000 marketing emails.

StreamSend Email Marketing StreamSend Email Marketing
30 Days Free

Even though customers do not know much more about StreamSend email marketing, they can catch this opportunity to touch its real face.

StreamSend Review on Contact Management

Contacts should be the first thing to consider when customers start email marketing, because contacts have a direct impact on rolling out email campaigns. StreamSend custom landing pages and signup forms allows customers to set up easily, launch and manage multiple lead capture forms.

StreamSend comprehensive planning system generates updated subscriber list which is automatically imported from signup forms and social posts. Due to the segregation between dormant email IDs and active email IDs, customers are also allowed to import email IDs from diverse sources, including PDFs and excel sheets.

However, the list generated in this way is different, which need to be further filtered according to parameters, like age, interests, and demography. StreamSend also provides advanced filter options. Customers’ contact base will be automatically updated when their subscribers update their contact information.

What’s more, by using StreamSend advanced segmentation options, customers can create new list from unique clickers and openers. As a result, they can retarget their most engaged subscribers.

StreamSend Review on Email Creation & Sending

At StreamSend, email creation and sending are smart and simple. Let’s check its email creation features first. StreamSend offers drag-and-drop functionality to customize messages fitting their brand. Hundreds of professional designed templates are standby and optimized to render beautifully across all screen from desktop to mobile devices.

In addition, customers can create their own image library, so that they can easily update StreamSend professional designed, mobile optimized email and social templates via the click of a button. StreamSend also offers dedicated template library which allows customers to update images, cut and paste formatted text, and add video, survey and RSS into their emails.

StreamSend offers many advanced features to make email sending smart and easy. Customers can streamline their marketing with StreamSend smart message delivery options. They can automate their email campaigns with advanced segmentation and triggered emails; via StreamSend shareboards, customers can convert social posts into emails.

besides, dynamic content, Auto-responders, retargeting and geo-targeting are all marketing automation features, making email campaigns and relevant messages sending timely. With RSS-driven e-Newsletter automation, customized e-Newsletters can automatically go out on a pre-schedule with fresh content every time.

What’s more, StreamSend deliverability team can help customers when they suspect their emails are not delivered into their clients’ inbox.

StreamSend Review on Email Tracking & Reporting

StreamSend integrates with Google Analytics, which is an advanced tracking and reporting tools, providing real-time, visible results. In addition to that, StreamSend designs an easy-to-use dashboard, which can help customers track their email campaigns, video campaigns, and social media campaigns.

StreamSend email marketing campaigns include an email analytical tracking which allows customers to identify the marketplace segment, area of interest of customers’ clients, and more.

StreamSend also has email analyzer. Via it, customers can view screenshots of how their email will display in 30 email clients, preview them and test them through 9 spam filter, ensuring their emails can be delivered successfully.

Other Highlights at StreamSend

Apart from what we have introduced, StreamSend also includes many other brilliant features to assist customers get the success online.

StreamSend has great deliverability, which is up to 98.69%. It owes not only StreamSend smart email marketing tools but also powerful API. Unlike many other ESP, StreamSend offers customers with free access to StreamSend’s API, which is based on industry standards and uses the highest level of SSL encryption.

StreamSend email marketing is a brand of EZ Publishing, which makes it has the ability to provide customers with free private IP address, giving customers control over their sender reputation.

StreamSend web-based interface is extremely minimizing customers’ learning curve and makes them focus on their campaigns.

Besides, the company allows customers share marketing campaigns to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter, so that customers can extend their marketing and accelerate their business.

StreamSend Review on Prices

StreamSend has standard email marketing plans and specialized solutions for high volume senders, agencies, and franchises. Here we are going to introduce the pricing of standard plans. Besides the 30 days of free trial plan, the others are as following:

  • 2,000 emails charge $19.9 per month;
  • 10,000 emails charge $39.9 per month;
  • 20,000 emails charge $59.9 per month;
  • 50,000 emails charge $99.9 per month;
  • 100,000 emails charges $159.9 per month;
  • 150,000 emails charge $209.9 per month.

If customers want to send more than 150,000 emails per month, they need to check StreamSend specialized solutions.

StreamSend Review on Customer Support

At StreamSend, 24 hour technical support is available at customer support helpdesk. Besides, customers can contact StreamSend via free phone call and ticket.

The company also provides customers with access to knowledge base, where customers can search for billing details and the information about the functionalities of email marketing tools.


To conclude, StreamSend is a pretty good email marketing provider in the industry. Its redundant email creation resources, smart contact building and management tools, as well as powerful tracking and reporting tools all make it attractive. Plus as long as 30 days of free trial, flexible account set-up, and other highlights, we think StreamSend is worthwhile to have a try.

For more information about StreamSend and its email marketing solutions, please go to

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