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Strikingly Review

In below Strikingly review, we are going to illustrate the reason why this company becomes so popular within a few years, especially in one page website field. To reveal that, we will mainly focus on Strikingly pricing, features, templates & themes, app center, reliability & speed, and customer support.

strikingly 220Before diving into the body, let’s have a brief look at the background of Strikingly. Founded in 2012, Strikingly ( is the first Chinese company that graduates from the Y Combinator seed accelerator. After several years of development, it has become the one of the best choice for one-page website building. Particularly, this company has also gained a large group of loyal users in mobile website field.

Strikingly Review on Price

Just like many other top website builders, Strikingly has free as well as paid plans for people to choose from. Honesty speaking, its free plan can even meet the general requirements for a simple website, like a blog. In case that people need more features to build more powerful websites, Strikingly has Limited plan and Pro plan for them.

Strikingly free plan contains a domain, unlimited free sites, 5GB monthly bandwidth, and a simple store supporting for 1 product per site. It’s worth mentioning that this plan will never expire, because it is free forever.

Its Limited plan is billed at $12/mo for a monthly term along with connect custom domain, 2 limited sites, unlimited free sites, and 50GB monthly bandwidth. And this plan also gives a simple store for customers to sell up to 5 products each site. For 1 or 2 years term, Strikingly gives people a special discount up to 41% off monthly price. Under the discount, this plan will cost $8/mo for annually billing, and cost only $7/mo for a 2-year package.

Strikingly Exclusive Deal Strikingly Exclusive Deal
41% Off

Its Pro plan charges for $20/mo, while for one and two years terms, the price will respectively reduce to $16/mo and $14/mo. With this plan, people can get the ability to connect their domain, 3 Pro sites, unlimited free sites, unlimited bandwidth, and a simple store with maximum 20 products per site. It also gives an access to Strikingly App store and mobile action buttons. Far more than that, it allows its users to remove Strikingly branding, add a password to protect the sites, and invite collaborators to edit and manage the sites.

And the company provides a 14 days risk-free trial for all paid plans, which means that people can preview each plan before committing to a subscription. For college students, Strikingly gives them a chance to freely use its Pro plan for 3 month.

Strikingly Review on Features

This site builder has very clear and simple information sections plus large pictures. And all of these are included in just one page. Though it may not offer some super features as other mainstay visual website builders have, it still provides almost everything in one-site building.

Strikingly comes with an intuitive editor to help people create a website with an ease. Even if for persons without any coding knowledge, they can build simple and beautiful websites. For power users, they are also allowed to use advanced HTML/CSS editor by purchasing its premium plans.

The website builder allows people to upload their own content and add custom domain, plus enabling multiple sections like media blocks, galleries, contact forms, App store and etc.

It also features in SEO optimized, making people to be picked up more easily. In addition to that, this company provides all of its customers with its self-designed tracking tool, with which people can get a simple view of their visitors. For customers who want to get a more granular report on their website traffic, Strikingly provides them with an access to Google Analytic.

Other more, Strikingly offers one-click features to its customers. This one-click site builder automatically fills in a mobile-optimized site with information from people’s LinkedIn profiles or Facebook accounts.

Strikingly Templates and Themes

Strikingly template gallery gives a range of templates for customers, from business, portfolio, startup to event and organization. Strikingly users can freely choose any one of them to employ it to their sites.

strikingly templates

Other more, this company enables its users to control over their templates, like editing, adding, or changing it as needed. They are also allowed to customize their background images. However, since there is just one page that has to integrate all information, this control at Strikingly, to some degree, is limited. One case is that people are not allowed to move their images or text sections, because both of them are locked in the template.

Strikingly will automatically adjust display ways of customers’ websites for different sizes of screen. Before publishing the websites, people are allowed to preview their sites across various devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Strikingly App Center

There is also a Strikingly App Store containing all kinds of apps and integrations for users to choose from. Some are free for all people, while some are just available for paid customers. Generally, these applications are divided into five categories: eCommerce, business, media, documents and social.

Many popular third-party apps can be found out in Strikingly App Store, such as Google Maps, Soundcloud, Ecwid, PayPal, WuFoo, and so on. With this service, people can build more powerful and functional websites.

Strikingly Reliability and Speed Review

Based in Shanghai, and backed by Y Combinator (W13), SV Angel, Index Ventures and other more prominent venture capital firms, Strikingly has enough strength to provide its customers with reliable service. Moreover, Strikingly cloud hosting platform is fully managed and high performed. Thus people do not need to worry about the reliability or speed of their websites hosted on Strikingly platform.

Strikingly Customer Support

There is no live chat or phone support at Strikingly, but there are email support, knowledgebase, and idea forum for people to select.

Strikingly divides it knowledgebase into 17 different items, including Strikingly domains, account & billing, templates & styles, and etc. Whatever issues people are encountering with, they can easily find the helpful answer at the corresponding section. Going with many other sites, Strikingly provides a virtual community—its idea forum, thereby people can benefit from it or be a contributor to share with others.


Combined what we have reviewed on Strikingly, it is easy to get a conclusion that Strikingly is definitely the best website builder for one page websites, and for mobile websites.

Strikingly has good customizable templates and user-friendly features for customers to build a simple but beautiful website. Other more, despite of its free plan for life, Strikingly provides 14 days risk-free trials for its Limited and Pro plans, thus people can get good experience of whether this website builder is suitable for them or not before purchasing it.

For more information about Strikingly, please visit to check out.

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